Weekend Update: January 24

Happy Friday friends!! Isn't a short week the best?? I hope you all are staying warm and getting ready for a fun weekend ahead!

What I Bought:
-A new Dudley boatneck fleece!
-ASTR white smocked top (on sale for $44)
-Another white off the shoulder top (again, only $42)
-This super cute pink sequin dress (on sale!)
-I've had my eye on this feather trim tank and it's now on sale!!
-These Dior dupe earrings
-A mini houndstooth skirt

NYC Life: This week was just weird. I felt very off. Over the weekend I had a horrible stomach bug that left me in bed for three days. I had maybe three crackers during that time and a half a glass of Pedialyte. It was that bad. I couldn't hold anything down so when I started to work this week, I felt super run down and lethargic. Doing anything for like 10 minutes would wear me out so I took it easy this week.

Surprisingly, I have been very busy with the blog (usually this is a slower quarter) but that hasn't been the case so far! Lots of fun stuff coming your way and I also just signed with a manager! It's very exciting and is the next step in my business so I'm looking forward to what that will bring to the blog. 

I've also been chugging away at my Oscar nom movie list and saw The Two Popes, Judy, and Knives Out this week. Knives Out was amazing and def worth a see! I've been sharing all my movie reviews on IG stories and saving them to highlights if you want to go back and see any of them!

Weekend Plans: We are off to Atlanta to visit my sister and see the fam for my nephew's birthday! We always go down around this weekend so it will be fun to see the kids since we missed them over Christmas. Hoping the weather is a little warmer down there. Although yesterday was pretty nice in NYC! My hands didn't want to freeze and fall off so that's a win lol.

Favorite Finds: 
-My favorite camo dress to throw on in the spring and summer is back in stock!
-A super cute heart sweater for Valentine's day!
-J. Crew new arrivals give me all the heart eyes!! This blazer is AMAZING (this one with a pom pom trim is super cute too)
-My favorite joggers come in navy stripe
-A super chic contrast trim blazer
-Loving this tweed blazer
-A $35 LBD

A Must Watch: Have you guys seen Cheer on Netflix??? I binged it in two days it was so good. I know everyone and their mother is talking about it right now, but for great reasons! It's very addicting and brought back all the memories when I used to cheer. I'm a leetle confused though because I was looking up their scores and their division is only made up of two teams. I understand that they are good (no one is saying they are not) but being the best of two kind of dampens the mood. 

A Must Listen: I've been all about the "How to Money" podcast this week and have been loving these guys who run the show. They are super relatable, explain things really well, and never seem to talk down to you. They just seem like two (kinda nerdy) guys who are best friends and love beer and finance. It's a good listen!

Most Popular Item of the Week: Randomly, the Billie Razor! Every time I talk about my love for this razor (it's only $9!) you guys seem to love it. So here it is again, please enjoy!

Amazon Purchases: 
-A wireless charger for my phone (we're living in the future!)
-Mouthwash that Jaclyn Hill swears by
-A smaller pair of the popular amazon leggings
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