My Favorite Headbands (All Under $50!)

I don't know what it was, but I finally pulled the trigger on the headband trend and ever since I've been collecting new ones like a crazy person! I tried for so long to hold off and not jump on the trend but I didn't make it. I think it started with a pearl obsession and then I found the most perfect black one and it spiraled from there.

I'm not mad about it though because I look pretty cute in headbands and they are perfect for covering up dirty hair! I'm all about them now and wanted to share my favorites with you all. Everything is under $50. Most are around $20 or $30 with one skewing a little higher just because it's a set. 

I do have and love this black beaded one from BaubleBar but it's close to $100 so we left it out for this post! It deserves an honorable mention!! So let's hop into it....

These are actually two separate headbands that I wear together. I think it was some wedding designer that I drew inspiration from but I just love the look of this! I've worn it a couple of times, most notably to a wedding and loved it! You can get this look from anywhere as long as you buy a larger and a smaller headband. Some places like BHLDN have a set you can buy together (also found a set here on Amazon)!

After falling in love with my black headband, I sprung for a navy one from Nordstrom. The price was hard to beat! But it goes to show, not all headbands are created equal. It's a tad bulky IMO so I have yet to wear it. I took the tag off and I can't return it. I'm hoping I'll find more chances to wear it in the future so it's not a total waste! 

Pearl Headband

For me, it's a personal tie between the black headband below and this pearl one. I am OBSESSED with it and its only $38!! It's really well made and so cute. I need to share it with the world! This is also Andrew's favorite of the bunch and I'm waiting for another excuse to wear it!

The headband that started it all. I love this headband and if I could wear it every day of my life, I would! It's so elegant and chic. It goes with everything and it's so comfortable. It is super lightweight so it's easy to wear all day long. Did I mention it's only $9?? I have this to thank for my plunge into headbands after trying so hard to resist them for so long!!

I'm sad to say this is currently sold out!! It was $38 and is a perfect "winter" headband since it's a sherpa material. It's really soft and easy to wear. BaubleBar has a ton of amazing (and affordable) headbands you should check out here!

While this exact print is sold out, the darker version is still available and on sale for $24! While I am fully immersed in the headband world, I've been trying to stay away from the turban/knot headbands because I feel they are a little too trendy for my liking. Plus, they don't look good on me! The knots are usually too tall/big and it just kind of looks off. But I randomly decided to try this one out because it completed a full tartan look for me and I ended up loving how small and subtle it was. I wore it all holiday long. 

This is from the same listing as my black one but I can't help but feel like it's a little bigger. I still wear it a ton but it doesn't spark the same joy and love as the black one. Or maybe it's just the stark contrast? Who knows. I still wear it, but ever since I got the pearl headband, I feel like this will take a back seat!!


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