Weekend Update: November 15

Happy Friday! Hope you all are staying warm and have a wonderful weekend!!

What I Bought:
-This black wool jacket -- can you believe I don't own a black jacket??
-A great red holiday dress
-Super sparkly "disco" cami
-Some new uggs :)
-A sequins midi dress!!
-This metallic/understated holiday sweater
-More sequins... but in a cami form
-A cute winter beanie!
-Eek, a super simple THIN headband!

NYC Life: More like Chicago life! I spent the first part of the week (outside of today) in Chicago with my parents. I had a nightmare of a time getting out there as the great Chicago winter delayed me for close to 8 hours. But once I was there, it was cold, dark and cold (did I already mention how cold it was??). My mom and I made cookies and binged Jack Ryan on Tuesday. 

Wednesday I went to the eye doctor and then met up with Jess and Kelly for lunch and WE HAD THE BEST TIME. I miss them so much lol. On Thursday, I just hung around the house some more and I flew back last night! I actually hopped off the train and into Talbots to celebrate their holiday collection! I wore this turtleneck, this maxi skirt, and these bow heels

Weekend Plans: Andrew and his family have their house in Bringatine this weekend so I might go out there to hang with them. I'm unsure -- I feel like I'm not here much at all the rest of the year so I worry about Dixie and the million things I need to do lol. We will see!

Favorite Finds: 
-Anyone have a cool $2,800 for the coolest LBD??
-A Dudley Stephens DRESS
-This is a really nice jacquard dress that can be worn throughout the winter
-A puffer from Barbour!
-Great dress for all and winter work
-Sequins wrap dress that wont cost an arm and a leg!

A Must Watch: Ah! Season two of Jack Ryan is out on Amazon and it's so good. I mean I love me some John Krasinski and he did not disappoint! We literally were like, okay just one more episode! The entire time until we finished it haha. Great show to binge with just about anyone (I know people sometimes ask for shows to watch with their s/o! This is a good one). 

Most Popular Item of the Week: My newest Lilly dress (again!) it's going to be great for fall, winter and holiday so I understand why you guys love it so much!

Amazon Purchases: I didn't buy anything as of this week but I did get in this padded headband that I have been wearing nonstop... I've been holding off on headbands because they are just too trendy but I decided to take a plunge with a black simple one (vs a beaded knot one) and I get the hype now. Not only are they super cute but they hide your dirty hair hahaha. 

Holiday Gift of the Week: This mini gloss bomb set. I live for this gloss and the fact that it has so many new colors out is so exciting!! It's a great universal gift for those who love makeup. It will be a big hit, promise!

Holiday Giveaway: This week I'm giving away gifts to 10 people!! I have a ton of Prose credits (read my review here) and have enough to gift shampoo + conditioner to 10 of you (yay!). To enter, just be sure to be following my Instagram page! I'll announce the giveaway on Monday. 

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