My New Hair: Prose Shampoo + Conditioner Review

I wanted to officially share the shampoo and conditioner set that I cannot stop talking, bragging, or showing off on Instagram!

Let's start from the beginning: I am loyal to a lot of products, especially when it comes to beauty. If I like it, I love it, and I won't venture out often to try something new. I'm like this with my shaver, my body wash, my hairbrush, my blowdryer, curling iron... the list goes on. One category I have open? Shampoo. I was using one I loved for many years (I think maybe 4 total? Blogged about it here, here and here) but they discontinued it, and so I was on the market.

I tried RevitaLash, Christophe Robin, Morocanoil, Dove, Head and Shoulders, and even some ACV hair scrubs. I didn't hate any of them but I just never loved any to remain loyal to. I more so just found myself switching from shampoo to shampoo based on what I felt like that day.

My hair is weird... I have a lot of strands, but each strand is very thin. So my hair is thick but thin? It dries pretty much completely flat, and without a hot tool, it doesn't hold any type of curl. It remains pretty healthy because I don't heat treat it often and I've never colored it. The real issue I have with my hair is oil. I can look at it the wrong way, and it gets oily, and it's really annoying.

I've tried for years to "oil train" my hair with little to no success. I only wash it about 2x a week, I never use conditioner, tried all the clarifying and ACV shampoos and scrubs, try and deep clean my scalp once a month... everything. But it would just get oily so fast. I could never wash my hair at night and have it look presentable the next day. Same with washing before a plane, it was oily by the time we landed. It was just super annoying -- especially since I hate washing my hair!

So back in June when one of the PR companies I usually work with reached out about trying Prose, I said why not. I was open and on the market and testing away. The worst thing that could happen is that I didn't like it and just moved on. They marketed it as, "customized, made-to-order, luxury hair care" and were offering me a free shampoo, conditioner, and pre-shampoo mask.

The idea with Prose is that it's entirely custom for you and your hair needs. You fill out a survey about your life, habits, wants, and needs, and they create a formula for you to use. I had tried something similar to this before called Function of Beauty and really hated it, so I was a bit skeptic. But again, on the market and pretty much desperate to find a shampoo I loved.

I got it in and tried it the same day and never in my life have I seen such a dramatic change in my hair after one wash.

Now I am not trying to sell you on this or create grand claims -- it's possible that this was just what my hair needed after all this time and I just happened to find it through PR. But it really was like night and day.

I first noticed a difference when rinsing it out: usually my hair gets really tangled and dry on the front sides of my head, and I lose a lot of hair. My mom actually first said something a couple months back saying how it was too much to be losing in a single rise, but I brushed her off saying that's the norm because I don't wash my hair that often. I guess I was wrong because I haven't had that much fall out since!

Then the big change came after I showered. I decided to let my hair air-dry overnight (I had a workout the next AM, I didn't much care that it would get oily) and I woke up to these beautiful waves and volume I've never seen and a NON OILY scalp. I about fainted. I didn't say anything because the first time using a new shampoo is always the best, and I needed to give it some time.

But close to a month later, I'm still experiencing the same results: thicker more volumized hair, less hair fallout in the shower, less oil and less itch. And I'm even using the conditioner!! I haven't touched conditioner in years out of fear of oil. It really has been a life-changing product (for me), and I just have been loving it. Even Andrew has noticed a change (especially in the non-oiliness of my hair) which I would say is a pretty big deal lol.

It's like this is how my hair was always supposed to be, and all the past shampoos and treatments were only weighing it down with gunk. Now it's able to breathe and thrive and be happy!

The cost of shampoo is ALL over the map, but this is $25 a bottle. I personally don't mind the price because it is a pretty big bottle and it's been so worth it. But in terms of suggesting everyone buy it, I'd probably say no. Don't get new shampoo unless you need it and don't spend $50 on a shampoo conditioner unless you can afford it.

If you need it and can afford it, I do have a $15 off code, should you want it! Either way, it should help some in terms of pricing. I really hope this can help everyone's hair like it has mine because having a product like this in your everyday routine is the BEST. It's a godsend.

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