Billie Razor Review

I don't know about you, but I've been seeing Billie everywhere. All my friends are talking about it and I have to admit, I've been influenced lol. But it was not easy!! 

I've been loyal to my razor for years. Like years and years -- ever since I cut myself shaving with a cheap razor on a cruise when I was in high school (it was very deep and traumatic). I swore I would never cheap out again! 

For the past 10+ years, I've been using the same brand razor. I liked it because it didn't cut me. Outside of that, I was just loyal to be loyal. It was good, it was expensive, it lasted a long time. My hair has never really been an issue in general but I do tend to get razor bumps around my armpits and I have for a while. I just think it's part of the process with saving.

My routine, as it's been for years, is to shave about 1x a week and I consider myself lucky! Leading up to my wedding I did dabble in waxing and the week before my wedding I decided to also include my legs... let me tell you. Never again. It didn't even last that long and it was so painful.

So here I am, just dealing with it and understanding shaving just comes with the territory. But then Billie kept popping up everywhere. You know when it gets in your head then you see it 10x a day? That was me. I was about to purchase it a few months back but never pulled the trigger (remember, I was loyal) and again about a week ago after my person friends raved about it (I'm usually the ones raving to them). 

And what do you know... Billie reaches out to work together. I mean, what better way to take the plunge and see what all the hype is about?

I got it in about two weeks ago and I purposely skipped a week shaving to see how it would handle. I even put it to the test for a friend's wedding. It was time to sink or swim.

Aesthetically speaking, the razor is so cute. I got the cool blue color and it's just a good looking razor. I'm also weirdly obsessed with the magnetic holder. I think it's the little things that get me lol. Price-wise, I was in total disbelief. I mean $9 for a razor, holder and two blades? That's kind of crazy (especially if you knew what I had been paying!).

Then it was go time... in the shower, I put it to the test -- one leg with a shaving oil and the other with a body wash (both of which I've used in the past). The shaving oil was much better (obvi) but I've also heard, since purchasing, that Billie's shave cream is legit. So I'm interested to try that out too!

For the razor itself, I was floored by how sharp it was! Not going to lie, I was a little worried I was going to cut myself -- it was that sharp (and my PTSD from that time on the cruise lol). It made me think, "Is this what I've been missing out on all this time?" Usually, I apply heavier than normal pressure and go over the spot a time or two, but with Billie it was different. 

It did an amazing job with my underarms and legs. Like noticeably different. Even Andrew said something! That guy is so attentive lol. And I'm not afraid to admit that I've used his razor before! There is just something different about a guys razor and I don't know why. Comparing the two though? I choose Billie.

In terms of grow back time, I found that my leg hairs are definitely coming in much slower. My armpits are about the same BUT I don't have any (new) bumps. Kind of crazy, right? (And for you visual people out there, I just got up and microscoped both spots to see and analyze for this post right now lol.)

I'm excited to keep trying it and in about a month I'll share my more detailed thoughts. While the starter kit was gifted, I have purchased a shave plan. They send you 4 new heads every month - every three months depending on how often you shave! And the best part is, the 4 heads are STILL JUST $9!!

I just wanted to get this out to you now since 1. we're partnering together and 2. it was quite the conversation starter on Instagram when I shared I bought it! But keep an eye out for an update on stories (probably around my honeymoon) sharing more updated/long term details!

Until then, wanted to answer some FAQ I got via IG:


How often do you need to replace it?
Billie recommends replacing it after 7 shaves (so for me that's about every 2 months). They have subscriptions depending on how often you shave!

What makes it different/better?
Personally speaking, I think the cost is a huge factor. Second, I think the blades are sharper!

Does it make you feel dry after shaving?
I didn't notice it made me feel any different way in terms of dryness (or the opposite) from my other razors. So no. But if you think you might, they offer body lotion as well!

Does it really shave closer?
I think so! It was the really big noticeable change I saw after shaving. 

How much does it cost?
The starter pack is only $9!!!

Do you need shaving cream with it?
I haven't used shaving cream since college so, no! Lol. I've heard great things about their shave cream.

How does it compare to a men's razor?
I think it's better. Men's razors, while great, don't really curve/move that well in general. I would use men's to get a closer shave but I think Billie's is closer.

Any razor bumps?
Not that I experienced!!

Thanks to Billie for sponsoring today's post!
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