My Weekend Look

We all have it, whether we like it or not! Your go-to favorite comfy-cozy look that you chose to wear every weekend even though you have a million other things and have already been seen wearing this... Too close to home?


 Splendid: Nordic Wool Blend Coat with Removable Liner / Calson: Eyelash Cable Knit Funnel Neck Sweater / AG: Farrah Jeans / Ugg: Classic Mini II Shearling Boot / Louis Vuitton: Neverful GM (similar here) / Majorica: Pearl Stud Earrings

Well, this is mine. I LIVE for a good white shirt/jean combo for just about anything and it doesn't stop in the finter (the time where it's technically fall but feels more like winter). I got this sweater in last week and proceeded to wear it Friday, Saturday and Sunday! Granted we only shot it on Friday (these photos are not it!) but still... it's that good. (Psst! It's $69 and comes in three colors!)

I personally love how comfy eyelash sweaters are and this doesn't disappoint. It has the mock neck style I appreciate, has a classic cable knit stitching and is so soft. I've been paring it with jeans just because it's my look and these AG jeans are like my mom jeans. They are too big so they are actually super easy and comfortable to wear (minus you have to pick them up every 5 minutes). We all have those jeans!

New to the family are these Ugg boots! I've been pondering over a new pair from Nordstrom for a while (their selection is amaze, obvi). And decided to bite the bullet. I've been wearing my Ugg slippers so much lately and my regular Ugg boots (which are a million years old) that I said it was probably time for a new pair.

They last SO LONG. And I'm old enough to remember when they were so popular they were hard to get, then were so *out* and uncool that you wouldn't be caught dead in them and now they're back to being acceptable and cute!! I wanted to go with something a little different so I went with the mini's and really like how it looks! I also wanted to get another shade of brown (WHY ARE THERE SO MANY OPTIONS) and landed on Antelope Suede. I think I have to get used to the color but so far I think I like them!!

Thanks to Nordstrom for sponsoring today's post!


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