The Disposable Camera Film From Our Wedding

About a month or two before the wedding, when I was planning out the welcome bags, I had this thought to include a disposable camera for everyone to snap and take photos during the week. The plan was to have them given out then developed and sent out with our Thank You cards after the wedding. And it about half got done!

There are a ton of photos, but this isn't even all of them! These were my favorites that we got developed. The first step in the plan was finding disposable cameras -- you'd be surprised that they are not that easy to find any more! I first went to Amazon but the reviews were so mixed I didn't want to chance it. So I ended up buying from B&H photo and they were shipped the next day. I was between Kodak and Fuji (they were the best reviewed) and ended up going with Kodak because it's what I knew best.

We bought 8 in total and instead of giving them out, we just left them around the house and during each event for people to take photos. I remember being so worried no one would be taking photos we actually ended up taking so many during the week that by the time the weekend events came around we only had a camera or two left. Doing it again, I would have saved more for the weekend and our friends (and less for the kids to play with).

But in all, I loved how these came out. There is something so unique and magical about film -- especially since it's what I grew up on. I love the story that is told through these photos and the excitement of getting them developed!!

Our photographer Carter suggested a place in the city that does a really great job at developing film and we dropped them all off there. We got 8 cameras developed on print (two copies of each) and digital (which is how you're seeing them here) and it came out to around $250. Disposable cameras are much more expensive than they used to be but honestly, it was 100% worth it!

My one piece of advice if you do decide you get cameras like this for any event, always use the flash. The photos that didn't have the flash just didn't turn out!

As for what we're doing with the printed versions, everyone who was in the photo got them sent out with their Thank You cards. I thought it would be a fun way for those at the wedding to remember it but also -- who prints out photos any more! It's like an extra special way to say thank you and something I had a lot of fun doing :)

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