All The Outfits I Wore During My Wedding

By popular request... I am sharing ALL of my ~lewks~ from the wedding (week!) today from travel to every day -- and outfit change -- in between! Enjoy!!
Sweater c/o (on sale!) / Skirt (similar) / Shoes c/o / Luggage / Bag
This was my travel to Nantucket look. I wanted something easy and simple and also "Nantucket," so I decided on this really fun (and lightweight) ACK sweater, my very favorite white skort, and the most comfortable sneakers I own. It was great because our flight was early, and I knew it would be a long day, so comfort is key. Plus, it was no issue getting to work in this outfit!
Jacket c/o / Top / Jeans / Earrings / Shoes (similar) / Sunglasses 

Next was the boat day and running last-minute errands in town (like getting our license!). I knew I wanted a cute all-white look but to make it preppy and saily boat worthy while also be cautious of any tan lines. I was not about to get a sunburn day before the wedding, haha.

Dress c/o / Skirt (custom made) / Purse / Shoes / Earrings

That night was our rehearsal dinner! This look will have its own dedicated post coming soon, but it was one of my favorites for the whole week!!

Not really sure where to put this in, so let's just add it here! I got these pajamas about a month or two before the wedding and just have loved wearing them. So I decided to bring them along for the week, and it was what I slept in every night!

Slip Dress / Pearl Gown / Earrings / Shoes (for sale, email me!)

Then it was the wedding day!! This was the look I wore to get ready during the day with the girls and what I took photos in. I absolutely fell in love with this pearl gown, and I just needed to have it. It was a splurge, but I'm so happy I did -- I get really happy every time I see or wear it!

I'm also selling these Miu Miu heels if anyone is interested! I bought them via resale (originally $800!) with the original box and somehow didn't realize they were a size 36 until just now, haha. I knew they felt small, but really it wasn't an issue since they were mules! I'm normally a size 38... I'm very dumb. 

Dress c/o / Shoes 

Keeping on with the pearl theme, I changed into this dress for our wedding dinner. It was kind of a spur of the moment plan, but I'm really happy with it! I got this dress originally for a post with David's Bridal, but I never ended up shooting it, so it just hung in my closet begging to be worn. I just needed to find the right time and place for it! I brought it to Nantucket, thinking, "if there is ever a time, this would be it" and thought it might make for a great after-party dress. 

Since I planned on wearing my wedding dress again on Saturday for our reception, I didn't want to risk getting it dirty, so I changed into this. It was a bit chilly, but I looked good and felt better, so it worked for me!! Especially since we ended up jumping in the pool... (which this dress held up perfectly btw).

I told myself this photo would never be posted, but here we are. On Friday, I was hungover, and it was rainy, so I channeled my inner Diane Keaton and went with a frumpy but very cute and warm sweater + dress look for a stop to The Juice Bar!

For the welcome party, I wore this white dress that was the same dress (but in yellow) I wore to my sister's wedding. I just loved that dress so much that when I saw it available in white, I knew I had to have it!! I think it was actually the first dress I bought after getting engaged, and I just sat on it for so long I was happy to finally have worn it!!

Sweater / Jacket / JeansShoes (similar) / Earrings

On Saturday, we spent the afternoon at Cisco Brewery, and if you know anything about Nantucket or Cisco, then you know the basic girl dress code is white jeans and a jean jacket. And you bet I wasn't about to break from that mold now! Since it was a cooler day, I went with jeans, a jacket, and my new custom sweater!! I reached out to Woopa Stitch to ask if she could make me something custom for my wedding, and it was seriously the best thing I had done!

It's SO cute but subtle -- and honestly was a huge hit at the brewery! I plan on wearing it lots more too -- the sweater is the softest cashmere. 

Saturday night, we had our official reception party, and after my wedding dress, I changed into this little fringe mini to dance the night away. I knew I wanted something different (for me), fun, and great to dance in, and this hit all the marks. I loved the way it moved and how fun it was! I actually had saved this dress on Instagram like two years ago because I just loved it that much -- then after I got engaged I really fell in love with the idea of wearing it in ivory for the party! If I remember correctly, the sight wasn't even in English -- I wanted it that bad!!

For the after-party, I had yet another change because WHY NOT lol. I was planning on getting wild, and I didn't want to ruin my nice dress, so I changed into something a little more bright and water-resistant, haha. This again was another dress I had in my closet just begging to be worn. I thought really it's now or never, so I made an excuse to change into it. I'm so happy I did (again) because I loved the way it looked and how perfect it was for the bar! I also changed into my jacks because my feet were EXHAUSTED from all the heels during the week.

And finally, we have my travel home look. I knew I just wanted to be as comfortable as possible, and this was my way to do that but make it bridal. I loved this look so much -- gave me tennis mom on the go vibes, and I was here for it. 
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