Weekend Update: October 11

I hope everyone had a wonderful week and is enjoying the transition into fall! I can't believe the holidays are right around the corner.

Before we get into today's weekend update, I would LOVE to ask you guys for a favor!! If you're a fan of the blog, I'd love for you to leave me a testimonial on my blog page. It helps me track what you like/don't like, where your favorite interests are and how often you shop via my recommendation. It also is shared with other brands that I can then help shape partnerships that conform to what YOU guys want to see!

What I Bought:
-J. Crew is having a BIG sale right now so I stocked up on two more colors of my favorite sweater (sage and white) and this white mini skirt!
-Went for this Chanel Bronzer to see what all the hype is about
-This may be a secret page to some but I literally have the beauty offers at Sephora bookmarked and check it out every now and again because they have some good stuff! One promo they're running right now is 4 sample size foundations (two of which I've been wanting to try) so I decided to make a makeup purchase and get some free goodies on the side! I picked up an SPF lip blam, a blush stick and an SPF eyeshadow.
-Got this sweater dress in the mail (c/o) and it is SO CUTE on

We're going to Disney in a few weeks and I ordered some clothes from Etsy for the trip!
-This sweatshirt that I will cut into a crop top
-A designer lookalike Mickey shirt
-Black velvet ears
-Bo Peep ears (and my costume!)

NYC Life: This week in NY was short as I've been in Atlanta since Wednesday. I lost a family member over the weekend and it was a lot of weird emotions to go through so my Monday was pretty much a wash and then Tuesday was playing catch up and packing to leave.

Weekend Plans: I'll be in Atlanta all weekend babysitting my sister's kids with Andrew -- so basically we're playing house in the suburbs and dipping our toes into the realm of kids haha. I'm hoping to take them to a pumpkin patch on Saturday so wish us luck!

Favorite Finds:
-I love this tweed-like cardigan!
-The perfect preppy girl winter dress
-I SWEAR by my Canada Goose jacket and love it more than anything come winter. I just saw a different style in the most perfect color and now I'm trying to talk myself out of needing it. 
-A maxi from Lilly that is formal enough for a black-tie wedding!
-I've been weirdly into ponchos lately and I found these three (one, two, three) that I am OBSESSED with. Obviously, don't need them all but like which one do I choose?? I think I've narrowed it down between two and three...
-LOVING this tweed jacket

A Must Watch: Chance the Rapper was featured in this week's Carpool Karaoke and I was all about it!!

Most Popular Item of the Week: These jean leggings from Walmart -- they are seriously good and only $18! Run TTS and I got a size 6 (size down if you in between since they do stretch!)

Amazon Purchases: Lol I only got toilet paper this week... sorry! A reminder that you can see more purchases on my new shop page!!

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