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I'll tell you, I didn't really believe my friends when they were brides-to-be saying they just could not find white dresses for all their parties. I thought to myself: how could that be? There are so many options out there for white dresses, especially in the summer, and they can't find any?? There was just no way.


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But now I get it. While there are a ton of white dresses, there aren't the *perfect* white dresses. There are tons of really casual, summer options but they're not great for your rehearsal dinner or your bridal shower... they're just a little off. And finding the right one is truly harder than expected -- even for me, and I shop for a living lol. 

And I've said it before, and I'll say it again, but I have been so impressed by the dress selection at David's Bridal. Throughout our partnership, I've definitely looked at them in a different light and honestly love and recommend their stuff to any bride-to-be! Their dresses are available, affordable, and really cute

The dress I'm wearing above, I think, is perfect for a bridal shower or luncheon. It gives the overall appearance of being very ladylike and conservative, but then you turn around, and there is this beautiful open back that is not too revealing so it won't turn off your grandparents. I think it's the perfect meet in the middle dress for brides wanting to show off the bodies they've worked so hard for without offending anyone with the cut of the dress. 

This dress is along the same lines of a good meet in the middle dress but with a more open back; and same with this dress but with long sleeves and a more coverage front. For more overall conservative options, I like this tank lace dress, this 3/4 sleeve dress (love the ribbon) and this short sleeve lace dress. And the kicker is if none of these dresses are what you're looking for, David's Bridal has so many more options!! Promise if you look around you will find something you love!


Thanks to David's Bridal for sponsoring today's post! 

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