Weekend Update: August 23

Happy Friday!! I cannot belive we're nearing the end of August lol I'm ready but like I'm not ready...

What I Bought:
-This white short silk PJ set
-A navy chemise
-Looking for strapless/backless bras for the wedding week and I'm trying out this and this
-Picked up some monogram lighters for the guys
-A white silk scrunchie 
-And testing out some shapewear underwear (very glamorous, I know) like this and this
-Got this robe and this bracelet for my flower girl

Sephora sale (use code SUMMERSAVE for 20% off Rouge and 15% off insider)
-Charlotte Tilbury dry sheet mask
-Benefit cookie highlighter
-Fenty highlighter
-Trying to find a good pink nude lip for the wedding day that won't transfer so I got this stilla one and this too faced one
-Some anti-aging body cream

NYC Life: We came back from the beach on Tuesday and I all but had a mental breakdown Tuesday night due to stress so that was fun. But I'm getting back to normal this week and really starting to buckle down for everything! I've been taking some CBD that has really been helping manage my stress and anxiety. Outside of that lol I've been working out at Solidcore every M/W/F and it's been going great -- that on top of my PT sessions have really made a difference! I also cleaned out a lot of stuff from my apartment this week in terms of clothing and junk. I had a professional organizer come over to help and it was awesome! More to come on that soon.

Favorite Finds:
-These white sailor shorts with gold buttons
-Some Sorel boots for fall + winter that are SO CUTE
-Cute and affordable puffer jacket 
-A simple white racerback tank
-Give me allll the sweaters for fall
-Can't decide if this dress is cute and unique or just ugly lol
-A perfect fall transition dress (same with this one!)

Weekend Plans: I have a friends' shower this weekend but other than that, nothing outside the norm! Just getting in some last-minute stuff for the wedding, working on the blog, getting the apartment together... etc! We're just around two weeks out from the big day!

A Must Watch: 

Most Popular Item of the Week: My custom pearl clutch for the wedding!

Amazon Purchases: Nothing this week but I do have these earrings and my favorite silk hair ties in my cart.

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