The Story of My Tattoo

Fun fact! I have a tattoo. I've mentioned it a few times here and there on stories but always seem to get a ton of questions about it so I thought I'd write an official post about it because it's a good story!

Even to this day, I still can't believe I have a tattoo. It was never something I yearned for when I was younger (unlike my sister... more on that in a second), but it happened very serendipitously, and here we are. I actually forget half the time that I even have a tattoo, so I don't hate it, but it does make me smile every time I think about it, so I guess it all worked out. Sorry again to my parents (who I hid it from for a bit!) 

The story starts with my sister and how she has always wanted a tattoo. Like nonstop thinking about it and talking about it ever since she was 18 and so every time we were together and would walk past a parlor, I'd tell her lets get it... let's do it now... just really egging her on so she would stop saying how much she wants one. It was a constant thing! But she was smart about it, she didn't know what she wanted, so she took her time in deciding. So fine. 

Then in 2013(?) I was in Dallas with my sister and two of our friends for the Kentucky v. Baylor game, and we were out at drinks, and the topic of a tattoo came up. I told her to just do it already and that if she'd finally get one this trip, I'd get one with her. But mind you, I was just calling her bluff... little did I know she'd call mine! After I said that, one friend said he had a guy/place to do it, and the other offered to pay for it. The table was set and spoiler alert: we did it. 

We waited till the next day, and during that time my sister and I talked about what we would get and where. We decided on our saying "ILYMTYLMPEODFF" which is an acronym for "I love you more than you love me period end of discussion fine (Italian) fin (French)" (spelling might be off for the last two, but we say it like finitó finnie). It's something that my mom, sister, and I say to each other as a competition on who can say it first each day. There are, of course, rules set in place like you can't say it until the person is out of their room, and whoever says it first loves you the most for that day. 

So the meaning is something unique to us, and we thought it would be a fun thing to get. I knew from the get-go that I wanted it to be hidden by my bra so it would only be visible in certain situations and I originally wanted it in white so it would eventually fade away to nothing lol (again I just didn't want a tattoo). My sister decided she wanted it on the back of her neck and in black but soon after we got there she changed her mind and we got them in the same place to make it special.

She went first, and I went after. The artist designed the tattoo in a particular script that we both really liked. He mentioned that if I wanted it in white I'd have to come in 3-4 times to get it fully filled in and I said hell no and went with the next best option of a really light grey so it actually already looked super faded when I first got it. 

It hurt very bad but EXTRA bad when we got closer to the chest area. It really just felt like someone was rubbing/poking you in the same place for like an hour and felt like that for a few days after as well. It was just uncomfortable, and I'd probably never do it again. BUT I'm thrilled I have it. It's something that has a great story, a significant meaning, and it's something I was able to do with the person I love the most, my sister. 

So when I actually remember I have it, I smile and am filled with love. And that's the story of my tattoo!

Fun fact -- the DAY before I left for Dallas I told Andrew (we weren't dating yet!) that I'd never get a tattoo and look what happens lol. He didn't believe me that I actually got it. None of my friends did until I showed them in person haha.

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