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If you haven't already, pop on over and give this post a quick readWe registered with Zola, and I have to say it has really been the most fantastic thing! They have been so pleasant and helpful during a kind of stressful process. I cannot recommend them enough. The hype is very real. 

I shared a few sneak peek of the items we registered for in that original post, but today I'm going to share everything! Our shower has passed (you can read about it here) and we cleaned up pretty well thanks to our wonderful family and friends. We only have a few things left on our registry including some Waterford glasses, a few china pieces, some extra knives, and luggage!

What's even better is that almost all of our items are still on hold with Zola. We are at max capacity in our apartment currently, and that was my biggest worry with registering but Zola has been our blessing in disguise. They can hold until you're ready to ship! A good example is our Waterford. We'll be using some of our glasses for the wedding, and I just placed the order last week for them to ship, and they arrived yesterday. Easy peasy.

This post isn't sponsored by them, although I am in a long term partnership with them for the wedding. I just seriously love Zola and can't find a bad thing to say about it! SO WITH THAT, let's hop into what we registered for...

Waterford Crystal // It wasn't my original plan to register for Waterford at all, but Andrew said we should at least put something on there and then I fell in love with the idea of having a full Waterford glass collection so here we are. I'm actually the happiest about these because I've fallen in love with Waterford. It's just so elegant and pretty, and now that I have the complete flute set, I want it all!
Specifics: Champagne Flutes, Iced Beverage Glasses, Wine Glasses, Goblets, Toasting Flutes, Heritage Tumbler Set, and Candlesticks.

All-clad // When Andrew moved in, my mom sent us a beautiful All-Clad pot and pan set that I just adore. So for our registry, I wanted to fill out our collection with the other items we'd like to have and use. We went with the shiny metal collection (idk the official name of it).

Specifics: lasagna pan with lid, pizza stone and slicer, multi-cooker with steamer + pasta inserts, three pieces mixing bowl set, non-stick frying pan set, wok, and an egg perfect pan.

Wedgwood China // This isn't China in the traditional sense, but we wanted to add some nicer "china" to our array of dishes and opted for an all-white basketweave collection. My parents have all white dishes, and I always loved how they look, so I knew I wanted something similar. When I saw these were called the Nantucket set, I knew we had to have them!
Specifics: covered vegetable dish, 16-piece set, pasta bowl, vegetable bowl, cake platesugar set, covered butter dish, gravy stand and boat, ice cream bowls, stacking bowls, and an oval platter

Kitchen Utensils // I'm pretty lucky that we have most of our kitchen items already since I've lived on my own since college. But there were definitely items that we're like the "next level" of cooking that I found Andrew needed in the kitchen and some other that could use an upgrade. Most excited about our new knife set -- it is so. good. 

Specifics: Wusthof Knife Block Set, OXO Garlic Press, OXO Salad Spinner, Kitchen Aid Instant Read Thermometer, OXO Ice Cream Scoop, OXO Potato Masher, Meat Tenderizer and OXO Grate and Slice Set.

Bakeware // This was pretty much just upgrading all of the items we currently have (except for the cake plate, that's for our wedding!). All of my things were getting pretty old and weren't the best quality, so it's fun to get some new ones in here!

Specifics: Pyrex 19-Piece Bakeware Set (with lids), Calphalon Non-Stick Bakeware Set, Spode cake plate, Calphalon Cookie Sheet and Cooling Rack Set, and KitchenAid Hand Mixer with Attachments.

Appliances // I guess that's what you'd call this category! Aka all the things we want but can't currently have in our kitchen because we don't have any space. Thank goodness for Zola since they are holding our items!

Specifics: KitchenAid Standing Mixer (navy blue, duh), Mixer Cover, Mini Smart Oven (a toaster oven -- Andrew doesn't like the microwave!) and Food Processor.

Barware // Also didn't need much in the way of this group, but decided to add some "wants" that would just be fun to have!

Specifics: Oar Fiddle Stick Stir Set and an Aerin Blue and White Party Bucket.

Luggage // Andrew is set on luggage and technically so am I, but I've had mine for close to 6 years now, and it's been through some stuff lol. I'd love an upgrade before our honeymoon, and I've had some serious heart eyes for Away. 

Specifics: Away the Bigger Carry-on and Away the Medium

Extra // I guess this is the miss mosh pile of things that don't fall into the above that we wanted to add to our registry! I have to say we've been using them all on the daily and they are much appreciated. 

Specifics: expandable sink strainer, dustpan and brush set, broom and dustpan, oxo produce saver (small and large)

And that's everything! It seems like a lot, but it's actually under what was suggested for our wedding, which is crazy. Over the coming months, I'll see what we really need and want. And the BEST thing about Zola is if you decide that you no longer want the gift (before you've shipped) you can exchange it out for store credit and buy something else. Isn't that the best!!!
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