Weekend Update: July 26

Happy Friday! ...Although I'm all off on my week and it feels like a Monday since we just got back from what felt like a weekend vacation lol. So I guess it's extra nice to have the actual weekend to look forward to!

What I bought: 
-This necklace for my wedding weekend
-Was influenced by Carly and bought this navy slip dress

NYC Life: I actually just got back to the city today! Andrew and I were there during the week doing some last-minute errands for the wedding -- the most important being applying for our marriage license!! We really wanted to have it filed in Nantucket so it was a good excuse to go back ;) AND we had probably the best weather day I've ever had on Nantucket so it really made the trip great. 

Favorite Finds:
-GUYS!!! My gingham Veronica Beard blazer is on sale for $179 in almost all sizes!!
This looks like a great basic for work
-I adore this dress but need somewhere to wear it!
-A cute and simple white scalloped dress
-Saw this off the shoulder dress in Nantucket and every time I stopped to look at it!

Weekend Plans: I'll probably be playing catch up from this week since I was away and just enjoying my time with Andrew. I know I'll be working out which will be great since I kind of went crazy on vacation lol. And on Saturday two girls at the wedding and I will be trying on some dress options to wear so we'll be shooting that and posting next week!

A Must Read: Did you catch Ashby's June reads? Some of my favorite books are on that list!

Song of the Week: I've been singing ALL of the Disney as of late and Haunka Matata has been STUCK in my head since we saw Lion King! In terms of real songs, I've been loving How Do You Sleep by Sam Smith. 

Most Popular Item This Week: This was actually my most popular item from the Nordstrom sale!! I love these leggings (wearing size M)

Amazon Purchases of the Week:
-A TON of white earrings... these long ones, these wire hoop, these satin flowers, these acrylics flowers, and these double flower.
-A silicone ring for workouts
-Off the shoulder maxi that was a contender for engagement photos

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