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I teamed up with David's Bridal back in April and as part of our collaboration, we're chronicling month to month all the different things you'll need for your wedding. We started with a little white dress, then second dresses for your big day, and finally flower girl + MOB dresses. This month we're talking about bridesmaid dresses!


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If you guys remember back to one of my first Wedding Wednesday posts, we kind of covered today's topic: what will your bridesmaids wear. And just like before,  it's kind of a difficult question to answer! Technically I'm only having a maid of honor (my sister) stand for me since our wedding is going to be so small. 

But all the girls at the wedding, like my SIL, my best friend, and Andrew's best man's wife, would all be part of my bridesmaid's group if we were having a bigger wedding. So the way I'm looking at it, all the women at my wedding are the closest things to bridesmaids and it's easier to call and treat them as such! 

(Again, I know it's confusing now in terms of the wedding and how this is all working out but I promise I'll explain it all when we're done!)

So let's just call them bridesmaids that aren't standing at the wedding! And a part of being bridesmaids is getting bridesmaids dresses (yay!) and that is why we're here with David's Bridal for today's post. Obviously, David's Bridal offers a ton of really great bridesmaid dresses in a ton of colors and sizes. But for my girls, I didn't quite want to go the traditional route!

First off, they're wearing white. Which I know is a bit of a trend right now but I love how it looks and I think it would be really fun to do. Second, I want them floor-length, as the wedding will be a more formal affair. And finally, I'm asking everyone to have "texture" on their dress and to avoid the same neckline as my gown.

And here's where David's Bridal really came to save the day: they have a ton of dresses fitting these requirements! So we picked out some of our favorites online and did a little fashion show at Andrew's parents last weekend in our dresses. Allison (my SIL) and Jen (our friend) live in the area so I was able to recruit them for the shoot too. 

Even better is Jen fell in love with a dress that she's now going to wear to the wedding!! We also had the best time trying these on and showing his mom who (seriously) loved them all. So really no matter your dress or your bridesmaid dresses, check out David's Bridal to find the perfect style and color for your big day!


Thanks to David's Bridal for sponsoring today's post.

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