Our Nantucket Engagement Photos Pt. 2

^This is probably my favorite photo from the entire shoot. I feel like I want to blow it up and frame it for our apartment (minus the fact that we don't have any wall space) -- one day!! 

For this look, I wanted it to be more casual and yes I know it's not really that casual but it is the most casual of the looks. The whole idea between the Nantucket photos and the New York photos was Nantucket was more laid back, fun, and casual. Where New York will be more formal, beautiful, and romantic. 

I knew though for at least one of my looks I needed to wear something gingham since it is, of course, my signature print. Nantucket felt like the best place for it so I looked allll over the internet for something perfect but couldn't find anything I loved. Then I turned to my closet (because, hello, lots of gingham....) and pulled out this dress and thought this just may be what I'm looking for

I was a little hesitant only because I ran the risk of it not photographing well/being flattering due to the tiers and overall volume of the dress. But I think it turned out ok with the wind and the overall vibe of the shoot! I paired it with a red lip and a statement earring and I felt very much myself during this look. Also really glad I decided on a low bun for this look because it was SUPER windy by the lighthouse! 

The Sankaty Lighthouse to me is just an iconic part of Nantucket so I knew I always wanted to shoot a look there for the wedding. And these photos seriously did not disappoint... I think our plan (based on weather) is to shoot our family photos out here for the wedding as well. I just loved everything about how it looks!

Also, we got super lucky with the weather on the day we shot this with Emily. We scheduled it for the Tuesday we arrived but the rain was off and on a lot that day so we decided to risk it and move it back to the next afternoon. On Wednesday it was semi-cloudy in the morning but the weather said no rain all day so we were good to go. 

Around 1pm (our shoot was at 4) the clouds disappeared and it turned into one of the most beautiful Nantucket days. It was the perfect temperature, not a cloud in the sky and a great breeze (that got a little more intense out by the lighthouse). It was just perfect and we were so happy with the whole day!

And while this isn't paid (I was only contracted to share on IG!) Flytographer did comp the price of the shoot! They also were generous enough to share a discount code with you guys as well. So if you find you want to do something similar on your next vacation, you can use the code KristaRobertson50 for $50 off your next shoot or off a gift card! It expires at the end of this year.

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