Staying Body Positive For My Wedding

As you know, I've been working out with a trainer as of late to help personalize my routine before my wedding. And while it's been great, it has come with some ups and downs -- the wedding workout process as a whole has... and I want to talk about it.

Before we do, I have to take a step back first and set the scene. It has taken me many years to love and appreciate how I look. Lots of self-loathing, therapy and long talks have gotten me to be in a wonderful, body-positive place. And as a woman, that's not always easy to do. But I've done it. I can say with assurance that for the past 7 or so years, I've truly loved my body and how I look. I love my curves, my legs, my arms -- I just love it all. Are there days where I'm unhappy with my thighs or stomach? Sure, but it never sticks with me for more than an outfit change. 

In these years I've never been obsessed with a number on a scale, about what I eat, or what size I am. I never compared my body to my friends or even worried about fitting into something smaller. It's just not who I am or what I've conditioned myself to think about. Well... not until about 3 months ago.
Fast forward to the beginning of my training: hop on a scale and measure your body and muscle weight and fat percentage to see what we're working with. FYI this is maybe the first time I've been on a scale in 3 years? Maybe more... I've been 150/149/148lbs for as long as I can remember (seriously, since high school lol) so what's the need? I think the heaviest I weighed myself was 155 during my freshman year of college. Outside of that? Status quo. 

150 for me is my home, it's where I live and where I assume I will always be. I like love my 150. I like how my body holds it, how it looks, and how it makes me feel. The number on the scale is not something I ever am looking to change (whether you want to believe me or not). And going into training, it was never my plan or goal to lower that number. I obviously would like to maintain but was ok if it needed to go up because of muscle weight. That has always been my goal: to gain more muscle.

For a lot of people, I get that the number on the scale is what they focus on. It's what my friends, my trainer and (some) readers think I'm focusing on. And therefore only think of success in that metric, but the thing is I'm not concerned about it. Like sure, 145 might be fun but would I lose my butt? My thighs? All the things I love the most? I hope not. 

So the 150 on the scale isn't what triggered my spiral, it was the body fat percentage. Now, when I look at my body, I don't think I have a lot of fat. If you had asked me off the bat if I was under, average or over the normal PBF (idk if that's the acronym, but that's what I'm going with), I'd say I was average. But I get to hop on this dumb scale week after week that shows me I'm actually outside and above the average PBF for my height/weight/age. 

How? When I look at myself, the last thing is that I'm overweight. So why is this number and those around me telling me that I'm close to being overweight? Who the fuck came up with that scale?? For the record, my PBF is coming in at 30%, and the average max is 25%. Since we're getting real personal here's my chart from the past month and a half:

I try and "weigh-in" once a week before workouts, and I understand why I'm doing it. If we do not see results, then we need to edit what we're doing. So I that's what we did. After every weigh-in, we talk about it and learn to edit something new.

My trainer, who is also a nutrition coach, said at the heart of getting fit is clean eating. I eat pretty decent already but to really try and see results we started counting macros so see how close I am to hitting my daily goals. Mentioning that doing it this way allows me to eat the most amount of food and still stay under my caloric goal.

For the first month, I did it on my own. Looking at what I'm eating, trying to cut out and back on starch and carbs, load up on veggies, and double my protein intake. After not seeing a huge change, I decided to crackdown for the past three weeks and started tracking everything in an app and really started to watch what I'm putting in my body. I started reading labels, looking for different substitutions, and put a lot of pressure on myself to stick to it. 

Why only three weeks? Well, I started to really get in my head. 

I want to put a full disclaimer out there that I was in no way starving myself. I was eating more than ever actually -- more protein and veggies trying to hit my daily percentage goals. But I just wasn't happy. I started resenting the process and resenting myself. 

A breaking point was before the 4th of July, I found myself crying in a hotel snack room in St. Louis because all I wanted was a bag of chips, but I wouldn't allow myself to get them. It's dumb, I know... but that's where I was. Never in my life have I not allowed myself food when I wanted it. I was just so hungry, and I ate all my calories for the day and had about 200 left to grab a snack with (this was when we got diverted and stuck in STL for the night, so it was like 1am, I was tired and hungry, and it was a bad combo). It was like I wasn't allowing myself a break, and talking badly/judging my body to talk my mind out of getting the snack I really wanted. Spoiler alert: I just went to bed without anything.

Fast forward to yesterday. I had been working hard, and I started to feel the pressure of the wedding and this new lifestyle get to me. But I knew that if the scale rewarded me for my hard work, I would be ok. That after all this hard work and tears and self-loathing, it would all be worth it. But it didn't. And it hit me all at once during my workout yesterday. I got angry and upset, and I just gave up in that moment. 

Reflecting on it now, I don't even know what I wanted to see. I guess more than anything I wanted all this stress and pressure and tears to be rewarded from a dumb fucking scale that is telling me I'm close to being overweight (I seriously chuckle any time I write that). But nothing really changed. I was not rewarded, but I did have a big wakeup call. 

I understand that this is a long process and not something I'm just going to see overnight. Three weeks of clean eating isn't going to lose me 5% body fat. In my heart, I know that. So why did I get so upset? I think it was a culmination of a lot of things but the biggest being that this process of how I'm going about everything isn't right for me. I'm starting to dig a hole that is deep and dark and lonely, and no one I should ever go down. I was becoming obsessed with all of the things I trained myself to no longer care about.

So yesterday during my workout I talked to my trainer about it -- I more so vented and blamed the world but I just needed to get it out. I shared with him that I was starting to obsess over a number that doesn't mean anything to me. He was supportive, understanding but also brutally honest and a little hard with me. It was like he kind of shook me and told me to wake up from my haze and get back to work lol. 

The new plan? We're stopping the scale check-ins and macro counting. He says it will be harder to achieve my goals in the next month, but I think it will be easier mentally for me, which is more important. I'm going to instead focus on how I feel, how I see myself in the mirror and take my better eating habits I learned from tracking and apply them to my daily routine.

After the gym, I started to think through the whole process and think about what kind of pushed me down the wrong path. Two important things came to mind: 1. What others are saying intentionally or unintentionally that is hurtful to my workout process and 2: That there is an unhealthy pressure on brides as a whole to lose weight for their big day.

Let's talk about #1. Here are things that have been echoing in my mind the past couple months:

"Don't you want to be the skinniest you've ever been on your wedding day?" 

"I hope your dress is forgiving." 

"Are you sure you want to eat this?"

"Why are you even doing this if you're not trying to lose weight?"

"It sure seems like you're trying to lose weight. Are you?"

"How much weight have you lost?"

In reality, there are much worse things that can be said, but these are the things that have just been running on overtime in my head. They are making me anxious and self-conscious and filling my head with self-doubt. So I'm going to write them down and leave them here. I don't need them, nor do I want them. 

I am happy with how I look.

And then there's #2. I think in the age of social media and just all the perceived perfection online, there is an extra layer of pressure to have your wedding, your dress, and your body be perfect. To fall in line, to be Insta-worthy or Pin-famous. To be viral. To invoke envy and jealously from others to make yourself feel better. But filling yourself with hatred and disgust when you don't achieve your goal. It's hard, and I get it. 

Being a blogger, there is always a layer of judgment out there from people you do not know. Critiquing your choices and letting their unwanted opinions be heard. Think of it as having 100 MIL/Aunts/Mom's (the ones that cut deep and annoy the hell out of you even though you DO NOT care about them) at every stage of your wedding process. That's what it's like to plan and share a wedding online.

I am really fortunate that 99.9% of the people who have mean or rude things to say about me or my wedding do so on their own platforms and not on mine. But others like myself are not as lucky! All of this as a long-winded way of saying that people look to change their bodies for their big day to make sure there is nothing to critique on what it meant to be the happiest day of their life. 

SO (gosh, this post really turned into something didn't it) all of this to say that I let myself get into a trap -- or minefield -- with my body, how I look and working out, and it stops today.

I love my body.

With the changes in the weigh-ins and macro counting, I think it will get me back to where I need to be. I need to also remind myself why we're doing this in the first place: to look strong and healthy at my wedding (and beyond!). Not to look skinny, but to look strong. I want to add muscle and definition to my build. I want to be happier and healthier, and there is no better motivation (or excuse) than a wedding! 

The plan going forward is we're going to continue to work out 2x a week like normal. I'm going to do my cardio 4x a week (30-minute interval training) and add in some [solidcore] (which is a reformer pilates) classes on the days I'm not training. My goals are to be active and sweat each day, to consume more protein, and to have more veggies at every meal. 

If you made it this far, thank you. I hope this helps at least one person, and if nothing else, it has been pretty therapeutic for me. 


  1. This is EXACTLY what I needed to read right now. I’m also getting married soon and people continually ask “how my wedding diet is going” and about wedding prep. There is so much pressure to be perfect and look one certain way for that day, but in the end it’s just one day and my fiancĂ© loves me for the person I am and my character not if I can squeeze into a size 0 instead of a 4. I workout to set healthy habits for life no to meet other people’s body image ideals. Thank you for being honest this was a refreshing read and exactly what more people need to see and hear about life leading up to a wedding, not just the flowers etc.

  2. Krista,
    Not that you needed to, but thank you for sharing. One of the things that draws me to your blog and you is your realness. While I’m on my own struggle/journey to accept my body and it’s fluctuating weight/appearance - this reminds me to be kinder and not as harsh on myself. Thanks for your word & being real. It’s appreciated.

  3. This post really made an impact on me. I understand how you feel with the pressure of the wedding looming over you. I’m getting married in October and I’ve been dealing with the same issues. But really, thank you so much for ALWAYS being honest on your blog. It’s one of the many things that make your blog my favorite. ❤️

  4. Thank you for addressing this. I got married last year and I think that I was feeling a lot of this too but never really wrote it down like this to process it. I’m almost the exact same measurements and weight as you and as a grown woman I’m also happy with how I look. Working out for me is also about a feeling- being strong and feeling energized and just overall being active. I’ve not stepped on a scale since around December and while I know that I need to commit to healthy habits on a regular basis, measuring my body fat would likely send me into a panic as well. Kudos to you for realizing that mental health is just as important as physical health. You look amazing and will be an absolutely gorgeous bride! Thank you for being real!

  5. You have a powerful way with words and putting on paper what others may not be able to articulate. It is a negative spiral that we can go down sometimes. I love how you check yourself and are aware of your mental well being. Thank you for sharing what so many of us struggle with.

  6. Thank you for this! I am getting married in 10 days and was just crying in bed because I won’t have time for a second workout today. I appreciate you as a blogger because I identify with you more than some of the others who “sized down to a double 0 or xxs”. I am 6 ft talk and a size 10. I’ve been a size 10 since high school and am okay with it, but like you, have been feeling pressure to “slim down” and “look better than ever”. Thank you for putting words to my feelings. You are not alone. You are perfect the way you are!

  7. I’m getting married next July and this is already something that worries me. I’ve had some healthy issues this year so I’ve lost weight from that. But as I’m bouncing back from that and all, I’m like I can work our again so what am I doing for our wedding. Also my other issue is that I’m short, I’m just over 5 feet but I’m about your clothing size and all so I hear all the time about BMI just because I’m short and it can be discouraging. Anyways thank you for being REAL which always keeps me coming back.

  8. Thank you. I'm getting married in September and this is exactly what I needed to read. I'm sorry you're feeling this way, and I hope you (and I) have better days ahead!

  9. Thank you so much for posting this. I got married in February and while I lost weight for my wedding, I still didn’t feel like my skinniest self. I hate that there is so much pressure on brides and I have even found myself comparing my wedding pictures to those of my friends who have gotten married since my wedding. And I shouldn’t do that. I just have a different body and on a regular day I celebrate my curves! And I did look beautiful! But it is helpful to not feel alone. The most important thing is I got to marry the love of my life and we’re about to celebrate our 6 month wedding anniversary! But I needed to read this so thank you! Love following you and you will be the most beautiful bride - no matter what!

  10. Krista! I would first like to say that for the past month, I have been thinking: dang girlfriend is looking extra good :) And, thank you so much for this. I will be the MOH in my sisters wedding in September, and even I have been thinking that I have to whip my ass into shape for that. It is crazy how this mindset just seeps right through everyone, and it should not, and doesn't have to. I am totally agreeing with you that I have learned to love love my body. It was not always easy, but I have committed to positivity. You have the best outlook on training, and I think we all need to follow suit; we should only do it if we want to feel better, and stronger because that is what will carry you through life. You have always been so real, and I have always looked up to you! You are going to be beautiful inside and out on your special day, and I cannot wait to see that radiate through the photos! :)

    xx Libby

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  12. Great post, transparency always appreciated. I too hover in the 150 range (155 on average). It took me a while to grapple with that number on the scale and when I told people, they never believed me. I am way over THE NUMBER and focus on how I feel and look in my clothes (I have a lot of muscle!). Fast forward to a thyroid diagnosis (Hashimoto) and I gain about 25 lbs in just a few months (July to December bulk being the end of the year). I have never been so uncomfortable in my own skin. I spent 30 years maintaining a healthy (for me) weight and all the sudden it was spiraling out of control. On January 1 I saw 178 on the scale and that number was only an accessory to how awful I felt. Especially compared to the rest of the instagram "models" (comparison is the thief of joy).

    It has been 7 months and to be honest, the first 3 months of CrossFit 5 days a week, running on my days off, 80/20 conscious eating and I didnt see a single change. Fast forward to now, 7 months, and I am starting to feel like myself again, settling in the 160s but beyond that, feeling SO STRONG at the gym and just confident in myself again. Even if I never hit the 150s again, I DONT CARE!

    Thanks for sharing your message and dont forget, this is a long process. Life long, give yourself some grace and extra patience. I completely understand the pressure of the wedding but like you said, you look great. Enjoy the process, its your only summer as a bride to be!

    Katie @ Katie Wanders


  13. Sending you good vibes!! Thanks for keeping it real with us - you are literally the only blog I ever read and this is why <3

  14. Krista, this post was so important to me. I’m in high school and I’m still in that phase of trying to love my body and myself fully. When I go on Instagram I always see girls who look nothing like me and they are beautiful, but I love seeing your posts and your stories because you look so much like me. Thank you so much for saying all of this publicly, especially in a job where a large part is based on how you look and what size you are. I know you will look BEAUTIFUL on your wedding day no matter how much you are working out or what you are eating, because you are not just pretty on the outside, your personality shines through!

  15. This October is my 10 year anniversary and I look back lovingly at my photos from the day. We've lived internationally since then, I've given birth to a lovely baby girl, all that to say when I look back at the pictures I am always focused on the expressions on our faces and the love in our eyes versus my body. The day will go by in an absolute blur but staring into Andrew's eyes as you recite the vows will stick with you for a lifetime :) You're doing great! The day will be you and be gorgeous and try not to worry about what others think or will say!

  16. Thank you for being so honest - it is such a struggle for each woman and I think getting this conversation out there is SO helpful.

    You are going to look absolutely amazing and STRONG at your wedding!!

    Sending so much love & positive vibes your way.

  17. I appreciate you for sharing this honesty. I have been following you for years and love you and your body (in a non creepy weird way). I feel like a ton of bloggers are not my size so its hard to see them say they love a top in an XXS and then it looks terrible on me. One of the things that draws me to your blog and you is your real and raw. Hang in there girl and best of luck!

  18. Not sure what methods your trainer is using to test body composition, but consumer body composition testing methods are notoriously inaccurate.

  19. This made me want to cry but even more, wish I could give you a hug! I know this wasn’t a pity me blog but I felt like I just listened to a friend vent about the same shit we all go through. I can still remember the months leading up to my wedding and thinking hard about what I should/shouldn’t be eating. And not eating what I wanted to throughout the family gatherings the week of. Or how on the day of, I thought I needed an extra pair of shapewear to *really* smooth things out. And I immediately caught myself thinking that my husband couldn’t care less about how I looked. If I’m happy, he’s happy, we’re happy. My favorite photos of the day of show nothing but so much joy and that’s all that matters. Thanks for sharing this and your internet friends are cheering you on! It’s been incredible to watch you grow stronger but don’t forget to enjoy yourself in the process.

  20. First off, you look great! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Very few people’s bodies are good fit for these formulas. Things like BMI and body fat percentage should be used only as loose guidelines, as every person’s body shape, bone density, and for women, chest size, varies and can vary greatly. As a larger chested girl myself, I know that adds weight that isn’t accounted for in these stupid formulas.

    I would suggest a few things, just as points to think about: find a new personal trainer who doesn’t use these types of formulas at all. See a licensed dietitian, one with a focus on sports. And perhaps knock a couple of workout sessions off your schedule. It sounds like you are planning a minimum of 6-9 times a week, and that’s a lot. It may set up a mentality where you get even more frustrated because you are working out so much and not seeing the results you’d like. Give yourself a break, mentally and physically, 1-2 days a week.

  21. Krista, I appreciated reading this post so much. I'm so sorry that you've been going through so much mental pain, but as someone who is just a little taller but body wise very similar to yours, I could relate a lot. I purposely have never gone on one of those machines because I'm afraid it'll tell me the same. I love by body and my curves, but am afraid of what the machine will tell me too. But I'm proud of you for owning who you are, working as hard as your body can, but still staying as healthy as you can. I agree with many of the ladies above who are advocating for you to not be so hard on yourself--that is of course easier said than done. But keep striving towards your best, mentally, physically, and emotionally. I think you look so physically strong! You will on your wedding day and many years to come!

  22. THANK YOU for writing this! I lost my mom 3 years ago and in the first year after I gained 10 lbs and since then have gained another 10 lbs (as weight gain can be a slippery slope and also, grief just f’ing sucks). I have been doing all these diets and workouts and just can’t seem to move the scale or my “obese” body fat numbers. Which I’m sorry, are total BS, because you and I are not obese (we’re the same height and about the same weight), so those numbers are so crushing, defeating and frustrating. I needed to read something like this today, honestly, because I’ve been following your journey and I was so impressed with you! Always getting your sweat on and looking stunning, while keeping it real. To know you were struggling too with the scale and percentages and crying over a bag of chips (I cried over dried mango last night, no lie), helped me to see how I’ve been beating myself up as well. So I’m going to take a note from this post and start to look at my journey differently too. You have no idea how much this helped. Thank you.

  23. There is nothing worse than a girl on her wedding day that doesn't look like herself! I've known people who just looked SO skinny, their color in their face just wasn't glowy, and their hair was dead because they lost so much weight and weren't getting the proper nutrition. You really do look great and your going about things the right way!

  24. Krista! Pouring your heart ouuuuut for us - thank you!

    So much of this resonated with me in a way that honestly, kicked me in the gut a bit. I am by no means where you are in terms of loving my body. I'm just not. I waaaant to be. And I waaaant to know that kind of peace, but that is just not where I am yet.

    That being said, I've worked with a personal trainer, I've worried about my weight, I've counted macros, I've over-tracked and over-analyzed: I've done it all.

    And I remember hitting the point of crying over an unopened box of Annies, standing at my kitchen counter, trying to convince myself that I didn't need it, and it wasn't something I really wanted to eat - and I remember sort of coming out of that moment thinking, "what. the. fuck."

    It sucks, you know that. But I am so so...honored? (That feels strong, but let's go with it.) that you have shared this whole hard, heart-wrenching stretch with us.

    Because you're right, this is about you. This is about your body. But from someone who has been there, is there, and wants to be out of there, it *is* helpful, and it *is* something we need to hear.

  25. Thanks so much for this post - I never comment on blogs, but this really resonated with me. I'm also currently planning my wedding (October 26!) and feeling like I need to be constantly dieting instead of ENJOYING my engagement and keeping up with what I'd already been doing -- eating healthy most of the time, working out 4 times a week, and taking long walks with the dog.

  26. Thank you for sharing! As a bride-to-be myself this really speaks to me. Thank you for letting me know that we are enough to get married exactly how we are right now. A lot of gyms/trainers prey on our vulnerabilities, cuz that's how they make money. And the constant ads of "21 days diet to slim down for your big day" sure doesn't help. I don't think this looking "good" on one day goal is worth sacrificing so much pleasure in life (let alone the time/energy/$$$ we need to dedicate on this!). I can't emphasize enough how much this resonates with me. I am going to dedicate my life to something. And that's "something" isn't a fucking percentage number.

    For what is worth you do look stronger and more toned!

  27. Loved this Krista!!! I think you are beautiful and your confidence definitely shine through! I face this struggle daily as well <3 I cannot wait for your wedding day - you will be so gorgeous!

  28. Love all of this! I became very obsessed with calorie counting and workouts before my wedding to the point where I could not enjoy food or alcohol - every calorie mattered. Here I am three years later, married, a child, and pregnant and weighing more than I ever have on my life (but still in a normal range and all healthy blood work). And it's the first time in my life I'm happy. I don't count, I don't weigh in - I live an active life and try to be healthy. But I eat ice cream with my daughter outside in the evening and I don't wake up at 5am to get one more run in. Health is so important but we forget about mental health. If your physical health is impacting your mental health, then it is no longer the right thing to do! So happy you made the choice to stop tracking. Enjoy the time up to your wedding - you are never going to look back and wish you were skinnier. You are beautiful

  29. Just clicked over from insta to see this post—it has been SO inspiring to me to see you workout, and I’m really happy you’re in a more positive place about it! I’m mad at people who send senseless replies to stories, but I’m proud of you for this journey, and so insanely grateful that you’re sharing it with us. You’re going to be SO beautiful on your wedding day, but also every day before and after, and that comes from loving yourself, the body you’re in, and smiling despite it all ❤️

  30. Thanks for sharing this :) I’m not getting married but have gone through similar mental battles even without an upcoming wedding. One thing my friend told me last year, that I always laugh about when I’m most frustrated in my muscle building / fat loss journeys, is that when you are working out to build muscle, the muscle initially is growing under the fat so you can be building muscle without losing fat and therefore getting / appearing larger lol. I don’t know how true it is but I laugh about this because what else can do you when you’re body continues to expand after weeks of hard work. The thought always makes me giggle. Anyway, thanks for your vulnerability. Great post.

  31. You look fabulous! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. And eat the chips!

  32. Thank you so so much for this! I’m getting married in November and I have been feeling so much pressure to be “my best self” on my wedding day. Why the heck do we put so much pressure on yourselves to look a certain way? I’ve been working out and trying to eat better and I feel like I can’t see any of it. I cried last night because I’ve had a hard week at work and really wanted some wine while I watched the bachelor but all these thoughts about how a “bride” should look were all I could think about. A “bride” wouldn’t have it so she could look good on her big day, a “bride” would have more self control, a “bride” would just suck it up, blah blah blah. Like who decided that we all need to look so different on our wedding day anyways? It’s so hard to be a girl in the world today. It takes guts to put your life and your feelings out there for the whole world to see but there are girls out there like me reading your posts and thinking thank god it’s not just me who feels this way! This engagement period should be about preparing for marriage not preparing for pictures for one day. This post helps me see that my mental health and my heart are what need to be ready for my wedding day not my waistline- although there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be strong and empowered from workouts. Thank you for being vulnerable and congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

  33. First of all, I think you look fantastic. There is a ton of pressure to look a certain way for your wedding. I definitely feel that for mine next year, but I also don't want to lose too much and not fit into my dresses which for the most part fit fairly well. Thank you for sharing.

  34. This is so hard! I admire you for being so honest and open about it. I have a body weight scale at home and it always has me somewhere in the 30% range. I think they just aren't that accurate. It sounds like you have a great plan for moving forward and meeting your goal of being stronger but not making yourself crazy. (FWIW, I have been following you for a little over a month and I love seeing your workouts. This is going to sound like a backhanded compliment, but I love how "normal" you look. You aren't super thin, you aren't super muscular, you don't have a huge muscular butt. You look healthy and great.)

  35. couple of things. Counting Calories is useless. If you're tracking macros , hit the macros in grams and don't focus on calories. Your trainer should know this. Read the Obesity code by Dr Jason Fung. Debunks so many things we were taught was correct nutritiohn

  36. Thank you for being so honest! I relate to this post on such a personal level, and have had very similar experiences pre-wedding and post wedding (happy marriage weight is a thing let me tell ya!). Thanks for sharing and reminding me what is really important!


  37. Thank you so much for sharing this, Krista! I love and respect the body positivity you share on your corner of the internet. You're a wonderful role model and positive influence to all women... and you look amazing!


  38. Krista, I always appreciate your honesty on your blog and through your socials!! First off, you look fabulous!! Second, I have always had a positive body image and this post just spoke to me since I just got engaged. I've already questioned my body on my wedding day and found myself saying things out loud about losing weight for the wedding. WHY?! there is literally no reason I have to change for one day. I already have a good workout regime and I've focused on eating better lately because it makes me FEEL better. Thank you for sharing this post and reminding me not to get caught up on the silly thought of being skinny on my wedding day! You are going to be a beautiful bride!!
    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams 

  39. Thank you for sharing this personal post!! There is SO much pressure around weight, specifically around weddings. Why is that? It absolutely is about how you feel and finding habits that work for YOU. Thank you for reinforcing that!


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