Our Nantucket Engagement Photos Pt. 1

So these aren't technically our *official* engagement photos since we're actually taking those this Wednesday(!!) but I didn't know what else to call them so we're just making them our Nantucket photos vs our Engagement photos. Let me explain... 

Top (borrowed) / Jeans / Heels / Earrings 

I understand we're kind of doing this all backward seeing as you take your engagement photos much closer to your actual engagement and not your wedding... lol. BUT I have a reason behind the madness if you just hear me out... When we got engaged last July, Andrew hired a photographer to shoot the surprise and after. You can see some of those photos here. Since we had those, we really didn't need something soon after so we decided to wait.

My original thought was to always have our engagement photos done in New York because that's our home. Especially since we'll be getting married in Nantucket I wanted to pay tribute to this crazy city that brought us together. I loved the idea of shooting in Central Park in the fall and a dressed-up look in Grand Central Station. But through the process of wedding planning, it was pushed to the side then nixed all together (at first).

See, we're hiring our photographer/videographer team for two days since our wedding is a little non-traditional. Two days and travel for a full team is a lot of money so we wanted to use the credit of our engagement shoot toward the overall total to help bring it down some. Andrew and I agreed that it makes more sense especially since we just had our photos taken during our proposal. 

Our photographer (Michael) is Andrew's friends' (Dan) brother so we actually ran into him at Dan and Kaylee (our friends) engagement party. Michael offered to take a few photos for us while we were there and you can read more about our photographer and see those photos here. Now that we'd had a proposal shoot and a mini engagement shoot we really didn't think we needed anymore so the engagement shoot idea fell to the wayside. 

That was until Michael reached out earlier this year and asked when we wanted to schedule our shoot for... He had forgotten that we used the credit of our engagement shoot towards our overall total and said we can still shoot one anyway -- and to my surprise, Andrew said we should do it! I, of course, am always down for taking photos so we were in. 

After a lot of back and forth between schedules and travel, we landed on a date of July 31st in New York City (my original plan) to shoot our engagement photos with our wedding photographer. All set and good to go...

Now here is where these Nantucket photos come into play (is anyone still reading?? sorry this story is taking forever). I always loved the idea of having our photos taken in Nantucket when the island is in bloom. And when we booked this trip earlier in the year I thought it might be something fun to do when we were there. 

But as the time came closer I didn't really want to hire a photographer (weddings are expensive!), I didn't feel the need seeing as our engagement photos would be the week after. Plus I honestly didn't think Andrew would be up for it. So I just let it go.

Then around mid-June, I got an email from Flytographer asking if I wanted to work together to shoot on an upcoming vacation. I, of course, wanted to but the only vacation I had for the rest of the year was this trip to Nantucket... and guess what! they had a photographer on island. What a coincidence...

I ran it by Andrew, he agreed and we set up a time to meet and shoot with Emily while we were in Nantucket last week. And that's how these photos came to be. It's why they're kind of engagement photos but not officially...

We shot two outfits/locations with Emily and I am honestly in LOVE with how they turned out and just had to share them with you guys. The photos above are our first look and tomorrow I'll be sharing our second. We shot in 'Sconset along the bluff walk and while most of the flowers had already passed, it was still gorgeous and the weather was perfect. Just all-around amazing. 

And while this isn't paid (I was only contracted to share on IG!) Flytographer did comp the price of the shoot! They also were generous enough to share a discount code with you guys as well. So if you find you want to do something similar on your next vacation, you can use the code KristaRobertson50 for $50 off your next shoot or off a gift card! It expires at the end of this year.

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