Our Shower Invitations + Why We Had a Couples Shower

Yay! Finally getting around to sharing our couples shower invitations and thank you cards! They are so pretty I think I want to get it framed (along with our save the dates!)

SO cute right!! I loved how these turned out and if we're being honest they kind of were the inspiration for my shower. I loved the idea of a tropical vibe, especially since it was so far off from our wedding theme (blue + white ....garden party(???)) and my bachelorette party (Mexico/beach). I always knew I wanted to do something different in terms of theme but this really helped me go down the right path!

Why a couples shower? And why (again) so early before your wedding? Well, first let's talk about the couples aspect. I went to my first couples shower for Caitlin's wedding and I just loved how much fun it was. It's always so nice having someone you know with you at a party filled with a lot of people you may not know. My goal for all of the wedding festivities and plans is to make sure they are having a good time and being comfortable is a big part of that. Plus, I wanted to be able to hang and celebrate with Andrew since it is our wedding -- why should I get to have a party without him??

So when we got engaged we decided against an engagement party because I was really into the idea of having a couples shower. I just thought it would be fun and easy and it would help forgo a lot of the traditional things I didn't want to do (like open presents in front of everyone -- that was a hellllll no #1). 

Also, from personal experience, I hate showing up to any kind of party/event alone and have in the past for other showers and it can be scary sometimes! I've been invited to plenty of showers where we just know each other kind of through our guys and I just would get anxiety thinking about going and sitting alone in the corner lol. Please tell me I'm not alone in this... So I wanted to make sure no one would feel that way (guy or girl) when coming to the shower. I really just wanted it to be a big party and an excuse for all of our friends and family to hang out before the wedding. 

Another reason is a good chunk of our guests would be coming in from out of town and I didn't want them to feel like they should travel alone. One of the great things about living in the city is you're able to invite friends out and have them make a fun weekend of it. Which, of course, is not nearly as much fun alone. 

So we had a couples shower! It was SO much fun and honestly everything I imagined and more. I was really happy because I spent so much time thinking about this party that I was afraid that it wouldn't be anything like I imagined (good thing is, it was better!!). It gives me a lot of relief for our wedding since we're doing it all ourselves. I just hope the same thing happens in September.

As for timing, just like the bachelorette, the summer was so busy for us both in terms of travel, other weddings, family schedules, and general life that we didn't really want to worry about trying to plan a weekend where only a few people could come. I also just don't want to have to worry or think about anything outside the wedding from here on out. It's nice to have these weights lifted off our shoulders and have our eyes on the prize, you know?

May just happened to work for everyone and it was perfect weather that day. The party was a blast and the photos are awesome I cannot wait to share them with you guys!!

PS you can check out our save the dates here!
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