Weekend Update: May 31

I can't believe May just flew by and now June is here. We are past the 100-day mark until the wedding and I'm excited and nervous and feel like I should be more stressed than I am lol. Any tips???

What I bought: So I went a little crazy this week in terms of shopping... I have a couple trips coming up that I want some cute summer items for and I'm basically doing an at home try on so I'm ordering more than I will really keep. With that... here is what I've bought:
-A simple blue printed summer dress (with a really cute tie back)
-On the higher end, a white crochet dress
-Off the shoulder ruffle coral dress (under $100)
-Another off the shoulder dress (but yellow!!) also under $100

-Random but I bought a sport skirt to run errands around the city in
-A gorgeous strapless swimsuit
-More yellow-- but this time in a duster!
-Another smocked top (I love these for summer)
-This tropical print skirt that I hope looks cute on
-A super affordable tie front green mini dress

C/o items (from Lilly) was this really cute eyelet coverup and dress!

NYC Life: We are officially back on the workout train and I signed up with a trainer this week to kick my butt into tip-top shape before the wedding. We have 3 months to do it and it will GET DONE! I'm going to see him 2x a week (pray for my wallet) and on my off days still stop by the normal STL/Soldicore/Barre classes. I'm excited and nervous and sore lol. We had our first session yesterday and it was rough. 

I also ventured out to the movies with a friend to see a premiere of Late Night and it was super cute!! I think it officially comes out June 7 -- definitely go see it.

Favorite Finds:
-My favorite tank of ALL TIME is restocked!! I own two whites (just in case lol) and a black

Weekend Plans: No major plans for this weekend per se, but I do have some fun plans for today! The weather this week was very rainy and today is supposed to be so nice so Abbie (my new summer intern, you will "meet" her soon) and I are going to venture out to Governors Island for the day and stop at Island Oyster. I'm hoping this summer we experience more of what NYC has to offer and write about it for you guys now that I have more free time!

Most Popular Item this Week: This pearl dress from Davids Bridal! It's to die for!!

Amazon Purchases of the Week: I talked about this on IG stories this week but had to mention I found it on Amazon (and who doesn't love to buy from Amazon)! It's my heated eyelash curler. It's awesome and highly recommend if you're in the market. It's only $13 so like.. why not, right? 

Reminder you can see all of my Amazon purchases !!here!! on my shop page.

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