May Wedding Update

We're back with a new wedding update! You'll read what we've been up to, what we're in the middle of and what we need to do next. I feel like I'm missing a bunch of stuff but these items are top of mind. Hopefully it will hold me accountable!

Before we hop into it, I wanted to share this look from my Bachelorette Party! I LOVED this look and want to wear it 10,000 times over. Most everything (well, actually everything) I'm wearing is sold out, so that's fun! My dress is c/o BHLDN, shoes are old J. Crew, earrings are old Vineyard Vines, bag is sold out Revolve. It was too good not to share so I'm throwing it in with this post. Enjoy!

Things We Have Done Recently:
-Bachelorette Trip -- DUH this is done and off the list. It was a blast and if you missed any of it, you can find out everything here.

-Registry -- our registry is 99.9% done and gifts are being purchased! We still cannot find flatware we like. It's nearly impossible to shop for this in-person. More details about our registry here.

-Flowers -- we are set and good to go with flowers. I will probably need to visualize everything and make sure I don't need any more. You can read more about our flowers here.

-Main bookings and deposits -- our photographer/videographer, our house, our venue, the party rentals, our rehearsal dinner and our reception dinner is done. All the most important stuff!

-Wedding Cake -- I think we're all set here (Mom)? We've done some trials and I trust her to make it amazing. You can read more about our cake here.

-Welcome Bags -- Andrew and I have set up everything we want/need for the bags. Now we need to order the items. I'll share more of this after the wedding.

-Transportation -- The New York crew has booked flights! The guys will be driving the cars and the girls will be flying to the island. Happy to have this checked off the to-do list!

Things That Are in Process:
-Dress Alterations -- I'm going to share more information about this after the wedding, but UGH I'm the *most* stressed about this. My dress is huge. Not huge like you're thinking. More like they ordered the wrong size huge. They said they didn't, and they said it's fixable in alterations, but I'm so nervous about it. Especially because the dress I tried on in the store fit fine with some minor alterations. This one ... ugh. Just ugh. I have my first alteration appointment this month and I'm really looking forward to making this dress better! Can see a dress try on video here. 

-Co-ed shower -- We are two weeks away from our shower! Like my bachelorette, we decided to do things earlier because between our family, Andrew's work schedule, and summer being busy, no weekends really worked outside of this one. I'll obviously be sharing more details about the shower after we have it! I'm SO excited for it I cannot begin to tell you!

-Wedding Invitations -- We are in the final rounds of proofs for our wedding invitations with Shine Invitations. They have been wonderful to work with. They are so accommodating, quick and responsive. We approved the final round of edits last night so we're hoping to get some samples of the invites soon!

-DJ -- We booked a DJ for the reception party. We weren't originally going to do this (the plan was to playlist the party) but then realized we wanted to dance and probably needed a DJ to help. We need to now figure out what songs we want. If you have any good recommendations, please let me know where to start!

-Welcome Party Skirt -- One of the first things I wanted to do right when I got engaged was to create a print to be made into a skirt to wear at some point during the weekend. I'm excited to say that the fabric is in (thanks to Spoonflower and Riley!) and is now with Katie Fong. It's going to be great.

-Tablecloth/Dinner Setting -- I'm setting the table for dinner and we have our dishes, chargers, flatware, vases and napkins. The one thing missing was the tablecloth. I received it  Monday and -- idk why I didn't think about it -- but the colors don't match the dishes and I kind of hated it. I'm SO upset by it. I had an idea in my head and then it didn't work out. Annoying! I am in the process of fixing it so wish me luck!

-Guys Tuxes -- This is more on Andrew because he needs to get on it. We'll be working with the Black Tux and they need to set a time to go into the city to get measured. We also need to figure out what exactly we want them to wear.

Things We Need to Do:
-Caterer for Wedding Dinner -- Andrew and I need to book a catering company/chef for the smaller dinner after the wedding. We have a team in mind, but haven't officially booked them or planned out the dinner menu for the night.

-Food Menu -- This is the menu for our reception dinner that we're actually going to plan this weekend in Nantucket! Andrew surprised me with a trip for my birthday. We're also using the time to get some wedding things done, including discussing menu with our reception venue.

-Engagement Photos -- This came as part of our photography package. We thought we'd wait a bit until New York was warmer and in bloom so we could get some great shots. Still TBD on when we'll actually do this, but I'm looking forward to it.

-Find a Photographer -- I keep going back and forth on whether or not we need a photographer for our reception on Saturday night. I want one, but I don't know how to hire someone for a party and not a full wedding. Is it worth it? I feel like it is because I want photos with our friends and extended family, but we need to find an option that is cost effective.

-Wedding Bands -- Andrew and I need to go shopping for wedding bands. I have ZERO idea what I'm going to do since I 100% made my engagement ring to be worn on its own lol. Everything I have tried on takes away from the ring's beauty so I'm at a loss. We have an appointment Thursday with our jeweler who helped us make this ring (thankfully he is at a new store). If anyone can help us it will be him!

Also, I took three minutes to find and re-read all my other wedding updates. It's SO FUN to look back on them. I've stayed pretty true to myself and my vision which I'm really excited about. 
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