Steal vs Splurge: H Style Sandals

I'm all about investing in some good quality items but with high quality comes a high price tag. And I get it, I've been there and I'm still there. I love something that is way too out of my budget and I want to find something similar at a more affordable price. 

And that brought about this post. I pretty much only wear my Hermes sandals in the summer. I'm thankful to have found them at a good price on eBay years ago in brown and white and they just seem to have become my go-to shoe. It's kind of nice because when I pack for a trip I don't have to worry about what shoes to bring. I pack my brown heels and my white flats and that has never let me down. 

But I do remember before saving up for these second hand shoes, I was looking everywhere online for a similar style with a more affordable price tag. There just didn't seem to be much but as of late, I see them popping up all over the place! So what I wanted to do was compile a few different options at different price points to compare for you guys.

I think I was able to find the best of the best out there and all have their pros and cons. I'll also be talking more about my real Hermes slides and comparing them to the rest below (as well as some links to second hand pairs!).

I also have two previous posts on the blog about similar topics. The first being comparing side by side the Hermes vs the Steven, which are both included here but this post was more dedicated to the two of those styles. And second I have my Hermes shoes review, guide and Q&A. This talks about the three different styles I own (the Oran, the Oasis and the Legend) and wowowow my hair was SO long!!

So without further ado, lets hop into it!

Price: $184
Sizing: Runs TTS, wearing a size 8. There are no half sizes so if you are half normally, I'd size up. 

Review: I wont lie to you, I love these sandals. I wore them a TON during my bachelorette, especially when we'd be around the pool or on the excursion because I didn't want to get my real Hermes near water or worry about them falling off the boat lol. They're great. Sure, they're a little steep in price but they really do look so similar to the Hermes sandals. They have the shape down to a T (or should I say H....) and I'm really all about the bejeweled look. 

They do take a little to break in and after our full day walking around in Mexico I did have a small blister on my right inside toe (but that's also because I have a bunion so take that for what you will). I think with time and wear they will become more comfortable. Overall I highly recommend and love them!

Price: $150 (come in three colors: white, brown and orange)
Sizing: TTS, wearing a size 8

Review: I remember seeing these in white last year and thinking they were the best look a like shoes I had ever seen (they still kind of are!). They're great shoes, a little less than the above but still expensive for those trying to save money. The big draw to these are the comfort level. These shoes are SO comfortable. I think it's because they have this wonderful padding on the bottom and that is really unlike any of the other shoes in this post (including the Hermes). 

They are a really nice quality of shoe and also have the stitching around the edge which is similar to the Hermes. My only negative thing to say is the color is a tad darker than the Hermes (what I'm used to) but outside of that, for the price and the quality these are great and would highly recommend. And this will seem silly but I only bought these shoes for the review and I don't need them so if anyone would like to buy this pair (size 8, worn for like 5 minutes), LMK! Happy to sell for $95 + shipping.

Price: $740 (can find resale here)
Sizing: I'm a 8 in US and take a 39 in Hermes (I'm also a 39 or 39 1/2 in Chanel and a 38.5 in Manolo Blahniks)

Review: The brown pair were my first ever pair of Hermes shoes. I adore them just as much today as I did when I first got them 4ish years ago. They're wonderful shoes that are well made and really do hold up well. New York City streets are hard and rough and will eat your shoes alive if given the chance and these have made it through. They've been to a lot of bars, on a lot of boats and all around the most uneven cobblestone you can find. They're my first born so they're hard to talk down!

I love the Oasis style because they can really be dressed up or down. I've worn them to weddings and parties with breeze but also with jeans or dresses to work. The heel gives it more of a "heel" vibe than a "sandal" vibe. I love them and recommend buying them if you can find them on a resale sight. Obviously the only major negative is the price. 

Price: $650 (can find resale here)
Sizing: Oddly enough I wear a size 38 in these (normally a size 8 US)

Review: These, like above, are great and well made and something I love to wear and wear often in the summer. They are much more casual than the Oasis and are great for summer casual events. I love to wear them walking around town or exploring because I know my feet wont hurt. They're obviously totally flat so if you need arch support or don't like shoes without ankle straps, these aren't the shoes for you!

Price: ~$50 (finding conflicting pricing)
Sizing: TTS, wearing a size 8

Review: For those looking for the style but not wanting to spend a lot of money on a shoe, these are for you. They're wonderful for the price and are truly comfortable! I haven't worn them longer than a couple minutes but I did walk around in them and they seemed great and I couldn't see any issue that would come from it either (like the jeweled slides, I knew they were stiff and would rub). 

I know a lot of girls who have these and wear them often and love them. They come in a TON of colors and styles so if these seem like something that's more your style, get them! They're going to be great for summer. 

And with that I leave you with a quick overhead shot of all the shoes together! Which was your favorite of the bunch??
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