A Versatile Little White Dress

I'm scooping up any and all white dresses I can find from now until September. Do I need this many? Probably not, but boy oh boy do I love them! Brides-to-be aren't the only ones who love a little white dress in the summer!


Eliza J: Pointelle Ruffle Knit Dress (also here) c/o / Manolo Blahnik: Hangisi Heels YSL: Wallet on Chain / Jennifer Behr: Bow Earrings (on sale!) 

I don't know why it's so hard to find white dresses that are: cute, of high quality, not matronly, not skimpy, and not one million dollars. I want something simple that gives me options for different events with my family or friends. I want something I can wear again.

When I found this dress, I thought it did a really good job of ticking off a lot of those boxes! So I call it my versatile LWD (little white dress). I can be great for an event or for work, but also great for a shower or engagement photos. It's simple but different, and it's very comfortable. It's completely knit. There are no zippers or buttons to worry about. Just throw it on and head out the door. 

It's not too heavy or hot either. I probably wouldn't wear it in July, but I don't like wearing anything in July for that matter lol. I have a real love for Eliza J dresses and this one does not disappoint!

You can wear this with whatever accessories you like, but I went for the obvious blue choice. When I originally got these heels, I planned on wearing them as my wedding shoes. I still might, but that won't keep me from wearing them beforehand! I think your wedding shoes should be something you wear 100x over. I'm not in the business of paying this much for something and only wearing it once!

I went with the 3-inch pair (which are the middle height) and I love them. They still give me the wonderful look of a heel without all the pain! I'm normally a size 8 in shoes and I'm a 38 1/2 in these!


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