Casual White Maxi Dress in Nantucket

Does anyone listen to the no white before Memorial Day?? I remember when I first started blogging it was a real thing and I used to get comments but I feel like now no one really listens to that at all... right?? Or is that just me?


Gal Meets Glam: Danielle Maxi Dress (also here) / BaubleBar: Large Resin Flower Earrings (also here) / Hermes: White Oasis Sandals Serpui Marie: Kesha Bag

Ok guys I LOVE this dress. Who knew all I really needed was a white maxi shirt dress in my life? I've been extra picky as of late as to buying new things for the closet in terms of clothes and I had this sitting in my bag for a couple weeks. I decided to just go for it because I couldn't stop thinking about it and it lives up to all my dreams.

It's a beautifully made dress that fits great, is lined (so not see through) and is a perfect style. A little detail that made me say "wow this is awesome) was the belt. It looks like a normal belt in the front but in the back, it's attached to a string that you tie in a bow on your back. It holds the belt in place without slipping AND it makes sure that there is no random flap hanging out the side. I hate when that happens -- do you know what I'm talking about??

This is only my second Gal Meets Glam dress but I am really impressed by the quality and fit of it! Not all of their dresses are my style but this is the perfect amount of glam and classic that I need. I will for sure be wearing this more over summer, it's just too great to pass up. I wore it walking around Nantucket two weekends ago and it was great even on an overcast day! When it got a little chilly, I threw a sweater over it and it was just as cute!!


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