Weekend Update: May 10

Happy Friday!!! I am offfff to Westchester for the weekend to prep for my shower! This week has been devoted to preparation. I'm so excited for it to be here. I just want to see how it all comes to life. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

(outfit details here
What I bought:
-NOTHING!! I got some random things in Nantucket but no clothes. I am waiting for a discount code for this gingham maxi dress, this white bow top and this stripe dress!

NYC Life: This week was another chill week for me. I spent it getting ready for my shower, picking up lots of last minute items, and getting ready for the weekend. I was able to get a lot of personal work and errands done, which I was really happy about. Outside of that I embarked on a couple new craft projects because why not? You can find my supplies linked below!

Favorite Finds:
-LOVE this bow barrette 
-Love this summer maxi dress
-A beautiful one piece swimsuit
-The dress I almost wore for my shower
-Super cute summer dress for more casual weddings

Weekend Plans: My shower!! EEK!! So excited I can't wait to share more about it next week. It came quickly, but it's going to be perfect and very us. I'm looking forward to having my family in town and celebrating Mother's Day too. I got my dress hemmed and my earrings in so I'm ready to go!!

Most Popular Item this Week: These large palm leaf earrings I'm wearing to my shower!

A Must Watch/Listen: Sophie Turner before the Met Gala. She is SO FUNNY. Watch till the very last second. It really got me!!

Amazon Purchases of the Week: 
-New Vince sneakers (trying the platforms!)
-Balloons for the shower
-More SD cards

Craft project items:
-A sweater and another option I can mess up if need be
-Black and white heart sunglasses
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