Beauty Prep for the Wedding

Thanks to Walmart and Shopstyle for sponsoring today’s post

As we inch closer and closer to the wedding, I wanted to share some ways I'm prepping for  the big day beforehand with Walmart and Shopstyle and a new exclusive beauty wellness line called EVOLUTION_18.

In terms of beauty routines for the big day and overall appearance, my skin is what I'm working on the most. I have a pretty serious routine currently to make sure I'm washing my face every day and night, using the proper items and steps for clear and youthful skin as well as getting monthly facials. But all of that is on the outside and topical and while it's important, we should never forget about working from the inside out!

Inside out confidence starts with what you put in your body and for me, I'm really focusing on eating healthy and using the proper supplements to help support that. The big thing for me is that I want to do all of this without really changing my routine or making it time consuming. And that's where the EVOLUTION_18 line comes in!

As part of this partnership, I was sent a few of their items to test out. I received the Collagen Peptide and Protein Powder, the Beauty Boosting Collagen Shot, the Beauty Glow capsules with collagen, and the Hair and Nail growth capsules a while back and have been rotating some of them into my routine to test out for you guys and give my honest feedback.

With anything new, you should always talk to your doctor and do your research before bringing it into your routine. And of course, don't overload with trying a hundred new things at once. So I started out with mixing the collagen powder into my daily smoothies and for days I don't have the smoothies, I grab a collagen shot for the road! (I used to LOVE collagen shots when I was working in an office -- it was perfect to throw into my bag when I was running out and just take it either at work or right before. I really like these ones but warning, they are sour!!)

For the wedding and overall prep, I'm really focusing on making sure I'm taking a daily intake of collagen because it's just good for all parts of your body -- especially your skin! If you've been around for a while then you know I've been a big supporter and believer in collagen peptides and how they have really helped keep my skin young and hair shiny! What I like about EVOLUTION_18 is the line offers simple formulas that are formulated with clean, high-quality ingredients and they have options for just about everyone's lifestyle. 

They have gummy options (that are on my list to try next!), collagen and hyaluronic tablets and a quick melt probiotic blend (that you take directly) as well as the others I've listed above. All of these are exclusive to Walmart and come at a really great price if you're looking at the market for something similar. 

I've only been testing them out officially for a few weeks but I do feel my skin has been more radiant as of late and I think the continual collagen intake is helping with that (but you tell me, what do you think??). I definitely need to keep up with it and report back in a month or two with some before and afters so we can see the difference! 

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