What I Wore (and Almost Wore) to my Bridal Shower

Bridal shower? CHECK! Now we are full speed ahead to the wedding. CHOO CHOO! Lolol. I wanted to share a quick post about my dress and the dresses that never were for our couples shower this past weekend. It was a blast and it honestly came out better than I planned. It was a dream! Enjoy!

To start, I was totally inspired by this one wedding I saw on Instagram where the bride wore this gorgeous nude and white colored dress. I thought it was perfect. So when I saw this dress at Bloomingdales, I snatched it right up! It was as close as I could get to the dress I had in mind, but also a lot less formal since we were having our party at a brewery.

But when I tried it on I just didn't love it like I hoped. I sent it to some friends for their thoughts and most said it was too formal for the shower. I kept it for a bit and really tried to make it work. I even thought about getting it hemmed, but it seemed silly to buy an expensive dress just to cut it in half. So it was returned. 

I had never heard of this designer before but I loved their lace applique and wanted to see what else they offered. In the states, they are available at BloomingdalesASOS and their own site. I was able to find my exact dress in a shorter version here but they didn't have my size. Then I found this dress which I LOVED but again, not in my size.

Then I took to Poshmark and eBay to find something from this brand in my size. Ebay had the motherlode and it was all heavily discounted, which was awesome. It led me to this dress (this link has a ton of styles and sizes if you want something similar). It was very beautiful but still not "the one." I loved the lace and liked that the sheer bottom made it less formal, but it was a tad too tight. I had to keep pulling the top, so I held on to it as a backup.

Then I finalllyyyy ordered from Jarlo directly and was between this dress, this one and this one below. I thought it was cute and I liked that it was on sale so I ordered a UK 10 (US 6) and wished for the best. When it arrived, I threw it on and really liked it. It wasn't perfect (yet) but then I tried on both options for Andrew and he liked this one more. Out of all the dresses this one made me feel my best. 

I sent photos again to my friends and got a positive response. I wasn't planning on it, but Ashby asked if I was going to hem it and decided I probably should (VERY glad I did!)

When I got the dress back from the tailor, I tried it on with my shoes and earrings and it was PERFECT. Seeing it all come together was a dream and it was exactly the dress I needed for the party. It fit me like a glove and I could seriously not love it more!!! My earrings were the perfect touch. We keep selling them out on Etsy but keep checking this page. They were super lightweight and didn't bother me all day.

To show off the earrings and the dress, I decided to pull my hair back into a low ponytail at the nape of my neck and dressed it up by wrapping some hair around the tie and pinning it with a bobby pin. It was super easy and let the outfit speak for itself!!

I'm so excited to share more from the shower soon. We got photos back today and they are to die for!!

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