Weekend Update: May 3

Happpyyyyyy May everyone!! It's crazy how fast this year has gone. How is it already May? I feel like the wedding will be here before you know it. 

What I bought:
- ^ I'm doing a partnership with Home Goods next week and I found these while shopping in store. Wow! Could anything spark more joy in me than these??? The are by Tommy Bahama and they were $40 each!
-This really pretty blue print midi dress with tie shoulders
-The perfect white maxi shirtdress (that I'm hoping to wear in Nantucket!)
-vvvvv expensive for what it is, but how gorgeous is this tank?
-New order of Revitalash and Revitabrow goodies!
-A smocked white dress
-Large leaf earrings for my shower

From the Sephora Sale:
-La Mer under eye cream -- It's never on sale so I gotta grab it while I can.
-New pan of my favorite face powder
-Lash primer that I hope is as good as the mascara!
-I caved and got this brush

NYC Life: Life was pretty slow outside of work, probably because work was so busy! Lots of exciting things ahead though. I feel like this week was all about capturing content and the next few weeks will be about sharing it. I did get a new phone which was v exciting. I also did a ton of errands that were on my to-do list. 

One fun thing I did -- well, two actually! Yesterday I bought Dippin' Dots for my shower and shopped for wedding bands with Andrew. Guys, I love Dippin' Dots. They are my absolute favorite dessert. At my friend's wedding last year I found out they deliver! I thought it was so much fun and ordered some for our shower. If nothing else, Allison (my SIL) and I will be happy haha.

And we shopped for bands! We were able to meet with our original designer, who now works at Anna Sheffield, to talk about bands. Andrew was easy (obvi) but I was truly worried about mine since we designed the engagement ring to stand on its own. Thankfully, he knew just what to do and we narrowed it down to two different band options!

Favorite Finds:
-I think I need this silk wrap bow top
-Annnnnd this stripe summer dress!
-Super cute PJ toile set
-Great white maxi

Weekend Plans: Eeek! Andrew surprised me last week with a trip to Nantucket for my birthday. We are off to the island today. The weather is looking to be pretty meh, but I'm always happy being there. I think it will be a great time. I'M SO EXCITED FOR JUICE BAR.

Most Popular Item this Week: My favorite cream blush! The Sephora sale is now open to all so make sure to snag this must-have while you can.

A Must Watch/Listen: I cannot stop listening to "The Bones" by Marren Morris. So much so that I've officially overplayed it and it's on constant loop in my head. 

Amazon Purchases of the Week: 
-More of these Olly bars! They are seriously good
-Paddle drink stirrers because why not
-Gold spoons for the Dippin' Dots!
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