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So excited for today's post because I'm partnering with Zola to talk about our registry!! Everything from why we picked Zola to what we're registering for and a little sneak peek at a few items that we've already purchased.

When I first got engaged a lovely reader (and now friend!) Hailey reached out to me to tell me all about Zola and how amazing it is. She really sold it to me because the next day I was like "hi, this is our registry" to everyone lol. There is a whole long list of things I love about Zola and why Andrew and I chose them over other registries -- which I want to go through below:

It's really easy to use -- the last thing I need is the worry of our registry. I want it to be easy to use, simple, and user friendly. Zola is all of these things! The search capabilities are perfect if you know exactly what you're looking for but they also have categories you can go through and shop to gather inspiration and add to your list.

They have everything and what they don't have you can add yourself -- Our wedding is complicated enough for guests between travel and booking I wanted our registry to be very straightforward and easy. I also wanted it all in one place so they didn't have to shop at 5 different stores looking for what to buy. I love that they have over 50,000 gifts and over 500 brands on their site so you'll have no issue keeping it all to one place. For those smaller or unique items that most registries don't traditionally carry, they have a "add to Zola button" that integrates into your bookmarks. So if you're shopping on a local store you just click the button, update the information and add to your registry-- it's that easy!

It has cash funds and experiences -- This was a big factor for Andrew and I. We really wanted to be able to add a honeymoon fund to our page where guests can help contribute to our trip by adding money to different funds. In addition to the regular honeymoon fund Zola lets you add different experiences -- like gym memberships, tasting/cooking classes and the like. It's a great way to add more experiential gifts to your rather traditional registry. Plus people can spend any amount since we set them as group gifts!

They offer delayed shipping and easy exchanges --This probably was the deciding factor for us choosing Zola. We of course wanted to register for gifts but we really don't have any room currently to hold them in our apartment. Sure we have Andrew's parents but I also didn't want to overwhelm them either with a tidal wave of gifts. So I love the fact that you can delay shipping on your gifts and ship them when when you’re ready!

To break down how it works, someone will buy you a gift and the gift giver can select whether to ship directly to us via Zola or a different address (like their own). If they chose the first option then they can let us know right away that they bought the gift or make it a surprise on a date of their choosing (say something like the wedding shower). On our side of things, we get a notification that a gift has been purchased and we can either choose to have it shipped right away or wait hold onto the notification until we’re ready to receive the gift. It's all really so brilliant. And say you changed your mind on a gift, you can convert those credits to your account and use them for something else!

There is free shipping, price matching and group gifting for people shopping our registry -- Again making it as easy as possible for our guests is a huge priority. I love that Zola will price match so they can get the best deal on our gifts. And I LOVE that there is free shipping. I'm always still in shock when people charge for shipping -- it should always be free! And, like mentioned above, group gifting is great for the more expensive items -- our friends can all go in together on something special for us.

In terms of what is on our registry, we're thankful to already own a lot of stuff we need for the apartment. So we're really focusing on what we'll need or want in the future when we have more space and eventually when we have a house. Big things like a KitchenAid Mixer, larger All-Cad pots and pans, as well as smaller (but higher quantity) things like our dish sets, Waterford glass collection and towels. 

We didn't put a ton on our registry because we really wanted to be mindful about it -- really think of what we want and need vs what might just be fun to have. What's nice is that you can edit, add or remove things on there so easily, I find that I'm constantly updating it or adding something (like a pizza stone) that we find we could really use. 

I already had some credits built up in my account to purchase some things from the registry and wanted to share with you guys a little peek! Like I just mentioned, we've been making a lot of pizza lately in the apartment and we don't even have a pizza slicer! We've been putting it on this really really old sheet pan and cutting it with a knife that just scrapes up the bottom of the pan lol. So I knew I wanted to get that stone and slicer in here sooner than later! It's SUPER heavy but I'm excited to cook on it. We went with All-Clad since that is what the rest of our pots and pans are. I love a good theme. 

We also picked up a new knife set which I'm really excited about. I've had the same knife block since college and thought it was time for a major upgrade. I've always had my eye on this W√úSTHOF set and w-o-w they are so so good. SO sharp! It's like we've been living in the past all these years with our old block. These are no joke and I'm so excited to have them in our kitchen.

And finally, what is a registry without some Waterford? Andrew mentioned he wanted some nice rocks glasses and when I saw this set on Zola I knew we had to get it. They are even more beautiful in person -- like truly stunning -- and I love that they're all a different cut and style. Just gives a really fun and old school feel. These we're going to store away until we have a proper place to use them in our next home. Right now we have a very full bar cart and cabinet where no more glasses can fit in them.

Let me know if you want a full dedicated post on specifics to everything we registered for!

Thanks to Zola for sponsoring today's post!

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