Tennis Bracelet Comparison & Pricing Guide

This is another post that no one asked for but something I wanted to share. I've been looking into differently priced tennis bracelets and thought this might be helpful for others as well. So we'll see how it goes lol!


(^top to bottom is Lafonn, Nordstrom, Lafonn, Diamond Nexus, Lafonn)
From left to right: Lafonn / Nordstrom / Lafonn / Diamond Nexus

Lafonn // $280

 Nordstrom // $99

Lafonn // $240

Diamond Nexus // $875 c/o

Lafonn // $370

 (right to left: Lafonn, Lafonn, Nordstrom, Diamond Nexus)

The story of my tennis bracelet goes back to last year. For some reason or another, I just became fixated on having one. I really wanted one but I didn't want to pay an arm and a leg for it (spoiler alert: they are SO expensive). I just loved the way it looked, how classic it was and once I get it in my head to want something, I gotta have it lol.

And as if it will my want into existence, I was invited to a Diamond Nexus event like two weeks later. Ashby and I went to their preview and tried on a bunch of really beautiful jewelry and then I saw it: the tennis bracelet of my dreams. It was beautiful and exactly what I wanted in terms of size and overall look. The price was steep but much cheaper than all the other options I was looking at. And it looked just like the ones going for $8k+!

They ended up gifting me the bracelet and to this day (maybe about a year later?) it's one of my favorite items of jewelry. I wear it everyday and I found it has paired so seamlessly with any new additions to my wrist, my ring ;) and any watch I want to wear that day (silver or gold!). Honestly, I love it so much I want to give it to my bridesmaids to wear on the big day -- and thats how this post has come to life. 

I totally get that shilling close to $900 is too much for a bridesmaid gift. I'm with you. But I really want to get the girls something that represents something that I love that I can share with them. I want it to be special and also something that they will hopefully wear again! Caitlin gave us a Tiffany pearl bracelet at her wedding that I wear daily and it's so much fun to look at it and think of her and our friendship. 

So I went on the hunt to see what my options were in terms of tennis bracelets and prices. I remember when I was shopping I couldn't find any helpful articles like this so hopefully this can be of some help to whomever is reading! I've been mentally putting a list together in my head of tennis bracelets that fit the bill and this is what I've landed on!

I didn't find it that helpful to go through individually and talk about each bracelet because honestly they all look about the same. There are obviously slight size variations and colors (my Diamond Nexus one needs to be cleaned lol) but here are my major takeaways:

-The $99 one from Nordstrom is CZ which, for the price and overall look, I think is pretty even. It doesn't look that real and it's almost a little cloudy in the stone but for the price that's what you get. It's still a great option that is the look for a more affordable price tag. A lot of you guess on stories that this one was the more expensive of the bunch!

-I had never known of Lafonn until this review (the blue and white one is also Lafonn -- had to test it out obviously) but they make beautiful bracelets for a reasonable price. I thought the smaller of the two Lafonn's most resembled my DN bracelet. They list their stones as simulated diamond which I think means it's like CZ but a step above due to the way it's created. It's a harder material that will last longer and hold up better over time. 

-I love my Diamond Nexus bracelet, but I am BIASED. I'll admit it! I think it's the absolute next best thing outside of a real diamond. I like that it looks just like diamonds but are ethically sourced and created. Out of all the bracelets I think it's the one that looks the closest to the real thing and while expensive, it's still more affordable than other tennis bracelets out there. It's been through a lot over the past year so I can speak to the fact that it has held up and only gotten better over time. The stones are still clear and it's just a great bracelet to own.


SO at the end of the day they all look like the same bracelet honestly. When Andrew was shooting them he was like, didn't we just shoot this? lol And it's why I put them all side by side in some photos on my wrist. They're all a tennis bracelet and no matter which one you go with, they are all beautiful and will look amazing on your wrist. It's just more about how much you're looking to spend and what you're looking to get out of the bracelet in the long run.

If you want the look for less and are ok with a bracelet that in a year or two will take some hits and cloud up, the Nordstrom option is best for you. If you're the goldilocks of the group and want something just right go for either of the Lafonn's. They will hold up well and are priced accordingly. If you're ok with spending more money for a higher quality item, then Diamond Nexus is your winner.

As for my pick for my bridesmaids? You'll have to wait and see!!


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