White Dress Shopping

This post is for the other girls out there that are having a hard time finding white dresses that aren't wedding dresses. Because that's me right now. Buh!

WHO KNEW finding white dresses would be so hard! I feel like I see them everywhere except for when I look for them lol. I've been looking high and low for white dresses to wear to my bachelorette, to my shower and to any other fun wedding festivities that may come up.

So to save you the hassle, I put together 14 of my favorite white dresses out there. Most are either under or around $150 with an exception of like 3 going over. If you're having trouble seeing the below, hop on a desktop and there shouldn't be any issue!

Can you guys also let me know below what other places I should be shopping? I have Nordstrom, Revolve, Lulus, Shopbop, Red Dress and BHLDN!

Shop dresses here:

Hover over the below to see prices:

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