Mixing High and Low for Spring

One of my favorite things about fashion and styling looks in general is mixing high and low pieces together. I feel like it creates this great balance and they usually always look really good together! 


I mean there are times to splurge vs times to save when it comes to clothes. Perfect example: a white t-shirt -- this is where you want to save. You'll wear it all the time but it can stain, stretch out, get dingy quickly and it's super easy to replace. Times to splurge (in my mind) is with bags and jackets -- like above.

This Burberry trench is a go to for my wardrobe in the spring. It really does go with everything -- dressed up or down and is a perfect light layer for those in between spring days. Last week it got up to 55 in New York! It was like summer was officially here lol. I'm just ready to be wearing lighter layers and for spring fashion to hit the stores so I can get some new goodies. 

There are a lot of great options for trench coats out there but I remember really wanting this one specifically and saving up for it. I've had it for years now and I swear it looks just as new and good as it did when I first put it on. I'm all about investing in good quality items that will stand the test of time!

As for my bag, I bought it on a whim and didn't really wear it for a couple years and then one day like last year I picked it up again and realized how it's kind of the best small bag ever. It holds SO MUCH STUFF and has become my go-to for when I'm working out. It holds my Swell, my vlogging camera, my grippy socks, a face towel, gum, my wallet and keys and chapstick.... with room to spare! 

Also just love anything that allows me to be hands free and something that I wont have to worry about getting dirty (from jeans or anything else). I have the mini style but there are larger sizes -- and more fun colors outside of black -- sold via Nordstrom if you are looking to splurge on a designer bag! Nordstrom is low key the best for shopping designer goods -- it's my go to! I swear they have everything you'd ever want or need.

For those who are more into saving money, especially when it comes to jeans, let's talk about Levis! I'm kind of an AG girl through and through but wanted to mix it up after hearing such amazing things about Levis. Both the jeans I tried out, the above pair (TTS 29) and a non-hole stretchy pair (size down 28), exceeded my expectations. They are really well made without breaking the bank and spending $250 on jeans.

They are both currently on sale too which helps bring them both around $50! The ones I'm wearing sell out every other day but they seem to keep restocking them just as quickly so if you find a pair in your size, snag it while you can. They're going to be amazing for spring!

Looking forward to some warmer weather and more chances to pack away the puffer coat for the year!

Thanks to Nordstrom for sponsoring todays post!


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