Monochromatic Blue

I love this look. I love this shade of blue. I just want to wear it every single day until the end of time but I wish it wasn't so dang cold out so I could shoot and wear this on the streets of New York City! But alas, it was like -10 when we shot this look so now you get to see it indoors and with some meh lighting. Enjoy!


Karl Lagerfeld: Blue Button Front Double Weave Topper Coat (also here on sale!) / Eliza J: Fit and Flare Sweater Dress / Stuart Weitzman: Eventually Heel (and shoe clip) / Chanel: Navy Double Flap Bag / Etsy: Blue Drop Earrings (similar)

When I first saw this coat I was like heck yes that needs to be mine. I have never really seen anything like it and I just fell in love with the color. Then like the next day I found this sweater dress, made by one of my favorite dress designers, in the same color and I thought it was fate (not really, but let me be dramatic for a second). So I scooped it up and found they match perfectly.

I am so here for a full monochromatic look. I added the shoes just to be extra but I probably would never wear them to an office. They're just too formal! But they are good looking, right? I think they are in contention to be some of my wedding shoes for our festivities in Nantucket!

Both the coat and the dress run TTS (6 and M, respectively) and the shoes run a half size small.

Also a quick job search update since I know a lot of you have been asking... I've applied to maybe 10 or so positions and only got a call back from one. It's a lot harder than I originally thought and it's taking a toll on my confidence if we're being honest. I don't really like talking about it for that reason.

For those keeping up with the vlogs, I keep you updated on most of the progress and let you know if anything comes out of it but I've found I don't show me actually applying to places or talking about it. Thats for a couple reasons -- first, I don't want to put any names out there for places I'm applying. Feel like that just crosses the line of privacy.

Second, I'm the time that was allotted to me through work to just take a breath. I've been working for 5 years straight with two jobs and little time to take care of myself. This may be the only chance I have for a while and I plan on taking advantage of that. I'm also not in a dire need to find a job since I'm not technically unemployed. Since getting laid off, I've been pouring everything into the blog and have had two of my best months yet (for Q1). Between that and my severance, I am afforded the ability to relax some.

And finally, it's really hard. I hate being so venerable and showcasing rejection. I mean, a girl can only take so much mental abuse. So I'm not trying to mention every single time I apply for a role (frankly, because it's no ones business) to just then share the rejection with the world. Not really my idea of a good time lol.

So I guess what I'm saying (and this is directed to those who speak ill of myself and my situation) is that you just have to trust that I know what I'm doing, that I'm taking care of myself first and foremost and that either way -- corporate job or no corporate job -- I'm going to be fine.

I'm waiting to hear back on a final round interview for a job that I really want and my stomach has been in knots for days. The fear of the unknowing and the possibility of rejection sucksssss -- especially when I know I'm perfect for this role and there wont be others like it to come along. So send all your good vibes!


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