Friday Five: January 11

A couple of years ago I used to do a Friday Five where I would round up the 5 things that inspired me that week. I stopped to give you guys more substance in a blog post -- now currently called Weekend Update -- but this week just more so felt like doing a quick Friday Five. Maybe I'll switch off between both formats? You guys can let me know what you like better in the comments below!

1. Outdoor Voices Sale -- This is not a drill, but Outdoor Voices has put some of their items on sale on their site. They don't usually have this and it's only until the 13th! I wear a size M in OV (tops and bottom) and cannot say enough good things about their items. Now is a good time to check it out for yourself!

2. Marie Kondo Netflix -- I think everyone and their mother has watched this show and cleaned their house except me! I read her book a year or two back and am so excited to watch the Netflix series. I really need some serious inspiration to clean out my apartment. I'm also thinking it would make for a pretty fun vlog series next week! We'll see what my schedule is like and how much I can get done without Andrew freaking out lol. 

3. The Secrets of Wealthy Women -- I just started this podcast (I listen to it on Spotify but you can also find it on the podcast app) and I'm only two episodes in but I am really loving it. There are a lot of really goos tips and I'm already just so inspired by these women. I feel like I end an episode just filled with excitement and girl power -- and some new knowledge! 

4. Bow Dupe Earrings -- Anyone else absolutely in love with these Oscar de le Renta Bow beaded earrings but DREAD the price?? Have some really great news to share -- because I found a pretty identical pair for just $38 (here and here) and they come in black, gold and white! So happy and they are currently in my cart ready to be bought!

5. Game of Thrones -- Hi, I'm Krista and I'm late to the party but I am currently binge watching GOT after so many years. I always knew I was going to like it, I just never wanted to take the plunge and knew it would be SUCH a commitment. But my sister got me started over break and Andrew has been helping (and enjoying) our continuation of the show. We're currently on the last episode of season 5 -- so to say we've been getting through this quick is an understatement. I feel like I want to slow it down so I don't have to wait for the new season but I just don't think I can!
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