5 Most Worn Items for Winter

When asking you guys what content you want to see this month, someone mentioned wanting to know my most 5-10 worn items in my closet for the year. I totally love this idea but as I was going to type it, I found it rather hard because as the seasons change I find myself wearing different things. 

I was thinking that maybe instead I could do a most worn items for each season? Would that even work? Thinking as I type now and trying to figure out timing for this. Would I post at the end of each season when they don't really make sense? Or in the middle of each season so you can still shop/buy? I feel like that would be the better option of the two. 

And it's so so easy to do 10+ items and a ton of different categories but I really wanted to hone in on what exactly are my most worn items. What do I always reach for? What do I always wear? What, if I was going away for this weekend to New York, would I pack with me?
So I really narrowed it down and only picked my top top top 5 items for winter:
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1. Canada Goose Jacket -- More of a controversial piece, this is easily my most worn item every winter -- and has been for the past three years. Definitely an investment but I cannot say enough good things about this jacket. I've just never been cold wearing it and has stood up so well over the past years. You can read my review and comparison guide here.

2. AG Jeans -- They will forever and always be my most worn for any season that requires pants. Are you guys tired of me talking about them?? Have you tried them for yourself? They are the best of the best, have had them for 3+ years and they're still just as good as the day I got them. Can read my full review on them here

(jacket / sweater / pants / shoes)

3. J. Crew Sweater -- a little hard to see in the picture but also styled here, here and here for you to see. It's just the very softest and most comfortable sweater out this season. I have it in 3 colors which may be accessible but I really do wear them that much. I cannot say enough good things about them. 

(jacket / top / pants / shoes / purse / luggage)
4. Steve Madden Wedges -- The most recent of the bunch, these shoes are just the best. I went a full size up (wearing a 9) but they are great. They're not the most warm shoes (compared to like a sorrel or ugg brand) but they have never made my feet feel cold. They are also the perfect mix of casual and stylish and thats probably why I love them the most. I originally ordered them in green but exchanged them for the black as I think I would get more wear out of them (which I do!)

5. Dudley Stephens Turtleneck -- This was on my Christmas list and they were so sweet enough to send me it! But wow, I totally get all the hype. This fleece is awesome and only gets more comfortable the more you wear it! It's warm but won't make you run hot which is nice. I'm wearing a size M and I would say it runs on the smaller end so if you're in between, definitely size up! They should be back in stock in February to order! I'm trying to decide what other color I should get... 

Honorable mentions: Vineyard Vines Fleece Sweater and Orvis mittens
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