My Most Popular Posts of 2018

This blog will forever and always be my #1 priority when it comes to blogging and I love love love to look back at the past year and see what made you pop over and read. So I took out all of the major sale posts since those always are the outlier and took a deep dive into what you guys loved in 2018. It's no surprise that our engagement in July came in with two spots in the top five with two reviews and a long form post taking the other three posts. Be sure to click on the links below if you missed them -- they are some of the best all year!

1. We're Engaged!

2. BBG Workout Week 12 Review + Progress Photos

3. RevitaBrow Review (Before and After)

4. Our Engagement Story (Written by Andrew)

5. Why I Keep My Relationship Private (for the most part)

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