Home For Christmas Update: December 21

This will be the last weekend update of the year so I thought I would change it up a bit and make it a "Home for Christmas" update. Enjoy!!

--I got this tweed jacket in and LOVE how it looks
--Loving this feather trimmed sweater (worn above)
--Obsessed with this mock neck workout top from Nike -- a great last minute gift for someone on your list!

Any last minute shoppers out there? Here are some great ideas for last minute gifts (all that will arrive by Christmas!)
--Slip sleep mask for any girl in your life
--My favorite Patagonia puffer for her
--Perfect stocking stuffer: gold under eye masks
--Evian face mists -- perfect for the traveler
--Ring doorbell perfect for the parents
--Splurge worthy item for your mom (I got one for her two years ago and she LOVES it)

Watching: There are SO many great shows on Netflix that you need to binge while you're home, but I'll leave you with the MOST important two that you absolutely must must must watch:

1. Money Heist/La Casa De Papel -- This is a spanish drama that you need to watch in subtitles BUT DON'T BE ALARMED because it's easy to do and the show is SO SO SO good. Like one of my favorite shows of all time on Netflix. It's about this group of people who rob the mint of Spain and it's very Inside Man-esque. I made my family watch it over Thanksgiving break and everyone got hooked (including the dads who don't really like watching TV). MUST WATCH. Two seasons, easy to do.

2. Bodyguard -- this is a really easy show to binge as there are only 6 episodes. You may also need to watch with some subtitles lol just because their english ancient is so thick. Sargent David Budd is now assigned to protecting the Home Secretary who's policies and personality he's at odd with. On top of dealing with PTSD from his time in the war, he needs to find the balance of his beliefs and his duty to protect. -- paraphrasing from the bio online because I don't want to give ANYTHING away but there are a lot of twists and turns with this one. It's VV good.

Reading: Looking back on all my Year in Review posts gearing up for this years posts! Those will be coming next week as we just kind of round up everything here on the blog. These are always my favorite posts because it's always so fun looking back and seeing what we did together each year. 

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