August Wedding Update

This photo has nothing to do with anything but here you go! It's a fun filler till we get to the good stuff below (items I'm wearing are also linked in this post!)

Photographer: We are booked! Just need to send in the first deposit but this is one thing Andrew and I can check off the to-do list. This will easily be the most expensive part of the wedding since it's destination, photography + cinematography and for two full days... but it's going to be awesome. I'm in love with our photographer and we are currently working on a fun Q&A/introduction for the blog in the coming weeks. I'll tell you more about him and his company then!!

Working Out: I know, I know it's crazy to start working out over a year out but I'm just starting to make it a lifestyle change vs a "getting ready for the wedding" diet. Does that make sense? I've started doing barre classes 2x a week, riding my bike all over the city and trying to walk around as much as I can. Ever since I stopped doing BBG my body has started to revert back and I'm really just trying to get toned and lean for the next year.

I wrote about it some in this post, but I'm absolutely loving ClassPass and cannot recommend it enough! If you want to try it out, feel free to use my code and get $40 off your first month (which if you go with the $45 pack, comes out to $5 for the first month!!)

The Dress(es): So I kind of sort of have an idea for a type of dress I would *like* to wear for the wedding but everyone has been telling me that I'll completely change my mind when I start to try things on. So we'll see.. I'll be in Atlanta with my family in late September and my mom sister and I decided we'd go dress shopping then! We have three different places lined up to check out so hopefully we will narrow down the style and look I want to wear on my big day!

I've kind of mentioned it before but this is not going to be your traditional wedding so I kind of sort of have to have a couple dresses :) hahaha. I'll need a reception dress (this is the current front runner -- if you remember I wore this in yellow to my sisters wedding!), a wedding dress for the big day, and then a reception dress for the weekend after. I got this one dress (the website isn't even in english!!) and it arrives tomorrow so we'll see how it all goes lol.  

Wedding Crest: I found an artist on Etsy called Prim + Pretty Prints and we are teaming up to make my wedding crest! To be totally honest trying to find someone that you love out of ALL the people out there (a lot doing the same thing) was no easy task. Andrew also has been pretty opinionated about the crest and is very much in for something simple and clean... while I'm over here trying to have it be crazy with all of the things. But we are in the middle of finding something that works for us with Anna (the designer) who has been great!

We currently have the outline and design of our crest now and are trying to find what monogram we like the best inside of it. Lots of little tweaks here and there but I think it's going to turn out great and we're all really excited to see what Anna has in store for us!

Save the Dates: I found another amazing artist on Etsy, Emily of Feathered Heart Prints, to draw a water color save the date for us. I really love the idea of doing a watercolor wedding map with all the amazing places on Nantucket that we love and that will be apart of our wedding week and Emily is going to make it come to life! I actually had the worst nightmare about how it turned out and now I'm all anxious but this girl is so on top of it and organized I know it's going to be amazing. 

We were deciding between doing a watercolor or a digital design and Andrew preferred digital but didn't care enough to stop me from doing a watercolor so it's all about compromise and I'm soooo excited for these I can't even tell you!!

And I think those are the major things currently. Have a LOT more stuff brewing but will tell you guys more about that at a later date! We are coming up on it being a year out !!!!!
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