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A little different of a post today but still a very important and informative one! Hope you guys enjoy...

 (I am currently a 34DD in Natori and Wacoal, all bras mentioned in this post run TTS) 

Natori Underneath Underwire Push Up Bra: For the past 7 or so years I've been very anti push up bras. They just don't seem to work for me and since I already have a larger chest it just never made sense. That and I've just always spilled over the top of them and it just was never very comfortable. But recently I've been finding myself in the need (or I guess want) for a push up bra with some tops and dresses. It just gives you a more flattering figure and I decided to just try it out.

I looked to my two favorite bra brands (and the only ones I will ever promote or swear by): Natori and Wacoal. I figured that over the past however many years, bras have evolved and gotten better and to my not so big surprise, they did! I picked up this Natori one really because I loved the outline of the bra itself. The deeper plunge and the thick bands on the sides really stood out to me. I got it in and have worn it about 5-6 times since and really have come to love it. It's very very comfortable and does the job well!

Wacoal Red Carpet Strapless Bra: After seeing so many people rave and review this bra, I decided to give it a go and see what all the hype was about. I currently have a strapless bra that I love but I find myself spilling over the top and after a longer day, getting very uncomfortable and begging to take it off. So I gave this one a go since it was a trusted brand that I very much love!

It first and foremost does an amazing job of keeping you in place throughout the day. I've never had a bra stay so well in one place and that is a must have for a strapless bra too! The underwire is very thick and because it stays up so well it can dig into your waist. And while it does fix my problem of spilling over, it almost comes up a little too high for the tops I'm wearing it with. I wish it had a little more of a plunge on the side or middle but I guess that defeats the purpose of having it stay so well. Overall I really do love the bra and am keeping it, as I've decided that the *perfect* bra is impossible lol. 

Fun fact: I almost bought this bra a year ago (blog post) and loved it just as much then!

Wacoal "Halo" Convertible Underwire Bra: This was sent to me a couple of weeks ago (please keep them coming Wacoal!) and it was right when I was looking for some new bras to add to the collection. I don't think it would have been anything I would have picked out on my own but I really am liking it so far! It has an underwire so it holds me in place but is lace around the cups and it makes for a VERY comfortable bra. Like so so comfortable! My only negative is that once again it's a little high for the tops I usually wear strapless bras with but has been a really great bra for my dresses randomly. So it's really about what you're looking for in a bra.

And this part is so off subject but I re-read the "bras I swear by" post just now and I completely forgot that I have a new update for you guys! I've all but stopped wearing my Natori bras because overtime they started to really wear and become less supportive. It wasn't until about an hour ago I even knew what the bra I do wear everyday is called but I JUST found it while linking up this post. And I actually found it on a pretty good sale from Amazon (here). I'll have to do another post about it if you guys are interested but trust me when I say it's really good. 

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