Natural + Dewy Makeup Routine + Products I'm Loving

It may not seem like it, but ya girl loves her some makeup. My go-to look (always and forever) will be a natural medium-to-full face that is super dewy, bright and highlighted. I swear, I can apply so much makeup and take a full hour and it still won't look like I have anything on. And that's really the way I like it. Although I wish it didn't take so long lol. 


Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter (#2): As you'll see, I love CT makeup and this is a new favorite in the family! It's not a foundation as much as it is a dewy filter for your face. That's important to note because I bought it thinking it was a foundation! It's super lightweight but gives your face a nice and healthy glow. I'll use it on its own when I'm doing a light face or under my foundation when I'm doing full face.

Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate Duo (Intensity 1): After hearing ALL the hype about it, I decided to test it out, and now I get it. I'm obsessed. It's admittedly so expensive for a bronzer/highlight duo but after using it for a little over a month, I think it's worth it. I've been trying to switch to most (if not all) cream or liquid makeup products since I want more of a healthy/natural/younger look. I feel like too much powder can weigh you down. The hardest thing is I don't know what I love more: the bronzer or the highlight. They are both so good!

Charlotte Tilbury Beach Stick (Moon Beach): Similar to the above, I was on the hunt for a cream blush. This might be my new holy grail product. It's the perfect color blush but it also is a mini highlight in one. It gives the most amazing glow and color to my face. I've been using it a lot on its own for work to give an extra pop to my complexion!

Lancome Absolue Powder (Pearl): I only really use this for when I'm doing a full, full face of makeup (the second photo of me is full, full face) and its my secret weapon for that glow. People will say it's highlighter, but it's really a powder! So I don't get too cakey, I dip a damp beauty blender in the powder and then onto the back of my hand to spread it out and THEN onto my face. I apply it all over to help lock everything in and to give me that healthy, radiant glow.

Charlotte Tilbury Complextion Brush: This is the brush I use to apply my foundation (and the filter) and my under-eye makeup. It's the bomb!

Tarte Shape Tape: The hype is real, but not if you have dry under-eyes! In the winter when I get dry patches around my eyes, I cannot use this at all. It is very heavy and full coverage but I use a light amount in the most important places and it really does make a huge difference!

Charlotte Tilbury Eye Wand Duo (#2): For that extra, extra bright under-eye, I pop this on after my powder. I know, it's crazy but it's what CT does!! It's really great at being a reflecting under-eye makeup and is also great when you don't wear any makeup but want to brighten the eye area. The only negative is that it can have some flashback.

Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder: This has been my longtime secret weapon for a bright under-eye. I've used it for years and will probably never use another under-eye powder again. It's the best, it's the brightest and there is zero flash back so it looks super natural!

Charlotte Tilbury Eyes To Mesmerize (Jean): My main girl, Jean. She gives my eyelids LIFE even though they crease like hell lol. It's just the most beautiful eyeshadow color and needs its own shoutout.


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