My Favorite Winter Items

I know we all like to complain about the weather (it's our thing) but man has it really been cold this past week. Thankfully, we're looking at a high of 40 degrees today and man is that a HEAT WAVE.


Bernardo: Down & PrimaLoft Coat / J. Crew Factory: Studio T-Shirt / Patagonia: Snap T Puffer Pullover / Spanx: Faux Leather Leggings / Nike: Juvenate Sneakers / J. Crew: Knit Beanie David Yurman: Pearl Earrings BaubleBar: Mini Monogam Necklace Apple: Apple Watch(review) / Sarah Chloe: Monogram Pinky Signet Ring

Today I wanted to show an outfit that doesn't feature a $900 coat (although it really is worth the money and has 1000% kept me warm), that keeps you warm AND that is cute. Why is it so hard to look cute in the winter?

First up is this jacket. It may look thin but it does a really great job at keeping you warm. Whatever it's lined with is heavy duty stuff because we were taking photos in like 10 degree weather/snow storm here and my only salvation was the inside of this jacket.

Like most jackets, I try and stay away from the traditional black (mainly because everyone else has black) and so I opted for this deep blue color and REALLY love it. I love the way its quilted, the length of it and especially how it keeps your share underneath and doesn't look like a bulky puffer jacket. 

Next thing I want to talk about is my new patagonia pullover. I actually owned this jacket in a red/pink color but only wore it like twice and sold it about 6 months later so I was pretty weary about buying it again in black. But I bit the bullet and I'm so happy I did! I've been wearing this jacket every chance I get (on the weekends, after workouts, to work) and I just love the fit and the shape of it. I especially love that it keeps you warm outside but won't make you hot indoors. 

Finally I got these leggings! I've been hearing everyone and their mother rave about them so decided to test them out for myself. They are 100% worth the hype but not very warm  hahah -- but then again what leggings are? My legs were very cold during this shoot and again when I wore them to work last week. 

Would you guys want to see a full review on the leggings? Or have you heard enough from others? Let me know down below!


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