Apartment Updates & Life With a Roommate (+Giveaway!)

Wanted to share some overall apartment updates with the new roomie, things pertaining to the kitty (and a giveaway!) and some new items in the place!

1. Life with the Roommate: It's been a little over a month and things are going well! To be honest I was a little nervous but I actually think it's been really fun. It's nice to have someone to come home to everyday and it's been fun having Andrew around. Sure there are times where he gets on my nerves and there have been a few occasions where I forgot I had to consult a roommate (aka the rug debacle of 2017) but other than that, I'm really loving it!

I'm really lucky because Andrew is so clean. I don't know that he loves to clean but he's always doing it and is so good about chores around the apartment (taking out the trash, cleaning the kitty litter, doing the dishes...) It's more than a girl could ever ask for!

And of course space is tighter than before but nothing that's not manageable. That part hasn't been as bad as I thought. Although I dooooo need to unpack from Italy. That would help

2. New Additions to the Apartment: A couple of new things! First: this ginger jar runner. I originally bought it for the kitchen (it was perfect I tell you!) but Andrew didn't want a rug in our galley kitchen (#annoying) so I tried for hours looking for a new place. I thought it worked pretty well under the table (it fits perfectly) and I'm 99% sure I like it there. The other 1% of me knows it's still better in the kitchen.

We also got new nightstands! I had an old pair that were really meant to be side tables and we found ourselves yearning for stands with drawers! So I got this nightstand (built it myself) and just changed out the knob with something cuter and voi-la! New and improved nightstand. I think it makes a world of difference in the bedroom and I couldn't be happier with our choice!

See our dining room (pre rug) HERE and our bedroom before HERE

3. New Litter + a MAJOR giveaway: One of the new things for Andrew is having a cat around (and her litter). While he loves Dixie he absolutely hates the litter box. As part of my year long partnership with Tidy Cats, they had us try their new Ammonia Blocker Odor Control Cat Litter and it's been a big game changer. While we've always trusted Tidy Cats to keep the smell contained and only inside the box, this has been a step beyond. We love it because Dixie can do her business without stinking up the place! Even when we were away on vacation and came home to a full box, there was NO smell. It was awesome. When used as directed, Ammonia Blocker Odor Control Cat Litter can block odor for up to two weeks!

And as part of my newfound excitement I wanted to share a fun giveaway! We'll be teaming up to send out FIVE coupons for new litter AND $1,000 Gift Card to the Container Store!! To enter all you have to do is comment below of why you think the Ammonia Blocker product would be a fit for your lifestyle and your cat! Please also leave an email below so I'm able to contact you!

I'll close the entry period on Friday so be sure to tell me your story before then! Happy Wednesday!

Thanks to Tidy Cats for sponsoring today's post!
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