Our Holiday Home Decor

Our Holiday Home Decor

Things truly fell into place yesterday when decorating the house, just as I was cursing the holiday gods the day before lol. I could not be happier. I couldn't wait a moment more to show you guys!

Our Holiday Home Decor

Our Holiday Home Decor
Our Holiday Home Decor
Our Holiday Home Decor
Our Holiday Home Decor

One of the big things I've always wanted to do was decorate a house for the holidays. I've been dreaming of being "that family" who hosts either a Christmas Eve or Christmas Day party -- wearing lots of plaid, creating fun cocktails, all sitting around the dinner table, and then playing games. It's just a goal/dream of mine. So when I knew we'd be in the house for Christmas, I started thinking of all the ways I wanted to decorate.

But it's been hard, we got a late start and usually, we are gone for a week or so anyway visiting my family. My dreams were looking pretty bleak this year. It's been a weird year and it's obviously been a really crazy time seeing as we're just two weeks into the new place. I negotiated some with Andrew and found a happy medium. We skipped the real (second) tree this year and any lights outside. I was able to get garland on the front and two small trees on the porch (which didn't end up happening because I need planters) and garland inside. 

Before we even officially moved in, I put up our Christmas tree, but it wasn't until last week that we decorated it. Coming from the city, I've only ever needed to decorate one side of the tree since it was always in a corner. But we came up with a pretty great plan since we were working with just one tree: make it double-sided. 

It seemed crazy at first but it actually turned out great. 

On one side we had the "decorated" fancy tree and on the other, we had all of our ornaments from our years together as well as some older family ornaments that are special to us. Eventually, each side will become its own separate tree but this year it worked out perfectly.

Then last weekend we went shopping for his family's Christmas tree and I thought I'd be able to also get my garland. Turns out they were sold out (I was still able to pick up some poinsettias!) and so were the next TEN places I looked. Worried I wasn't going to find anything real, I decided to just pick out some faux options from Balsam Hill (they were on sale!) and try and just find one or two garlands for the outside. 

You guys actually told me to check Costco, so Monday night we ran there (during prime time, not ideal) and found the perfect sets for our porch. When I put them up yesterday, I also got in my Balsam Hill order and it was truly like Christmas. I was in a sad mood all day because my mom and I finally decided it was best we didn't go out for Christmas. So I was able to FaceTime with her while putting everything up and it turned out to be pretty great.

Now the home is officially decorated for the holidays and I'm really starting to feel the Christmas spirit

I loved how everything turned out (even if it was all so last minute) and I just couldn't wait to share with you guys. There isn't much to link (so sorry!) but here are some tips: Balsam Hill is as good as everyone says. Try to buy only during a sale though. Costco has great (and affordable) wreaths and garlands -- that kind of look like the grinches fingers when put around columns lol. Command hooks are your friends for INSIDE the home. Invest in hooks for outside (this is a note really just for me). And follow your gut/do what makes YOU happy when it comes to decor and decorating because if you do, you'll always be in love with the outcome.

We are bracing for a pretty crazy snow storm today so I'm really excited to see what everything looks like in the morning but wishing we don't lose power! Wishing you a wonderful Thursday!

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  1. Oh it looks so great!! I love how your tree turned out this year, and that beautiful garland on the stairs. So happy you are home for Christmas!

    xoxo A


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