Nordstrom Anniversary Public Access Sale 2017

Happy sale day! The Nordstrom Anniversary sale is finally open to the general public and almost everything has been restocked!! Sharing a full review of my hits and misses, what you need from the sale and a fun try on video for you guys below!


My Favorite Items:
Eliza J: Fit and Flare Dress (also comes in long sleeve) Sam Edelman: Camilla Tall Boot Tory Burch: Quilted Bag

Eliza J Dress: Can read more about it HERE but this dress might low key be one of my favorite buys from the sale. I've already worn it to work this week and it is just the most beautiful dress. It fits like a GLOVE and hugs in all the right places :)

Ralph Lauren Coat: You know I've been talking about this all week but I'm just over the moon excited this jacket is back in stock. I just got in the black in the same style and I'm just as obsessed as I was when I got the beige in. It's not a jacket you want to pass up!

Waocal: Sports Bra Zella: High Waisted leggings Adidas: Pink Sneakers

Wacoal Sports Bra: You guys seriously do not care about this bra but it's my favorite thing I got. Who knew you could fall in love with a sports bra? I just like didn't know I needed it in my life until I had it and now I wonder how I even survived all those years without it. 

Olivia Moon: Tie Knit Blazer Halogen: Peplum Top Milly: Tweed Mini Skirt BP: Grey Slide Booties

Grey Tie Blazer: I knew I was excited about this blazer when I ordered it but man oh man do I really love this! It's just so unlike anything else in my closet and it's so simple yet sophisticated. I can't help but smile when I wear it. I'm thinking about getting it in black too?

(should have made the list but I didn't have photos of: my favorite bras -- t-shirt style and contour style!)

Not Pictured That I Kept:
1. Lush White Tunic Top: It's in THIS video but I finally pulled the trigger on the basic top everyone has been talking about and I get all the hype. It's a great basic top and I can't wait to start wearing it.

2. Ralph Lauren Wool Black Coat: Yes it's the same coat as above but just in black this time! I didn't picture it yet but it is still something I totally swoon over!

3. Theory Cashmere Sweater: I technically did post a picture HERE but wanted to mention it again because I really love this sweater! Cashmere doesn't go on sale often so when it does, I need to take advantage of it. The sweater is also so unique I love it!

4. Nike Sneakers: They are also in the video but these will be my new work out sneakers! My (super) old black and white Nikes have seen better days so it was time for an upgrade. Really excited about them!!

Things I Liked But Didn't Love:
1. This Long Cardigan: I know everyone has been *raving* about this cardigan but I just didn't fall in love with it like everyone else. It's cute but the drop sleeve shoulder I think was my breaking point. Just not worth the hype!

2. This Tory Burch Bag: I wanted it to be brown and I loved the size of it (good for a work purse) but I didn't love love love it or need it so for that price I didn't keep it. 

3. These Nike Sneakers: I have and wear my Thea's a lot because they are great shoes but they do need some softening/breaking in before really wearing them around. I'll keep them because they are still really cute but I was hoping for a little something more. Idk

4. These Slide Heels: You know I love my nude slides more than anything but these just weren't as cute as the ones I currently own! I did like them but I just didn't *love* them. 

Things I Hated:
1. This T-Shirt Dress: You can see it featured in THIS video but it really just was not cute. There wasn't anything fun about it -- really it just kind of looked like a bag on me. So it was returned ASAP.

2. This Gingham Scarf: Saying no to gingham is not something I say often but this scarf just wasn't cute or worth the price. I love scarfs too but I wouldn't waste your money on this one!

3. These Joggers: Was SO excited for these but they were more PJ pants than joggers and they just didn't fall well on the legs. They were like tight but baggy and they had the most unfortunate crotch situation going on. Hard pass.


More blog posts and reviews!!

And without further adieu... my try on haul!

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