My Favorite Athletic Wear from the Nordstrom Sale

Is it just me or have work out items become more expensive? I was (thankfully) waiting for this sale so I could stock up on some new items and boy did I hit the jackpot!!


I've been getting more into fitness lately and I realized I'm going to the gym in my college attire: an oversized t-shirt and nike shorts (which are on sale BTW!). But I guess things have changed -- everyone looks SO cute in my classes and I'm over here looking like a bum (a cute bum but still a bum). So I told myself to just hold out a little longer for the sale and then I could stock up on some cute items!

First and foremost the thing I am OBSESSED with is this white sports bra. It's like heavy duty stuff here people! It will keep you in place ALL over and I've actually never had a sports bra be so supportive. I've been doing BBG and there is a lot of moving and jumping in there and I was kind of all over the place with my last bras. But with this one, I really feel like I'm going to crush it (but also I have no excuse to stop jumping now hahah).

Next I snagged some new Zella leggings (which are torture to wear right now if I step outside) -- I already have a few pairs that I absolutely adore. They are high waisted and really suck you in, are so long so they can be great for a ton of different girls and they ARE NOT see through! I've done the test and I've had others watch me do the test to make sure. Finding non see through black leggings for work out or yoga is a MUST.

Zella, aside from having nicely made items, has the CUTEST stuff! They are like so hip and trendy it's exactly what my closet needs. I think the cuter I feel working out, the better I will be at working out. I know it's just a mind game but still, it really works!!

As for sneakers, playing softball in Central Park has absolutely killed my nice new sneakers (all the dirt and dust from the field). So I was in need of a cute new casual and workout pair and there was no better time to wait to buy than the Nordstrom sale! I got THESE black Nike Thea's (above) which I love but aren't going to be for working out. They'll be for traveling or for casual days when I want to wear sneakers. 

What I did just get in yesterday are THESE black and white Nike's that will be perfect for the gym and working out. They are so comfortable and really easy to wear. They are not so structured like the others above so my feet will really gel with these and feel comfortable. I almost picked up THIS pair of running sneakers but I have a pair of running shoes that I just don't wear so I skipped out.

And while a lot of items are selling out quickly, Nike still has a TON of sneakers left in stock that are totally worth grabbing before they are gone!


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