His and Hers Barbour Jacket

His & Hers Barbour Beadnell Jacket

If there are things we know I love, it's Barbour and clay shooting. And today I'm sharing a story about both. Check it out below!


Dubarry Galway Boots
Dubarry Galway Boots
His & Her Barbour Jacket
cashmere sweaters, whites for winter
Orvis Cashmere Sweater
Orvis Cashmere Sweater
On Krista: Orvis: Cashmere Sweater c/o (similar) / Barbour: Beadnell Jacket / AG: White Skinny Jeans / Dubarry: Galway Boots / Ray-Ban: Round Clubmaster Sunglasses / Barbour: Plaid Scarf

On Andrew: Barbour: Ashby Jacket c/o / Barbour: Mast Shirt c/o / Hudson: Blake Skinny Jeans / Ray-Ban: Wayfar Sunglasses / LL Bean: Bean Boots 

Andrew and I had so much fun at our shooting school in Vermont with Orivs that we were just itching to go back. Thankfully there is an Orivs school much closer to home at Sandanona in New York (about  a 2 hour drive from the city) and it was just as fun.

Orvis reached out seeing if we wanted to do another shooting school and of course we said yes. We really did learn so much from the first one and Andrew and I are always up for an adventure. One of the things I truly love about the shooting schools is that you learn something completely new from each instructor. Everyone has amazing advice, tips and knowledge to share and make you a better shooter. 

The biggest tip I got (that really did help) is to not think. That sounds weird since we're shooting moving targets and there is so much that goes into it, but it really was the best advice! Once I stopped thinking and just started doing, I was crushing clays. In my last round I hit every clay and I was shooting doubles! It was a great way to finish the day. 

Obviously the cutest part of the day was the fact that Andrew and I had our navy Barbour jackets on. This is actually Andrew's first waxed Barbour! He has a quilted jacket but I've been begging him to try out the waxed looks (I knew he would never go back). 

For all the slim fit guys (or girlfriends of slim fit guys) there is a jacket that you need to know about! I thought all Barbour jackets were made the same (boy was I wrong) and we ordered Andrew a large (which was size 40) Bedale jacket and he was swimming in it. We went to exchange it in store and he tried on the correct size jacket but it was still just so large around the chest and waist.

Our salesperson then suggested to try out the Ashby style (which is the slim fit style of the Bedale). I had no ideaaaa they made slim fit Barbours! And of course it fit Andrew like a glove. He just looked so good in it! And it doesn't hurt that our good friend is named Ashby. She of course approved.  

So if you have a boyfriend/husband/dad that you're shopping for this year that is a slim fit guy, be sure to get him the Ashby jacket! It's seriously the best!


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