Topshop Tulip Print Top

Hi all, happy Friday! I'm offcially in Seattle for the weekend. The time change is ROUGH on me. It's only 11 pm here as I write this and I feel like I'm slowly dying. This will be quite an adjustment. Either way, I'm not going to spend a lot of time explaining my outfit because I want to get to bed pronto!

I wore this top last weekend hanging around the city and it's the perfect spring tank that is just the right material. It also has two huge deep pockets that cover the whole front of the shirt which I thought was really fun. I even almost lost my credit card in it! Whoops!

I paired the top with my new favorite white jeans and a nude heel. Pretty fun, pretty basic. Easy to dress up or down!

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Show Me Your Mumu Off the Shoulder Top

Does anyone love off the shoulder tops as much as I do?! This shirt has yet to (thankfully) sell out. I'm telling you this brand, Show Me Your Mumu, sells likes hot cakes. I can't tell you how many times I've ordered something and by the time I get it in, it's gone. Ugh. But thankfully this shirt is still for sale and still amazing. It's sheer so it's pretty perfect for the spring and summer. 

I will have you know that the shirt is classified as a tunic because it really is one! I tucked it in because the length wasn't the look I was going for. BUT one of the cool things about this shirt is it can also be worn on your shoulders. When it's worn like that the shirt is the perfect length! 

Also pretty pumped to break out these heels again (last seen here). I mean they're just such a great statement piece! And you know how I love blue ;) With the white jeans, they just really pop!



CeCe by Cynthia Steffe Eyelet Shirtdress + Joe's Riana Sandals

On a scale of we just met to L - O - V - E, how much do you like this dress?! I'm seriously obsessed with it let me tell you. The color, the shape, the length, the bow(!!), the eyelet... I mean the list could go on. I just love everything about it and it makes me feel like $100.

I was also pretty pumped when I realized I had the perfect new accessories for it: these new stitch shoes and these purple mirror sunglasses. Holllllaaaaa.

This outfit is officially spring-approved and thankfully when we shot this look over the weekend, the weather was cooperating! It was so so gorgeous this weekend I couldn't get over it. I now want to do everything and anything outside. Ride bikes, go to the golf range, take a helicopter ride, eat dinner, walk ;) haha... everything!



Cynthia Steffe Zahara Mesh Colorblock Dress

Is there anyone who loves navy and white more than me?! I saw this dress and I immediately fell in love with it. It’s perfect for a “work-to-play” outfit and is just so classy! I love the little added mesh inserts on the arm because it makes it a little more hip (do people still say hip?). I’m really just happy I can wear this dress without being so. freaking. cold. It feels like spring is here so let’s hope it stays!



Trend: Jelly Sandals

Has anyone else picked up on the trend of the jelly sandals?! I feel like I'm seeing them everywhere and the 90's child in me is begging for a pair. Who else rocked the jelly sandals when they were in elementary school? Those were my glory days...

Anyways, I rounded up my favorite paris of jelly sandals out right now. Happy Sunday!


Weekend Reading 4/12

Been a hot minute since I did a weekend reading! 

Looks of the week:
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

1. I love connecting with all of you via snapchat! For those who aren't already following, today will be an exciting day so make sure to tune in! Username: kristalinn14

2. Hung out at Cynthia Rowley on Thursday (picked up a pretty dress for the derby!) and fell in love with some other items.... This scallop skirt, this crop sweater and this pink dress!

3. Pineapple pom pom shorts. Under $20. You're welcome. 

4. I shouldn't have (whoops) but I just snagged these (amaaaazzzinnnnggg) heels on sale the other day. 

5. Shooting this dress today for next week and I'M PUMPED. 

6. Henri Bendel is stepping up their game with their spring bags. Brb drooling over this fringe one and this red one #getinmycloset

7. Finally (I know) downloaded Spotify! If you wanted to listen to my "April Jams" playlist, here it is for you!

8. I'm off to visit the Barbour on Madison today and I already have my eyes on the prize. The prize of course being this new jacket

9. I've been really getting into the Masters this year. If you haven't already, check out this Nike commercial--- the hype (and the tears) are real people!

10. What do we think about these jelly sandals


Topshop Cutout Rose Print Dress

HAPPY FRIDAY PEOPLE! It's going to be SO nice out this weekend I'm p-u-m-p-e-d. Also pretty excited to share this look with you all today. I recently got this dress and I just love it. I was a little nervous about the cutout but I found that it wasn't anywhere near revealing. I've also figured out this fit and flare work for me so that's cool. You want to know what else is cool? The material of this dress. I don't know what it is, but it's awesome!

And I mean since we're on the topic, CAN YOU GUESS MY FAVORITE COLOR?! Hehehe ;)



Leith Printed Mini Dress and Tory Burch Pineapple Sandals

Can you guess my favorite color?! Sometimes you just need a flowy summer dress that you want to throw on and head out the door. This is that dress! Its so freaking comfortable and I can literally eat a cow and still feel good hahah. The colors and the print are amazing. I mean this just screams summer! The best part about it is the price. I'm all for a $50 dress. Holla at cha girl.

Of course I had to pair this dress with my mirrored sunglasses! The newest additions are these pineapple sandals. HOW CUTE ARE THEY!? Ugh I l-o-v-e them, but they're selling out everywhere! Thankfully I found one store that has all sizes left :) Get them while you can!