Mixing High and Low for Spring

One of my favorite things about fashion and styling looks in general is mixing high and low pieces together. I feel like it creates this great balance and they usually always look really good together! 



How I Organize My Earrings

Up until last week my earrings were stored in a box just packed and stacked on top of each other (see the picture below) and it was kind of driving me crazy. I needed something to help organize them and I finally found the perfect thing!


Weekend Update: February 15 + No Shop Week 2

Happy Friday! Hope everyone had a fun weekend ahead of them with the holiday break and a nice day off! Here's what I got into this week...


My Favorite Red Nail Polish (essie + OPI)

Happy Valentines Day! Thought I would be a little on theme and share my top 5 Essie and OPI red nail polishes with you guys with a little side by side comparison.


Wedding Decor Inspiration

It may be a surprise to no one but my inspiration for the wedding decor will be a lot of blue and white. Lots of ginger jars and chinoiserie and a lot of white, blue or pink flowers (tbd). Here is what I'm thinking:

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