Wedding Flower Trial

It's like a cake trial but for flowers haha! Really excited for today's post. It might be one of my favorites EVER. It's so pretty!


Day 3 & 4 of My Bachelorette to Mexico

We're back with the second part of my bachelorette party in Mexico! With this final post I feel like it's really over :( I still hope you enjoy the recap as much as I did!


Chanel Medium Double Flap Review + Tips for Buying Second Hand

My first bag review is here! So excited to share my very favorite bag and how you can get one for a fraction of the price. Showing off the bag and answering all your questions below!



Day 1 & 2 of My Bachelorette to Mexico

Today's a long one so get ready! I'm breaking down everything we did in Mexico on my bachelorette!! It was the most fun trip, and I'm sad it's over. But I get to relive some of it with these posts, so enjoy!


What I Gave in My Bachelorette Gift Bags

The week of bachelorette recaps continue! Today I'm really excited to share what I gave the girls as gifts. I wanted to give them something they would truly love and I think I did a pretty good job!! Check out all the details below... 

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