His and Hers Bean Boot Style

Welcome to another edition of His and Hers (see our last one here). Today is all about our Bean Boots. While I know they're backordered until April (I told you to buy them early!) I thought it would be fun to show how we each style the boots. I'm pretty happy to say I turned Andrew on to these shoes after how much I raved about them. I l-o-v-e my bean boots and wear them every chance I get. I also think people are crazy who don't own a pair and I urge others to snag some when they become available! 

I always like to style my boots with layers and in this case, a fisherman sweater (my favorite one) and a turtleneck. The layers are perfect for cold weather, just like the boots. I also love to pair the boots with camp socks, but for this look I decided to skip. The sweater up top is bulky enough I didn't need more added layers on the bottom as well. 

The boots are indeed a great purchase (h/t Krista). I'm also glad I took her advice and bought them early. I couldn't believe the back order numbers when I saw them. Still, it might be worth reserving yours. Handmade in Maine, they are of the highest quality and come with a lifetime guarantee.

I went full lumberjack with this look, pairing my flannel with a puffer vest. Also, it took me a few years, but I finally found a pair of dark wash jeans I like. These are from J. Crew, whose denim is wonderful.

Now if you'll excuse me, these trees aren't going to chop themselves.



Neutral Layers for Winter

Who says you can't be warm and look cool? Layering chunky clothes can be a hard thing to master, but from time to time I find a way. This time around, I just paired my chunky sweater with a mini skirt and some fun tights. I surprisingly got a lot of compliments on them over the weekend. I had these tights for a couple of years and never had the courage to wear them. Thankfully, I did. These will be on a heavy rotation for the holidays!

Happy Friday! I'm off to Chicago tomorrow morning for Christmas. Excited to see the fan bam.



11 Perfect Navy Booties

Row 1: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
Row 2: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
Row 3: 1 | 2 | 3 

I find myself on the hunt for one specific thing every year and this year it's navy booties. I basically live in booties in the winter and I have black, brown, light brown and grey but no navy. If you saw yesterday's post, you'll notice why I need a pair.

To my surprise they are very difficult to find. So I rounded up my 11 favorites for us to consider. I think these are the winners. They're basic and not too showy. They also have a little bit of black which I weirdly like. My second choice would probably be these and I'm really digging these but they're out of my size :(

What do you think? Can you help me find any more booties?!


What to Wear for New Years Eve in New York

Dress (similar here and here -- gold option here) | Tights | Wedges (similar) | Lipstick | Earrings | Watch

When it comes to New Year's Eve in New York there are two sides: the "omg I lovvvveeee NYE in NYC" and "get me the f out of here." When I first moved here, I was all about number one. I was so excited to see what the city had to offer and really experience the official new year. After that night, I've moved to number two. Although, don't get me wrong, everyone should experience New Year's Eve in the city. It's a very cool experience and it's something that you'll remember forever. This year however, I'll be out of the country! Did I get far enough away?

A few things I learned from last year: dress warmer and wear comfortable shoes. Of course everyone is trying to be all sexy, but you can be sexy with sleeves! Take for example, this dress. It's classy and stylish while also fitting the theme with the (really soft) sequins. You also gotta break out the tights! Tis the season for tights (never thought I'd be saying that). New York has really changed me, man. I used to loathe tights but now I see the need and they're growing on me.

Once you have that covered, it's time for comfortable shoes. My go-tos are always wedges and in the winter it's wedge booties. They are a LOT more comfortable and you're able to wear socks to keep your toes warm. Although if this outfit told me anything, it's that I need to invest in navy booties. Maybe we'll discuss that tomorrow?

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H&M Valley Stream

Remember back in August I hosted a H&M store opening in White Plains, NY? Well I'm back again for the grand re-opening of H&M in Valley Stream, NY. If you're in the area and free Thursday the 18th, I'd love for you to stop by the store and hang out!

The first five people in line who tweet at me (@kristarobertso) and use the hashtag #HMLovesValleyStream will gain early access to the store at 9:30am and win a $100 gift card so we can shop! 

Hope to see you there! 


Travel Tuesday: Easy Travel Wear

*the leggings and mini monogram are both 20% off today only with the code: MERRYMERRY*

I know it's technically not Tuesday, but this outfit showed off some great sales that will be gone by tomorrow so I had to post it today! Anyway, this is a go-to travel look for me. Simple shoes, comfortable leggings, a large top and convertible jacket (you can unzip the inside lining to make it more lightweight). Traveling is all about being comfortable yet stylish (unless you're flying at 6 am -- ain't no body got time for that). 

These mixed media moto leggings are seriously my new best friend. They come in grey and black and are SO comfortable as well as warm! I love the detailing around the knee (hard to see in my pictures but you can check it out here) and the little touch of leather around the shins. It's the perfect go-to legging for any occasion, not just traveling. 



Weekend Reading 12/13

 (Above post coming next week)

1. Tuckernuck is having 20% off their site right now with the code "MERRYMERRY". Now is the time to stock up on your Barbour, Monograms and anything else you need for your preppy lifestyle.

2. My favorite bow gloves are on sale + 20% off! Woot woot!

3. I got the most hilarious comment on this dress the other day on Instagram. They said, "This is what pilgrims who landed in Miami wore." It was so amazing (and spot on) I couldn't even be mad.

4. My black Ray-Ban aviators are on sale right now! Would make for a great gift :)

5. Get your tissues ready, this UPS ad is the best thing you'll see all day.

6. I'm starting to get ready for our vacation and that means bikini shopping! I'm loving this ruffle top with this stripe bottom. Has anyone ever done the high-waisted bottom?! I'm a little nervy, but eager to see it on.

7. I really don't need any more dishes, but I'm thinking I need these tartan plates!

8. I snagged this peplum bow top this week and I'm already itching to wear it! I'm thinking with a blazer for winter?

9. I got to visit the Times Square Ball with Covergirl and Cosmo on Thursday and it was SO. COOL. #PumpedForNYE

10. J. Crew is 30% off today AND the Factory is 50% off! Boom! Have a great weekend :)


Finding the Perfect New Years Eve Dress

Isn't it so weird to already be thinking about New Years?! I was at an event last night to get up close and personal with the Times Square Ball and it really got me thinking about the perfect NYE dress. I bought one a little bit ago that I love (above) -- well, I actually bought two---  but a girl can never have enough options right? 

There is something about NYE that makes me want to wear sequins. I think that it's just the perfect time for it and it's a fun way to show off the holiday spirit. I've rounded up my favorites below for you to shop! They are all price ranges so hopefully you can find something you love. My favorite places to shop for sequins are NastyGalNordstromRevolve and ASOS.

Row 1: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5
 Row 2: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5