Lilly Pulitzer Seersucker Dress

Dress: Lilly Pulitzer (in all sizes!) | Shoes: Jack RogersSunglasses: Ray-Ban | Necklace: Mini Monogram / Double Monogram | Watch: Michael Kors | Rings: David Yurman / David Yurman | Bracelets: David Yurman cuff / David Yurman small cuff (also in black) / David Yurman link | Lipstick: YSL

I've owned my fair share of Lilly in my life, but this dress is up there as one of my top five favorites. I mean it's the triple threat: it's seersucker, has a bow, and it flatters every figure. Like most Lilly, this piece is timeless and will always be a great go-to every summer from here on out. It's also one of their more affordable dresses! Did I mention this dress has pockets?! Praise the woman who decided to make dresses with pockets a thing. Seriously, so handy.


The Fake Leaf Print Romper

Top: JOA | Shorts: JOA | Shoes: Dillard'sSunglasses: Amazon | Watch: Michael Kors | Rings: David Yurman / David Yurman | Bracelets: David Yurman cuff / David Yurman small cuff (also in black) / David Yurman link | Lipstick: YSL

When I first saw this JOA leaf-print tank on Revolve, I thought it was a romper because of how they styled it in the photo. Of course, I fell in love with an imaginary piece of clothing because I soon found out that they were separates with the same print. I played it cool and just ordered the tank thinking that I don't even look good in rompers so I didn't need the shorts. But I fell in love with the tank and its print so I thought it would be fun to have the shorts. Then Piperlime went and put these bad boys on sale so I really couldn't say no. 

I love having both the top and the bottom because they go great together and are just as good apart. I also get to control how long the torso is, how short the shorts are ... everything I can't do when I have a romper. This is like an unexpected surprise from an outfit and I love it!


Travel Tuesday: Beach Vacation Video

I finally got the video from Andrew's GoPro on my computer so I was able to make this video for you all. It's a compilation of our time in Boston, Cape Cod, Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard. I hope you enjoy! I'm such a nerd and have now watched this 500 times. I love videos like this and love to make them. If you like it, please subscribe to my YouTube channel and keep up to date on any new videos (hint hint, next is my apartment tour!!)

Happy Travel Tuesday!


Menswear Monday: J. Crew and Sperry

Last fall, I found that J. Crew makes a great slim washed shirt. After a good experience with the light blue color, I added the same shirt in this darker shade. It's equally versatile and downright comfortable.

These Sperrys were a midsummer purchase that I'm glad I made. The first time I wore them I ripped my achilles to shreds. Apparently you're supposed to break these in. To do that, I wore them as I walked into the ocean on Nantucket. And that's the bougiest sentence I've ever written.

Now I wear these shoes all the time. I just need a boat. Any boat companies out there want to sponsor Krista's blog?


How the Sun Sees You

Yesterday I found this extremely powerful video about how the sun sees your skin and thought it was important to share. In the past year, I've realized how important it is to take care of your skin, especially your face. (If only my 18 year old tanning obsessed self knew that….) Your skin is so sensitive to UV rays and it's best to wear sunscreen every single day. Even in the winter, rainy days, or when you least expect it! 

But if you're like me, the idea of wearing sunscreen everyday is no bueno. Thankfully, the good people of the world have made moisturizers with SPF in them. I have sensitive skin so when I'm putting something on my face everyday I need to make sure that it won't clog my pores or cause me to break out in any rash. After searching around, I found (and swear by) this Algenist UV Fluid

It's super lightweight (as you can tell by the name) and goes on great. I've been using it every day for the past three months and it hasn't bothered my skin at all. What I also really like about it is that my makeup stays better when it's on. I put it on every morning after I wash my face and I'm good for the day! A little drop goes a long way too. I'm still on my first bottle. 

Other good moisturizers are Shiseido (I always trust their products) -- here is an oil-free one, and Laura Mercier (a high quality line!). There are also some great tinted SPF creams like Estee Lauder and Clarins if you wanted to switch out your foundation. And for those on-the-go people, there is also a spray and brush you can keep in your purse or just have around if you forget! 

Just make sure when you're searching for products to always get something between a 30-50 SPF so you know you're covered. (Anything over 50 is usually a sham).


Recap: H&M Opening in White Plains

Jacket // Shirt // Skirt (not available online in the mustard) // Belt

I had such a fun time at the H&M re-opening in White Plains this last Friday! Everyone was so sweet and helpful there-- such a great company. The store also looks amazing. It's massive and has SO many options. When picking out my outfit, I was immediately drawn to the "business" clothes section. That's where I picked up this stripe shirt (because I needed another one) and this navy blazer. That was one thing coming into the store I knew I wanted to find. All of my favorite blazers are from H&M. They're super affordable and they always fit so well. I have one in just about every color except for navy (I know-- crazy!). The more difficult part was finding the bottom to the outfit. I was drawn to a couple different skirts (this one in particular) but it looked off. It needed something and I was on the search for that that something was. Of course I had the option to change my top, but I was set on the blazer/stripe combo! While searching the belts, I found this gold chain one and knew it was the perfect something for this outfit!

Once I had my outfit down, I was able to pick 5 lucky winners to shop the store early and win a complementary outfit. It was great reading some fans of the blog and new people as well! Everyone picked out amazing outfits and we all had such a fun time. I'll be following up with more photos when I get them in from the photographer!

Thanks to all who came! Had such a fun time!!

Little White Dress

Dress // Crossbody // Sunglasses // Shoes // Watch // Lipstick // Rings: David Yurman / David Yurman

I wore this dress in Atlanta and it was perfect for soaking up some sun. I will admit that it's on the shorter side for my liking, but I'll just stay away from heels! The details and beading on this dress are the best parts. I also love how the bottom hem flares out. Can we also talk about this new crossbody bag from Barrington Gifts? It's the perfect size (aka approved for the new NFL purse rules) for any game, whether it's college or professional. I wore it to the Braves game and it held everything I needed. 


Vineyard Vines Chambray Popover

Shirt: Vineyard Vines c/o (here in another color) | Shorts: J. Crew Factory | Shoes: Jack Rogers| Watch: Michael Kors | Lipstick: YSL | Rings: David Yurman / David Yurman

As you might remember from this week's Travel Tuesday, this was my outfit for the weekend. I can't tell you how long I've been on the hunt for a good chambray popover. I had been using my blue oxford to fake it until I found the right one, but that is no longer the case. This shirt is SO comfortable and really easy to pair with anything. The material is lightweight and nicely made. I will admit that it wrinkles easily, but I was shocked at how quickly it de-wrinkles itself. Literally… it was crazy. I'll probably be wearing this any time I'm running errands, traveling, going to work or meeting up with friends. Oh, that's all the time? Then so be it!