Minnesota Twins:
An MLB team based in Minneapolis, MN and members of the American League Central division. The team name is an homage to the Twin Cities (Minneapolis and St. Paul) and they play home games in Target Field. Their colors are navy blue. red and white and they haven't won a World Series since 1991. They last won the American League Central in 2010. 

Today's look for the Twins is a little more casual with the addition of some fun jewelry. You can never go wrong with striped shorts -- striped anything, really -- especially to a baseball game. Players used to (and some still do) live in stripes. I'm not the biggest Twins fan, but when it comes time to dress for a game featuring a navy and red team, I turn to these shorts. Paired with a simple white shirt and red Jack Rogers, you're ready for game day! 
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Top (similar) | Necklace (similar) (borrowed from Lucy) | Shorts (old) Old Navy | Sunglasses Ray-Bans| Shoes Jack Rogers c/o
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Philadelphia Phillies:
An MLB team located in South Philadelphia and members of the National League East Division. They are the oldest continuous one-name, one-city franchise dating back to 1883. The Phillies play in Citizens Bank Park and their colors are red, white, and blue. They have won two World Series Championships, the most recent being in 2008. [Side note: they have the best mascot in the game]

Welcome to Week Three of the "What to Wear to a Baseball Game" series! I'm kicking it off today with the Phillies. For this series I wanted to show how to wear a skirt to the games without it being too much. It also helped that I knew the very best place to get the perfect skirt: Preppy Pink Shop! I knew Preppy Pink Shop had so many options -- perfect for my series -- but what I didn't realize was how amazing the owner (and designer) Justice was! It's always such a fun time when you're shopping and have a wonderful connection with the store. We exchanged some emails back and forth and let me tell you -- this girl is amazing! She makes these oh-so amazing skirts in her free time. Whaaaaat. *bowing*

To no surprise, the skirt is amazing too. It fits the rump and waist perfectly and I just can't get over how awesome this skirt is in real life! Even walking up to my roof (where these pictures were taken) I had compliments left and right. It definitely made me feel better (I was hit hard with some dumb virus) and ready to take these photos! I'm also so impressed with how they came out. Everything just worked. The skirt was also the long lost sister to my red and white Jack Rogers. They go perfectly together. Both are amazing for great summer days watching your favorite team and hanging out at the ballpark. (Can you tell I'm over the moon sun with the weather?)

I paired the gingham skirt with my long-time favorite Lissa Mar top. This bad boy is ready for the hot days. (Pssst: It doesn't show sweat. SIGN ME UP FOR 10 MORE)

I've never been to a Phillies game before, but I did make a wonderful bet (wonderful because I won) with the (kick-ass) social media guy, Michael, when UK and Michigan played in the tournament. I just so happened to win a baseball game (and bragging rights). Can I come to Philly? The Phanatic and I are overdue for a date. 

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Skirt: Preppy Pink Shop c/o | Top: Lissa Mar c/o | Shoes: Jack Rogers c/o | Purse: Danielle Nicole (different color) last seen here
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Welcome to another edition of Menswear Monday. Andrew has been gracious enough to write a weekly post for Covering the Bases. Enjoy!

Toronto Blue Jays:
An MLB team in the American League East division, playing their games in Toronto, Ontario. Their colors are royal blue, navy blue, white and red. They are currently the only MLB franchise located outside the United States. The Blue Jays have won two World Series titles (1992 and 1993).

It finally feels like spring in the Northeast. It's been a memorably awful winter, and to feel the warmth of the sun is a welcome respite from the colorless, numbing cold.

While spring always feels good in this part of the country, it doesn't always feel this relieving. This must be the way our neighbors to the North feel each year. Say, our neighbors in Toronto.

I've always considered myself to be a jeans and T-shirt kind of guy. It's my comfort zone. This shirt happens to be particularly comfortable.  Thanks to our friends at Mahi Gold, I've discovered a new brand with a focus on casual comfort with an eye towards fashion. It's also 5% Lycra, which makes for a great fit no matter how many washes you send it through.

The shoes are one of my favorite pairs, and I've yet to debut them because of the aforementioned winter. However, the impending spring means it's time for the Sperry's. It's always nice to leave the socks in the drawer and let the feet breathe a little. Just make sure you're not stinking up the joint.

Shirt ℅ | Jeans | Shoes



This is my second to last Lent Saturday post. We're almost there -- woohoo! With Derby around the corner, I knew it was time to start looking for my perfect dress. So today's "what I would be buying if I were shopping" post is more of "I need these dresses for Derby" post. All I can say is I'm pretty obsessed. Which ones do you like?!



San Francisco Giants:
An MLB team based in San Francisco, CA and members of the National League West Division. The Giants play in AT&T Park and their colors are black, orange and cream. Their franchise has won more games than any team in the history of American sports. They've won 22 NL Pennants and 7 World Series titles, the last being in 2012. 

We have another guest post as we enjoy this wonderful Friday! A big thank you to Tracy for helping out with the series :) Be sure to check out her blog below!

Hi there!  I'm Tracy from The Right Shoes - so excited to be helping Krista out with her MLB series today!! Growing up in Reno but spending summers in San Francisco definitely made me adopt the Giants as my team.  And what can I say, that Buster Posey - he gets me every time.   I'm definitely one to get super laid back and rep a team shirt to a sporting event.   In true San Francisco style, I'll stick to pants and a light jacket for a game because even when it's sunny in SF, it can still be brutally chilly in the summer!   And what better pants to wear than a polka dot-print to take it from ordinary to quirky and make it totally different.
what to wear to a baseball game
what to wear to a san francisco giants baseball game
what to wear to a giants baseball game
what to wear to a san francisco giants game
Jacket: H&M (similar here), Shirt: SF Giants (other orange options here and here), Pants: I Love Ronson (similar here), Flats: Banana Republic, Bag: Phillip Lim x Target, Necklace: c/o Capwell+Co
Photos: Krista Robertson Follow me beyond the blog: Facebook//Instagram//Twitter//Bloglovin'//Tumblr



Chicago Cubs:
An MLB team that is part of the National League Central Division and plays in Chicago, IL. The Cubs are also known as "The North Siders" because their park, Wrigley Feild, is located on the north side of Chicago (and has been since 1914). Their colors are blue, red, white and grey and the Cubs hold the longest championship drought in professional American sports, winning their last title in 1908. 

I'm back! I know I technically haven't been "gone" from the blog, but secretly I snuck away for a week. A week?! What? (Thank you to scheduled posts) I was able to clear my schedule and head down to Dallas with my BFF Megan for the Final Four games! Yay and boo to those, amirite? UK won the first game with (another) buzzer beater from the one and only Aaron Harrison against Wisconsin. So to say that was pretty amazing would be an understatement. Then we played Monday for the national championship against UConn and … well … lets just say it didn't end up like the first game. So now I'm back to New York (writing this to you at 2am right when I got home) AND from my new camera! I've been saving a ton of money with this whole "no shopping" thing for Lent and I decided to invest in a new (and better) camera! I was using the Canon t3i (with a 50mm 1.4f lens) and have now switched over to the Canon 60d (with the same lens). I found an amazing deal on eBay and I just could't pass it up! These are the first pictures from this camera and to say the least, I'm hooked! Yay new cameras! 

Before heading home to NY, I was able to spend part of the day in Lexington with my besties Megan and Lucy. I was even so fortunate to meet Steph(!!) from White Coat Wardrobe-- let me tell you I'm in love. Can't wait to see her again real soon :)

Anyways… you probably wanna hear some baseball talk, right? Today is all about the Cubs (insert sigh here). Living in Chicago, you're forced to pick a side when it comes to baseball -- there is no love in between. There was a time there when I really rooted for the White Sox. I mean it's really cool to have a hometown team win the World Series. My love for the Cubs faded away after a break up (you know how those go) and with a number of horrible seasons. But once I started to really get into the game of baseball, I realized how wonderful this team really is. Sure they haven't won in over 100 years, but they're such a classic team. There is nothing like being at Wrigley, and I mean nothing. It's one of the best ballparks in America. And when they win, baseball will forever be changed. The city of Chicago will shut down, my office will probably go crazy and it will be the most memorable World Series in your lifetime (probably). 

Lucky for you, when that moment comes, I have just the outfit for you! I'll be the first to admit that I love to wear dresses to baseball games. Probably because I just really hate pants, but also because it's the perfect way to look cute while still being comfortable and relaxed. This dress was an amazing buy from Target, although I bought it thinking I'd really only wear it to UK events. Silly me! I honestly wear it all the time when the weather is nice. I also snagged this awesome vintage Cubs hat when I started working. It fits so well and I have yet to see anything like it. And of course, I'm wearing my favorite shoes -- Jack Rogers. This time I'm breaking out my red and white ones and taking them for a stroll -- all the way to Wrigley! krista robertson, baseball series, jack rogers, what to wear to a baseball game
Dress (similar) | Hat (similar) | Shoes ℅ | Watch | Jewelry 
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And a weird photo of me because I feel like it…



Colorado Rockies:
A MLB team based in Denver Colorado and members of the National League West Division. The Rockies play home games at Coors Feild and their colors are white, black and purple. They have one National League Pennant that was won in 2007.

I've been to Colorado once! So what if it was only for an hour-long layover. I was there, and you can't take that away from me. To say I know a lot about this team would be a lie. But I do know their colors. So that's all you need for a "What to Wear" post, right? I'll also be the first to admit that I don't have a ton of purple. I hadn't realized this, but I did find an old H&M peplum jacket, so I broke that bad boy out and took it for a spin. Why not look a little more put together for a game? Paired with a black tank, white jeans and Jack Rogers, the peplum is much more casual and game-day ready! The Rockies are also a perfect example of how you could make your custom Jack Rogers with your team colors. Purple with silver stitch anyone?

Jacket (similar) | Tank | Jeans | Shoes

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Seattle Mariners:
A MLB team from Seattle, Washington that is a member of the American League West Division. The Mariners play at Safeco Field and their colors are Navy Blue, Northwest Green, Metallic Silver, white. They've won three West Division titles, the last being in 2001.

Welcome to Week Two of the "What to Wear to a Baseball Game" series. Hope you're enjoying everything so far! Today is all about the Mariners. I've always wanted to make the trip to Seattle, but every time I go to the West Coast I end up in California. But I have seen every episode of Grey's Anatomy and that has to count for something, right? So with all the knowledge I've gained from a fictional TV show, I know its rains A LOT in Seattle. Thankfully I came across these green hunter rain boots that went perfectly with the theme and color of the Mariners. I also bundled up with this outfit because when it rains, it pours and I'm not about to be wet and cold. 

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Sweater (similar) | Jeans | Boots | Vest | Watch
what to wear to a mariners game
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