Bow Back Dresses (Under $60)

Top Row: Pale Pink Waist Bow $42 (comes in pink and white) // Halter Bow Back $48
Bottom Row: Double Bow Back Dress $52 (comes in yellow, pink and red too!) Drop Bow Waist $58

WHO DOESN'T LOVE BOW BACK DRESSES?! Sorry for yelling haha.

I just think the best kind of dresses are ones with bows! Thankfully there are some really great ones (all under $60) available for us. I just bought this dress in yellow-- trying something new-- so I will let you know how it goes!

Travel Tuesday: Southampton

If you remember two weekends ago I traveled east to Southampton with Sydney for some time with Country Club Prep. Hope you enjoy my weekend recap!


I left work after a half-day and met up with Sydney (who had just arrived in the city) and we were off to the Hamptons! Cadillac gratefully loaned us a car for the weekend to drive (more on that tomorrow) and it was the best way to get out of the city. I so miss having a car!

To give you a little background, one of my best friends (Amanda) from college works for Country Club Prep and they just opened up a store in Southampton. So she decided to host a blogger day at her house for local bloggers to come and experience the Hamptons and learn more about the company and store.

Since I love to get away, you know I had to make it a weekend :) I called Sydney and told her to block off a weekend so we could party in the Hamptons. Let it be said, let it be done!

We got in late Friday night and went to grab a quick bite for dinner after catching up at the house. After dinner, we met Andrew back at the house (he drove in later in the day) and proceeded to get ready for the blogger day. I mainly inflated the pool floats and laid on them with Sydney. 


Saturday we woke up early to set up for the party. One thing that has always been Amanda's M.O. is party planning. She is so creative and always knows how to throw a party! I was seriously amazed at all the stuff she did to set up. She literally thought of everything! Look at these photos:

Once everyone arrived we got the party started out by the pool. At the beginning of the day the sun was peaking in and out and it wasn't too hot which I thought was perfect. It was so great to catch up with my friends, grill and eat lots (and lots) of goodies.

It was also great to have some vendors from the store at the party. One of my favorites specifically was Mahi Gold. I've loved them for a long time (see their dress here and top here). I can't start to tell you how comfortable their dresses are. They're stretchy but won't ever lose shape, they're form-fitting without being tight and they come in the best prints and colors!

Below I'm wearing the Paradise Parade in the Hydrangea print:

(I had so many outfit changes for the party, don't judge me)

In the afternoon it started to rain (booooo) but that's the Hamptons. It rains out of nowhere and then goes in and out for the rest of the day. Sadly it rained for most of the day but we totally made the most of it! 

We hung inside and kept drinking. We played a few drinking games (duh) and then the girls who weren't in town for the weekend headed back to the city. Since we were staying for the weekend, Sydney, Katie and I went to visit the store and meet up with a couple blog readers!

The store was basically my dream closet of all things preppy and I was just making a list of what I wanted to buy and laughing at what I already had (see: dress I'm wearing/one above my head). 

After we spent a couple hours in the store (I mean, I reallllyyy loved it there) we went to dinner around the corner at Paul's Italian. After dinner we learned how to whip and Nae Nae and then went out on the town. Only those of you who follow along on Snapchat saw how glorious that all was. 

Sunday was the day we really were able to explore the town. Our first stop was at the Golden Pear for breakfast. IT WAS SO GOOD. It was the perfect place to just stop and grab a bite to eat. They also have locations in Bridgehampton and East Hampton so make sure to stop by if you're ever in town!

Next was Tate's Bake Shop (literally down the street from the Golden Pear). Sydney kept talking about how much she loved Tate's cookies and wouldn't stop mentioning it so of course we had to go. Of course the cookies did not disappoint. I mean, do they ever?!

After the bakery we stopped by Duck Walk Vineyard to (literally) take some photos. It was so pretty!! It also wasn't open yet so I'll be sure to go back next time I'm up there!

(Dress from Calypso)

Next stop was to explore East Hampton. We shopped around and of course stopped to get some Ice Cream at Scoop Du Jour. Hint: get the strawberry + waffle cone. It was so yummy!

After walking around and shopping some more (they seriously had ever shop there) we went further east to Amagansett to Lunch. Yes, we had lunch at Lunch hahaha.

It was so crazy because there was nothing around this place! You just drive for about 30 minutes till you see a little place on the side of the road. It was actually pretty cool!

Plus the place WAS SO CUTE! I want to go back and take a thousand photos. It was all so patriotic and so so cute. Plus it didn't hurt that the lobster roll was delicious! Definitely worth the drive out there if you're in town!

After Lunch we packed up and headed back to the city. We were expecting the traffic to be really really bad since it was Sunday but there wasn't any! It was crazy so when we realized we were going to get back to the city early, we decided to take a detour to West Hampton! 

So what's so weird about the weather in the Hamptons is that it can literally be blue skies one minute and grey and cloudy the next -- very confusing! All day it was on and off but when we got to West Hampton the sky literally opened up and we were in business. I mean look at that sky:

We drove down the peninsula in West Hampton and found a spot to park near the beach. I can't even explain to you how beautiful it was on the beach. The houses were jaw dropping (duh) but the sky was something out of a painting. 

It was the perfect way to end the weekend and I can't wait to go back soon! Has anyone else been to the Hamptons? I need more recommendations for when I go back!


Summer Sunglasses Under $50

White Reflective $30 (comes in two other colors) / Tortoise $48 (come in three other colors)
Simple Black only $12!! / Cat Eye Grey $48 
White reflective $24 (have these and love them-- see them here!) / Black and Cheetah $24 (my favorite of the bunch)

As you know, I have a serious addiction to sunglasses. What I love most is finding a really cute pair at a fraction of the cost! Anyone else think sunglass prices are a bit absurd?!

I've rounded up my favorite sunglasses for summer that are under $50. You can shop all options here if you wanted to see more!

CeCe Cynthia Steffe White Halter Shirtdress

cynthia steffe white halter dress
cece cynthia steffe white dress
cece cynthia steffe white halter shirtdress
the cloister museum
what to wear cloister museum
mirrored cat eye black sunglasses
niece fashion blogger
Dress: Cynthia Steffe c/o - on sale! (half off in denim here) / Jacket: Old; Similar 
Shoes: Jack Rogers / Sunglasses: Sold out, Pink version here; identical here
Watch: Michael Kors (similar) / Necklace: Mini Monogram 

Yesterday I finally checked off a NYC bucket list item: The Cloisters! Every time I head out of the city to Andrew's house, we pass what looks like a castle at the tip of Manhattan. I'm always so eager and curious to know what exactly it is. 

When my brother was in town this past weekend, he kept telling me he wanted to visit The Cloister Museum and when I looked up what the heck he was talking about it finally clicked! This was THE place. Obviously it was priority No. 1 to go.

So we went and had a great time. I'm not a huuugggeee fan of museums so I took in the scenery, which of course was breathtaking. It felt like I wasn't in New York anymore and I loved it!

The only problem was it was super crappy out. It was misting rain all day and there was a huge cloud over the city. We went anyway since we only had one day to visit but I'll be sure to go back and snap some photos for you all.

For those who have a NYC bucket list, make sure to add this one! You can just take the A train to 190th street and it lets you out right there. It couldn't be easier.

While we were there, I decided to wear my favorite white shirtdress. It would have been perrfeeectt for a sunny day at The Cloisters but we can't win them all. To keep warm I paired the dress with a denim jacket. And since we were walking so much I made sure to wear my comfortable Jack Rogers!

 Shop my look here:

Shop more halter shirt dresses here:


Lilly Pulitzer New Arrivals

I've seriously been loving Lilly's new arrivals! I really just want to buy everything and gear up for summer. I'm always a big fan of their shift dresses but this year they seem to really be spicing it up with the different details and different styles.

These are my favorite picks from the new arrivals (see all of them here). What are you favorites?! 


Friday Five June 25th

As you know, I've been asking for my readers to fill out a quick (literally 3 minute survey-- 10 questions) survey about the blog. My favorite part is your feedback on what you'd like to see more of. 

I surprisingly got a lot of requests for a week recap and things like that soooo today I want to introduce the first Friday Five! See, I'm listening and learning. Here. We. Go!

ONE // Jack Rogers Giveaway
I'm giving away a pair of exclusive Jack Rogers on my instagram (@kristarobertso) and it ends at midnight!! Check the link here to enter and win :)

TWO // Inside Out:
Andrew and I went to see the movie Inside Out on Wednesday and IT WAS SO GOOD. This might be one of my favorite Pixar movies ever (yes, ever). I know that sounds crazy because they make so many amazing movies, but man oh man this movie had me feeling every sort of emotion.

What really got me though was the short before the film called Lava. You know I cry all the time (read more about that here) but during this short I didn't just cry, I SOBBED. It was so so so so so heart warming, sad, happy... everything #AllTheFeels 

I mean this is a 5 minute short and I'm sobbing in the movie theatre hahah. Andrew looks over and me laughing and says, "It's a marathon... the movie hasn't even started." I just laughed. I felt whole. I LAVA ALL OF YOU!

THREE // The Survey
Like I mentioned above and yesterday, I'm having readers of the blog fill out a quick survey. The feedback I'm getting is seriously the best thing ever. YOU ALL are the best thing ever! I'm so eager to read the answers to questions 7-9 everyday I can't contain it!

I'm hearing lots of feed back about more travel content, videos, home decor and work looks. I love that you all love my snapchat (@ kristalinn14) and I love that you're all such wonderful supporters!

I've also taken note that you don't love the layout of the blog (I know, it's super outdated) and the speed of which it loads. GOOD NEWS it is being fixed and we're about a month into the design process so I hope to share something with you all soon!!!

Okay so it's not news to anyone that I lava (hehe) sunglasses. But I've had the hardest time finding a way to organize and store them all. I've seriously tried everything and I think I finally found something that works!

This one holds three in each drawer and I have three of these boxes total. Seriously my savior! And the best part is that they're only $20!! So thats a win-win. For realz

FIVE // Katie Nolan
If I had a drunk spirit animal, it would be Katie. We love sports, talking shit, being awkward and are always snarky. Serious girl crush right here! I've been following her for a while on youtube and now she has her own show on Fox Sports1 which is amazing. We live in the city so we're bound to run into each other some day right?




Splendid Ombre Maxi Dress

ombre maxi dress
new york travel blog
covering the basese nantucket
Crystal Dandelion Drops
what to wear to galley beach nantucket
galley beach nantucket
splendid ombre maxi dress
Ombre Maxi Dress: Splendid (comes in two other colors! -- also here) / Shoes: (old) Similar 
Earrings: BaubleBar Crystal Dandelion Drops c/o / Purse: GiGi New York
Necklace: Mini Monogram / Bracelets: Teal Stone / White Stone

This is my second-to-last look from Nantucket :( (you can see the full recap here). I wore this the first night for dinner at Galley Beach, which was one of my big checklist items for this trip because last year we tried making a reservation too late.

Galley Beach is one of the fancier restaurants on the island and after going there I can see why. It was pristine, the staff was on their A-game and the food was very well made. I got the steak, go figure.

Presidents and celebrities have been going to Galley Beach for so many years so I had to try my shot this trip and see what all the hype was about. What they're really known for are their sunsets. Sadly enough we weren't able to catch one this time because of the fog but that just means we'll have to come back next year!

I thought this ombre maxi was the perfect item for dinner on the beach. It was easy, comfortable, lightweight but still very elegant and classy. I paired it with my new earrings and we had ourselves an outfit!

I also don't think I wore makeup once on the trip. Isn't the whole point of being on vacation leaving stuff like that at home?

Shop My Look Here:

Cheaper options for the maxi dress:


Nautical Stripes And White Linen Pants

Stripes on a boat? Groundbreaking. I was channeling my inner French sailor when we shot this look in Nantucket. Did you know that the reason they wore stripes is so that when they fell over they were easier to spot in the water? 

While I'm not trying to fall into the water for these (although it came close-- note to self: no wedges on a boat), I am trying to stand out. I love stripes as much as the next girl but I've been trying for so long to find the right RED and white stripe top.

J. Crew probably has the best options right now... although there is a Saint James store in the West Village that would be sure to fit my needs...

Thankfully I found one and I swear there is nothing better than pairing stripes with white bottoms. White jean shorts (like here), white pants, skirts-- anything! Today I obviously paired it with my new linen pants.

So these are actually my first pair of linen pants and I think that I like them. I mean, I know I do when I have them on because they're SO comfortable but when they're pictured.. eh.

They're obviously meant to be wide leg and I think that's where I get my problem from. When have you ever known me to wear wide leg anything!? I guess it's just takes some getting used to.

What do we think? Linen pants yay or nay?