2018 Gift Guide: Under $50

We're back with another fun gift guide! Today is all about items under $50. These gifts are perfect for anyone, but when I compiled them, I had my friends and relatives in mind. I usually spend around $100 on those close to me for Christmas but always seem to have the hardest time shopping when I have budget restraints (like a secret Santa)! 
When looking for a gift that is budget friendly, my biggest tip would be to go with something personalized. Getting something that speaks to who they are and is custom always makes the gift seem more special!


Not Your Average Holiday Outfit

Who says you have to wear red for the holidays? Trying something new and testing out a fun shades of blue look.



2018 Gift Guide: Amazon

First gift guide of the season HOLLAAA! This year I plan to do fewer guides but with more substantial things. And my promise to you is that you won't see these things anywhere else. My gift guides are going to be based on what I love and have given and not what I think will "sell best" or just for link drops. It's going to be random and weird but it's going to be great. Enjoy!


Saturday Shopping

Thinking about trying something new... let me know if you guys are into it and if so what else you'd like to see featured!


Weekend Update: November 9

Happy Friday! It's been a long and hard week over here, I think I'll probably touch on it next week but until then please enjoy my week-end update below! Also for those asking, here is the dress above -- wearing a 6R.

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