June 2019 Reading List

Ashby is BACK with another fun book review for the month. If you missed it, be sure to check out her last review here. She's one of the biggest readers I know and I love getting (and sometimes giving) book recommendations from her. I love it even more when she just tells me the whole story lol... she's the BEST storyteller! Aka I need to know all about Silent Patient. Enjoy!


My Top 5 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Items Styled Three Ways

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is FINALLY open to the public today at 12:30ET!!! I know so many of you are shopping today, and I'm excited to share some of my favorites from the sale in a really fun way.



Review (+ Comparison) of the Barbour Jackets in the Nordstrom Sale

It is no secret that I love Barbour jackets. I have somewhat of a collection from over the years. I just love their quality, their style and I plan on keeping them forever and hopefully passing them down to my kids one day. Is that crazy?


Staying Body Positive For My Wedding

As you know, I've been working out with a trainer as of late to help personalize my routine before my wedding. And while it's been great, it has come with some ups and downs -- the wedding workout process as a whole has... and I want to talk about it.


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Top 10 Items Under $100

Happy Monday! I had a crazy weekend but hoping that just sets me up for a great week. I asked you guys on Instagram what you wanted to see in terms of Nordstrom Sale content this week and a good majority of people said you wanted to see items under $100! No fluff, but there are some great affordable options under $100 that you should snag from the sale while they're still in stock!


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