Weekend Update: August 16

Happy Friday! It's been a weird week because I think my hormones are all out of whack as we wait for the arrival of my special week lol. So it's been hard to tell if my mood is the way it is due to weather, lack of carbs, stress or wedding related. Either way, it's not very fun. Thursday was especially rough for me just feeling very emotional and down and discouraged. But hoping that all changes after a relaxing weekend away. 


July 2019 Reading List

My favorite book reader is back today (taking a break from wedding content this week as I assume you've already had enough lol) with her July reads! For those who are new, Ashby is one of my BFFs in the city and she reads the best books. We used to share fun reads all the time but with my schedule getting a wee bit busy she has taken over the monthly reviews and is coming with some hot reads!


Our New York City Engagement Photos Pt. 2: Central Park

And today is the last blog post you'll see of Andrew and me until after the wedding! Hope I haven't overloaded you with wedding content... but seeing as it's been consuming my life for the past month, it's only natural!


Our New York City Engagement Photos Pt. 1: Grand Central

There is just something so romantic about New York when photographed (especially in black and white), don't you think?? 


Weekend Update: August 9

Happy Friday! Hope everyone had a great week. This week was slow and then all of a sudden it's Friday. Isn't it so strange when that happens??

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