5 Things I'm Currently Loving

Just wanted to share some things that I've been loving in the past month. They usually wouldn't make the blog but are totally consuming my life hahah! 


How We Designed My Engagement Ring

We are back with a wedding post and we're talking all about the process of how Andrew and I designed my engagement ring!


My Favorite Nantucket Hotel

Favorite Nantucket Hotel: 21 Broad featured by popular New York life and style blogger, Covering the Bases

A little overdue but had to share my absolute favorite place to stay while in Nantucket so you can experience it for yourself next time you're on the island! 


My June + July Amazon Purchases

Amazon Purchases featured by popular New York fashion blogger, Covering the Bases

Kind of a random picture but if you look at my ankle you'll see one of the items I bought from Amazon last month! So why don't we just jump on in...


My Everyday Jewelry

Everyday jewelry featured by popular New York style blogger, Covering the Bases
I feel like I finally have my go-to everyday jewelry down pact. I've always been big into jewelry but have never been able to really narrow down my everyday items that are comfortable, that are me and that go with whatever I'm wearing that day. But at the ripe old age of 27, I have found my items! Can't wait to share my everyday jewelry below...
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