San Diego Padres:
An MLB team in the National League West division, playing their home games at Petco Park in San Diego, CA. Their colors are midnight blue, white and sand. The Padres have never won a World Series title, having lost in both their appearances (1984 and 1998). They last reached the postseason in 2006 as National League West champions.

When I started the "What to Wear to a Baseball Game" series, I'm sure most of you thought I'd be wearing outfits like this. Well, you're right! I don't always dress up to games, but I do for most of them. It really all depends on the city, the people I'm with and the weather. In San Diego, people are laid back. They're cool and comfortable and they love their year-round beautiful weather. I don't blame them! I'm hoping to make it to Petco Park one day myself.

Representing the Padres and the San Diego style, I chose this laid back outfit. Just something comfortable yet still cute for before and after the game. I like to change up my style and since the addition of these white converse sneakers, I can do just that. While these are notorious for a style opposite of preppy, the fashion world and (preppy) girls like me have embraced them and made them more wearable for our crowd. They're now cool! They're the epitome of summer and all things classic and there's nothing better to pair them with than a simple white tee and my favorite denim shorts (which are on sale). While this look can really fit just about any team, I added the sand colored necklace for a little pop of color and to make it just a tad more me. Hope you enjoy!
Shirt: Old (similar) | Shorts: J. Crew Factory | Sneakers: Converse | Necklace: Bauble Bar (old) | Watch Marc Jacobs

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St Louis Cardinals:
An MLB team in the National League Central division playing their games at Busch Stadium in St. Louis, MO.  Their colors are red, navy blue, white and yellow. The Cardinals have won 11 World Series titles, second only to the Yankees. Their most recent World Series championship came in 2011.

I can't tell you how long I've been on the hunt for the perfect yellow sundress. I have a feeling that yellow is making a comeback this summer and I wanted to get my hands on something soon! I had to be really particular with the color yellow though, there are so many different shades and undertones that don't fit well with my skin tone. I also knew finding a simple yellow summer dress would be a fun way to change up your thoughts of the Cardinals.

Most people would wear red, I know, but I wanted to be different. So many teams are red, but very few have yellow. People also think that since you're at a baseball game, you can't wear a sundress like this. Wrong. You're able to dress something like this up and down with the proper accessories. Of course, I added my red and white Jack Rogers with the dress because of course I had to incorporate red in there somehow! Most people would have skipped on the dangle earrings and gone with studs, but I seriously haven't taken these earrings out since I got them. I have very small ears and big statement earrings -- as much as I love them -- don't love me back. They're heavy and cannot be worn for long periods of time. But these Lisi Lerch earrings are so lightweight! Not to mention they are the perfect everyday earring and can be dressed up or down, just like this dress.

As for the Cardinals, I love to hate them -- don't we all? I legitimately have about seven reasons I'm not a Cards fan, but I will keep those to myself for now. I will be catching a game there in mid-May with two of my friends for the Braves series. I won't however, be wearing this outfit. I need to rep my Braves of course. (I miiiight be wearing these earrings though -- and my navy Jacks!)

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Dress: ModCloth | Earrings: Lisi Lerch c/o | Shoes: Jack Rogers c/o | Watch: Michael Kors
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Tampa Bay Rays:
An MLB team based in St. Petersburg, FL and part of the American League East division. Their colors are navy, columbia blue, white and gold and they play their home games at Tropicana Field. Becoming an MLB team in 1998, the Rays have yet to win a World Series title, but have appeared in one World Series (2008) and have had four postseason berths.

We're now embarking on Week Four of the "What to Wear to a Baseball Game" series. If you've been following along, great! If not, you can catch up with all the past posts here. Today we're featuring the Rays. While this outfit is great for a game, it's also designed for the city of Tampa! Being near the water and in the warm weather -- it doesn't get much better. From the seersucker scallop Lilly Pulitzer shorts, to the Palm Beach Navajo Jack Rogers-- it's so Florida! It's also summer all year round so you need to have the essentials -- your sunglasses, croakies and an ice-cold beer. Well friends, get ready to have your mind blown.

I'm showing off a new favorite brand of mine: Gobi Straps! Welcome to the combination of seersucker, croakies and a bottle opener. Sun and beer? Sign me up! I can't tell you how many times I've been without a bottle opener and let me tell you those suckers are hard to get off otherwise. Gobi Straps has married the sunglasses strap and bottle opener and I am thankful for it! Along with their seersucker collection, they also have team colorsplaids and prints

I'm also hosting an Instagram giveaway with Gobi Straps! All you have to do is:

Maybe croakies aren't your style (for some reason) so be sure to check out their wrist wraps! I'll use mine for later in the days when the sunglasses and croakies are put away. It's perfect because it's a cute accessory for your already-fabulous arm party.

Gobi Straps are also giving Covering the Bases followers a 15% discount when "CoveringBases" is used at checkout. You should probably buy them because you don't want to go the rest of your life with your eyes and beer unopened. 
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Top: Everly via BlueTique Cheap Chic (old) | Shorts: Lilly Pulitzer | Shoes: Jack Rogers c/o | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban | Croakies: Gobi Straps c/o
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See how my croakies match my seersucker shorts?!
buttercup seersucker lilly pulitzer shorts

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Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim:
An MLB team in the American League West division playing their home games in Anaheim, CA. Their colors are red, navy blue and white. Their lone World Series title came in 2002, and they have not made the postseason since 2009.

When in Rome …

That’s the approach I took when deciding what to wear to an Angels game. I haven’t spent much time in Southern California, but I’m fascinated by the lifestyle and mentality of the area.

As a result, I reached deep into the closet for my white jeans from Brooks Brothers. I have to admit, I bought these solely for a trip to Las Vegas two years ago, but I’m always looking for another excuse to wear them. Luckily for me, I not only had a good reason to break them out, but a great shirt to pair them with.

Our friends at Vineyard Vines were so gracious to send this sharp-looking Hightide Gingham Tucker shirt, which goes quite well with the jeans. The shirt not only fits well, but can be used in so many different scenarios. In fact I wore it just yesterday when my family hosted 24 family members for Easter Sunday. It’s classy, springy, comfortable and breathable. That just about covers it all.

To round out my Anaheim getup, I threw on my Sperry’s. These are a summertime favorite of mine, and they fit the SoCal motif just fine.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a sunset to enjoy and game to watch.

Shirt Vineyard Vines c/o | Pants: Brooks Brothers | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban (25% off)



Welcome to my first DIY! If you follow me on instagram (@kristarobertso) you saw this photo:

 I saw a similar idea on Pinterest and decided to venture out and make this fun double monogram using thumbtacks. I know I received a lot of questions about it, so I thought I would share the process (and let me tell you-- it's a process) with you all!

I first looked ALL over the city for stupid dumb GOLD thumbtacks. Do you know they're basically impossible to find?? Seriously, who knew? (not this girl, obviously). I mean I even made Andrew go with me to look around his town (outside the city) still, no luck. GRRRR

I did however find LOTS of silver ones, but I wanted gold-- was that so hard of an ask? I decided to make another piece of thumbtack art (will be sown next Sunday) with the silver thumbtacks I found, but I knew for this piece, I needed gold.

After almost giving up, I decided to turn to the good ole internet and BAM! Found these bad boys. I was a little nervous because the item is for 6 100 packs of thumbtacks (aka 600 tacks), but I got them anyway thinking I could just use the extra for another project.

Want to know where 600 thumbtacks got me? Here:

WTF!!!!! ^@#&*@% (<--- bad="" font="" here="" s="" word="">

I was furious! I needed like 30 more thumbtacks to be done. Ughhhhhhhh. So I bought more, waited 3-5 business days and finally completed my masterpiece. It was rough.

So when buying these, get 3x more than you think you will need and you might... just not have enough. Get 4x. Here are more options for gold thumbtacks.

Anyways… let's talk about how I actually made this thing! First bought a 12x12" canvas and started sketching the outline (in pencil!). What people normally do for this is print out the monogram (or other art) and sketch over it BUTTT since live in New York (and the digital age) I don't own a working printer so it was free hand or bust. What really helped was making my monogram on the computer and dividing it up like so:

Next I was able to draw those same lines on the canvas and start filling in boxes one at a time. Something like this:

What's nice about making the monogram is that it's all very even. All of the lines line up. So lots of drawing and erasing happened in the next few steps:

See how the all the lines line up below?

Then I erased all the outside lines (the inside lines don't matter since they'll be covered up)

So now we're on to the not so fun part: using the thumbtacks. So these canvas's are all the thicker ones so it's real easy to stick the thumbtacks in. What I didn't think of was when you get to the wood part on the outline of the canvas. You need a HAMMER get these thumbtacks through. Or you can get really creative like me and use the next best thing. Which at the time was the bottom of my Essie bottle… nbd, right? 

ALSO, ugh this part sucked: there are knots in different parts of the wood and your thumbtacks WILL NOT go in. No matter how many times (22) you try. Your thumbtacks will literally break and you will eventually cry. (You can see my trouble in the K on the side and at the top). So when these come up, just move past them and figure it out at the end (aka glue your broken tacks to these places).

Now that you've filled out your outline, start to fill in the middle. Go row by row for a nice clean look. 

Seeing as you have enough thumbtacks, you're all done! You should have a very fun and cool thumbtack canvas. Enjoy and show it off-- it was hard work.

Here is a preview for more thumbtack art next week:

Your supplies: