One Month Unlimited SLT Review (before and after)

Finallllyyyy it's here! My SLT one month review. I tried out an unlimited month membership and wanted to talk to you guys about how it went! It's long so get ready and make sure you have some time to dedicate to this post!

(you can read my Outdoor Voices review here)


Our Wedding Cake

Sharing our wedding cake inspiration as well as our first semi-trial run in the making! It's going to be really fun and extra special. So here are first some inspiration photos but instead of greenery/leafs there will be blue hydrangeas! 


What I Wore to The Ferryman on Broadway

Since I've been shopping less, I've been leaning more towards my closet on what to wear and I've been loving it. I do a closet clean out just about every season and I'm so picky about what stays and goes that the items I have in my closet I really do love and want to wear more. So now I am!



The Shoes You Need for Spring

It's close to 1am and I was just finishing up and adding links to another scheduled blog post for today until I found out some BIG news (well, it's all relative lol) and I literally was stop in my tracks, drop everything and write a new post. This is it...



Our Trip To Vegas

If you didn't know we went to Vegas to celebrate Andrews birthday! We also went the year before as a surprise but the big surprise this year was his best friend and wife. They surprised him at the airport and it was really cute to see how happy he was. Andrew mentioned on like January 1st that it would be fun to do Vegas with John and Jen and so I texted them that night and the plan was set into motion!

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