My Current Workout Routine

I may not be buff but I am trying to get there! See what I'm doing now that I am back on the workout train... 


Weekend Update: September 21

I CANNOT believe we're are a week away from October!!! Where did September go? I just don't understand it. Fall is here and that means the postseason is too!


My Most Worn Shirt (Ever)

There are very few things that I will wear down to the bone and then re-buy. There are even fewer things I've worn since college that I still wear today. Most of them have been upgrades from something like Target to AG, but I thankfully have the same style. 



September Wedding Update

I may be MIA lately but I've been hard at work! I'm still trying to figure out how to balance a full time job, a blog, a wedding, working out and having a social life. So please bear with me and enjoy this wedding update... 


Our Day with Barbour

Sorry to be a little MIA last week! Hopefully this week is better and less stressful so I can be around more!

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