Our Wedding Print

Very excited to share todays post! This was one of the things I was most looking forward to when wedding planning (the little things) and so pumped to be sharing the final look with you guys today.


The Perfect Casual Office Look

Just because I'm no longer in an office doesn't mean we can't still do some fun wear to work office looks right??



Why I Love Rent the Runway Unlimited and What It Is

If I told you I was renting this coat, would you be interested in learning more? Sharing some details and answering some questions about Rent the Runway unlimited below!



Friday Five: January 11

A couple of years ago I used to do a Friday Five where I would round up the 5 things that inspired me that week. I stopped to give you guys more substance in a blog post -- now currently called Weekend Update -- but this week just more so felt like doing a quick Friday Five. Maybe I'll switch off between both formats? You guys can let me know what you like better in the comments below!


5 Most Worn Items for Winter

When asking you guys what content you want to see this month, someone mentioned wanting to know my most 5-10 worn items in my closet for the year. I totally love this idea but as I was going to type it, I found it rather hard because as the seasons change I find myself wearing different things. 

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