Friday Five November 18

Holiday 2016 Starbucks Cups
Can anyone believe Thanksgiving is next week?? So crazy! Does anyone else felt like the holidays totally snook up on us? I'll be in North Carolina next week for Thanksgiving visiting my cousins (one of which just started a blog!) so I'm excited to escape the city for a nice weekend. Anywho, see what made my week so great below!
ONE / Gift Guides
I hate to dissapoint, but I won't be doing another gift guide magazine this year. I know everyone loved it last year and trust me, I did too. But it took SO much time that I just found I don't have this year between work and normal life (not to mention other parts of the blog). But I will try and be better next year!

Until then, I want to know what kind of gift guides would be helpful for me to make. I personally hate gift guides but that's because I know what I'm getting my family and those around me in like October. So please let me know in the comments below what kind of gift guides to make!!

TWO / Vlogmas
If you don't know what vlogmas is, it's a youtube tradition where they blog everyday of December until Christmas. I've been asked by a ton of people to do it and I've beens seriously considering it. So lets do this... If I get to (or very close to) 15k subsribers on YouTube, I'll do it. It'll show me you guys want to see it and it will give me more motivation to really stick to daily vlogging for a month! You in?

I just got this dress in to shoot this weekend and I seriously feel like Jackie Kennedy in it. The picture on the model doesn't do it justice but it's fitted, structured and has the most beautiful pearl collar. I feel very regal in it and I think I found my new Christmas dress! I love it even more because its the perfect LBD to wear all year long.

FOUR / New Shows
Have you guys been watching Westworld? I'm so addicted and last weeks episode was CRAZY! Ahhhh. I kind of guessed it but to still see it happen was like woah woah woah. Also just started watching The Crown on Netflix yesterday and it's really good! I want to know how closely it's based off real life things that have happened with Queen Elizabeth. 

FIVE / Holiday Content
I have some fun ideas for holiday content on the blog but I wanted to hear from YOU as to what you want to see this season. New York City Christmas stops? Home decor? Gift guides? Recipes? Anything really! I want to hear from you so please tell me below!

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