Vineyard Vines Holiday Vest

Vineyard Vines Holiday Vest

Whats quilted, plaid and red all over? Is that a bad joke? I never really know how to start these posts so that you read them and think "I want to read more!" So that was my failed attempt at something catchy. If you love me, just keep reading. 


Vineyard Vines Holiday Vest
Vineyard Vines Holiday Vest
plaid vests, holiday style
red skirts, plaid vests
J. Crew Wool Mini Skirt, Helene Berman Wool Coat, red coat
Stuart Weitzman Over the Knee Boots
Helene Berman: Wool Coat (similar) / Vineyard Vines: Quilted Plaid Vest / Bobeau: Poplin Boyfriend Shirt (50% off!) / J. Crew: Wool Mini Skirt / Stuart Weitzman: Over the Knee Boots / Chanel: Quilted Navy Bag / BareMinerals: Red Lipstick

So yes, we've seen this skirt many a times before... twice in white (here and here) and once in plaid and I'm *pretty* sure I mentioned in one of those posts the other colors the skirt comes in and how I would refrain from picking it up in red. Because... idk I'm an idiot? That statement lasted all of two weeks and now I wear this dang skirt all the time.

I don't know what it is about the holidays but seriously all I want to wear is red. I think it's because I don't wear red really all year long but during this time of year it seems almost special. Also never wearing red and then wearing it all the time will make a lot of people 1 - surprised and 2 - tell you it's your color. Is red my color? What about blue?

Anywayyyy... this skirt. It's dandy and we all know it. It's also 40% off today with the code "HOLIDAY". You need it, trust me.

I've also realized that over the knee boots for me this year have replaced my tights. Not that I wear tights often (like never) but it has stopped people from being like, "omg you have bare legs in 30 degree weather" and then fainting. It's my way around the loophole of tights -- a very expensive but good one. I just hate them (tights).

And I guess I should mention this new vest since it is the title of this look. But what can I say? I LOVE vests during the winter because it gives you a little extra oomph to any outfit, it keeps you warm and it's a great way to breakup all the red you may or may not have going on (see above). I especially love it because it's plaid! How can a holiday loving girl say no?


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