Friday Five October 7

Fall Footwear
Happy Friday peeps! Postseason is in full affect and today is a whole slew of exciting games. Who are you rooting for? I would loveeeee to see the Cubbies win the World Series so here is to hoping! The weather has been great in NYC this week and I've slept with the windows open every night (it's awesome). I hope everyone is staying safe from the hurricane and the dumb clowns this week.
ONE / Bean Boots
This literally NEVER happens but Bean Boots are 20% off today and if you ever needed a reason to buy a pair, this is it. This is the heavens reaching down and being like "yooo scoop 'em before they gone." Or something like that ... But really, just do it!! If you are curious about what pair to get, read this guide here!

We all just need more happy stories like this in the press. There ARE good people out there but no one ever wants to shine a light on them because it's not as entertaining. This one brought a tear to my eye. Good people unite!

THREE / My Boots
Remember how last week I told you I pulled the trigger on these boots? I was SO excited and then I got them in. They were totally a different color than I was expecting and I was sooooo thrown off. At first I hated them because when you pay this much for boots they better be the color you were expecting.

They were like a chocolate brown as compared to a cognac color. But I looked at them again the next day with clear eyes (not with color goggles) and I did really like them. They are what I wanted in a boot minus the color. But then again I don't really have this color so I decided to keep them!

This was my Wednesday night guys. No lie I bought three puzzle books after watching like 10 of these videos. They are so fun (and super challenging) and if you have time, check them out! I pretty much love anything that TED produces/puts out. 

FIVE / Speaking of YouTube...
I have some fun videos to show you! First is the Jackie trailer and OMG it's SOOOOO good. I cannot wait to see this movie. 

Next up is Chance (my favorite eevvverrrr) and his original versions of "Waves" and "Famous" from Kanyes Album (if you don't know he helped a lot with the creation of Life of Pablo). They are SICK songs and I wish Kanye kept them!!

And finally is the new Lady Gaga song. It'll mess you up. It's killer. Repeat repeat repeat. 
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